Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Shattered Balance in the last hundred years.

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"Darkness gathers faster...than even the world could comprehend... "
— Avatar Siaoran
Dragon Ying Yang
Avatar: Shattered Balance
The fires of destruction have just begun....
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Avatar:The Last Airbender


It is 200 years after the events of The War. Peace has reigned in the world for a very long time, and as such the world has changed. The Avatar, not needed due to the prevalent peace, has gone into seclusion and isolation. In his absence, the Order of the White Lotus has replaced him as the world's peace keepers, making sure that the peace of the world is not disturbed. Along with them have risen a new batch of unique warriors, called the Samurai. Riding great beasts, they are the White Lotus' main warriors, travelling all over the world and making sure that trouble does not blow out of proportion into a massive cataclysm of chaos.

Suzaku is one of the newest initiates into the Order, after finding his dragon's egg near his home in the woods. It having hatched to him, he has decided to help the world by becoming a member of the Order of the White Lotus. At the base of the White Lotus he has meet his best friend, a young Airbending girl named Seiryuu, who is also training to become a White Lotus Samurai. Though she hasn't found a beast companion yet, being her hyper optimistic self, has not given up.

However; what Suzaku and Seiryuu do not know is that they are part of a very powerful destiny. For enemies, long thought sealed and contained, are slowly but surely returning. And the only way they can be defeated is if Suzaku and Sieryuu embrace their destiny...


Suzaku: A 16 year old Firebender, Suzaku has had the luck of being the proud partner of a dragon, a purple dragon named Azura to be exact. Seemingly cool and collected, Suzaku often acts as a balance to Seiryuu's hyperactiveness and fast talking to others. He is very kind, and unlike most of the warriors at the White Lotus, he detests fighting. However; this does not mean he will not fight to protect himself or his friends, but rather he doesn't have a killer instinct to end a fight. He is also a bit nosy, and slow to truly understand things.

Seiryuu: A 16 year old Airbender, Seiryuu hasn't found an Sky Bison partnet yet (She cannot wait for an Sky Bison to accept her apple when she offers one it), but she is determined to become a White Lotus Samurai. Bubbley and hyper-active, speed seems the best word to describe Seiryuu. She is extremely impatient, and could not for the life of her wait for anything.

Lakona: A 17 year old girl hailing from the Northern Water Tribe, Lakona is an independent and determined young woman. Having a machavellian personality, she is willing to go to any length to achieve her goals, even if it means tricking her allies. However; she is also protective, and will go to equal lengths to protect those she loves. She also has a tendency to form nasty grudges against people who have hurt her.

Kurogane: Also known as the Shadow Dragon, Kurogane is a shadowbending assassin of prowness and skill. Though he kills as an assassin, he holds a mighty and sometimes hindering code of honor. With a quick temper, sharp tongue, and chaotic morality, even he isn't sure where he stands. The only thing he truly cares for is his fellow shadowbenders, his grandfather Uzu as well as the shadowbender king Gilgamesh and his daughter Tomoyo.

Avatar Siaoran: The third Avatar incarnation after Aang, he has been gone for over 70 years, having left the world long ago once he was sure peace would be kept in the world. It is unknown why he has put himself in isolation, but most people do not worry that he has gone, since no major conflict has plagued the world for 200 years.

Crown Princess Liang: Daughter of Fire Lord Akiro, this 19 year old girl is part of the Order of the White Lotus, and on her golden dragon Genbu, she teaches the Dragon Samurai of the Order. She is particuraly fond of her student Suzaku, and feels he can harness great power if he just let go of his fears. Suzaku considers her his mentor and a foster mother of sorts.

Waizumasutā:The Shogun of the Samurai, he is the leader of all the samurai, and is one of the four Grand Lotus Lords of the order. Crown Princess Liang's older cousin, he often acts like a mentor to her, and she values his advice greatly, though at times she does not see eye to eye with him. Waizumasutā is a powerful Firebender in his own right, not only because he utilizes Anima Fire-Bending, but also because he has inherited natural talent from his grandfather Iroh (After the war Iroh remarried to a woman named Wei-gu, who loved both Iroh's tea and the tea-maker himself).

Tomonaski: Oracle of the Northern Water Tribe, she lives in a humble home near the Spirit Oasis with her family. One of the most spiritual people in all of the tribe, she helps spirits on an almost daily basis. Recently, even Avatar Siaoran requested her help in spirit form.

As more important characters are revealed, they will be added to this list.

Other Terms

Samurai: Elite warriors of the Order of the White Lotus, these men and women are one of most powerful forces of the Order. They are split up into four different groups, depending upon what nation they are from and what beast they ride, and each faction of them is lead by the most powerful member of their group, and these four leaders in turn, as well all of the samurai, are led by the Shogun. As stated, they are also riders of powerful beasts that are classified as "the Original Benders", which are the Dragons, the Sky Bison, the Badgermoles, and the Unagi. The four different Samurai Factions are as followed:

  • Dragon Samurai: Consisting of those hailing from the Fire Nation, these warriors ride on Dragons, which have rebounded from extinction to being seen all over the world. This faction is lead by Liang, Crown Princess of the Fire Nation, and Suzaku is part of this faction.
  • Sky Bison Samurai: Monks from the Airbending Temples, most of these Samurai are Airbenders who have rejected or weren't able to cope with the Airbender's pacifist ways. They ride Sky Bison, and in battle this faction is unique in that they blow magnificent horns before entering battle. Their leader is Monk Tsuyi, once a monk on the Council who has been kicked off for his tendency to be violent. Seiryuu is training to become a member of this faction.
  • Badgermole Samurai: The members of this faction come from the Earth Kingdom. Due to the hardship people of the Earth Kingdom have with bonding with the Badgermoles, this faction is the smallest out of the four. They are lead by General Bykko, the younger brother of Ch'in Bei Fong, King of the Earth Kingdom.
  • Unagi Samurai: The Waterbenders are the warriors who full this faction of the Samurai. They ride Unagi, who although did not teach the waterbenders themselves the bending techniques, learned alongside them. Therefore, Waterbenders now are paired with Unagi (Unagi is both plural and singular). These warriors are led by Ijayo, a descendant of the first ever rider of the Unagi.

Dragons and Fire-Bending: The history of Dragons and Fire-Bending are closely intertwined, even before they taught Fire-Bending to humans. The history of dragons before they encountered humankind is scarce, however; what is known is very interesting indeed. Apparently, dragons, along with another shadowy, unknown beast that historians haven't figured out yet, were descended from god like beings called the Ouroboroi, powerful spirits that represented natural disasters, if hierogyphics can be trusted. In any case, a few hundred years after the race was born, some dragons fell to an inner madness, and began slaughtering their fellow dragons. The rest of the Dragons tried to fight back, but whenever the dragons killed one mad dragon, its slayer would then become mad. Fortunantly, one dragon, apparently the child of a powerful dragon, sought out a human's help to kill the mad dragons. Teaching him Fire-Bending, the dragon and human together were able to slay the mad dragons (Its still unknown what caused the dragons' madness or why other dragons would go mad, and yet the dragon and his rider were immune). In any case, the humans and dragons became close allies, and it is said that first dragon rider became the first Fire-Lord of the Fire Nation, Jimmu.

When Ran and Shaw's egg hatched, the seven known dragon sub-species were born. Given a dragon's ability to lay an egg whether its a male or female, if the need is dire, the dragon species recooperated relatively quickly. Thus, now each dragon sub-species, known by their variety of colors, each represent the seven forms of Fire-Bending. These forms are:

  • Strength Fire-Bending: The most well-known form of Fire-Bending, it's red flames also the most commonly thought of when people speak of Fire-Bending. It derives strength from the upper body as well as the breath and the stomach, which all forms partially take power from. Its extremely offensive, but generally lacks defensive maneuvers. The most notable attack of this form is a series of expanding arcs of fire, often called a "Firestorm" by those who use it. This form is represented by the red dragons.
  • Vortex Fire-Bending: Consisting of blue flames, this form of Fire-Bending is one of the three created by General Iroh. Based on Water-Bending, its uses energy from other attacks in order to devastate opponents. Though an inexperienced practitioner of the form would have a hard time, one who has mastered its techniques finds himself very hard to be harmed, for they simply uses energy used against them and turn it to their opponent. Its signature tenchique is Lightning Redirection, which is unique to this form because it lacks a way to generate lightning on the user's own, so it uses the lightning of another to control lightning. This form is represented by the blue dragons.
  • Obelisk Fire-Bending: Using green flames, this particular form of Fire-Bending was on of the three created by General Iroh. Based on Earth-Bending, it consists of powerful defensive maneuvers, such and walls of fire or bursts of flame. The main problem users have for this form is its lack of offensive attacks, so if an enemy's attacks are able to over-power their defense, the user is basically doomed. Its most famous technique is a great pillar of flame that the user can control, commonly called the "Flaming Obelisk". This form is represented by the green dragons.
  • Cyclone Fire-Bending: Made up of silver flames, this form is based on Airbending, created by General Iroh. It gains power from the momentum the user is able to create. Thus, practitioners of this form move around very much in oder to give their attacks more oomph. The only weakness that this form exhibits is its tendency to bercome dizzied from moving around so much, or the difficulty of targeting opponents while moving so much. This form's singular move is a massive funnel of fire, created by the user running in a circle extremely fast. It's unofficially called a "Heat Cyclone". This form is represented by the silver dragons.
  • Illusion Fire-Bending: Formed from black flames, this form is unique in that it takes energy from sources of light, which is why when a user uses this form, the room darkens intstead of becoming brighter by the fire. Thus, this form relies heavily on gurella tactics, and masters are often able to attack from several places at once, giving the illusion of them mutiplying themselves, or in a different place entirely. This is why the form is called Illusion Fire-Bending. Its most interesting technique is when the bender uses the fire to appear in many places at the same time, atttacking simultaneously. Called the "Kitsune", it is a very dangerous attack when used correctly. This form is represented by the black dragons.
  • Spirit Fire-Bending: Producing purple flames, this dangerous form takes power from a person's spirit. This form is only known to few, but those who do use it, it is like a double edged sword. On one hand, when used correctly is an extremely powerful, well balanced form. Though it does tend to be more defensive, its atttack patterns should not be underestimated. Unfortunantly; there is also the danger of obliteration if this form isn't well controlled. Since the fire is powered by the spirit of the practitioner, it also burns the spirit of any other being. Thus, if uncontrolled, it can destroy a being's physical form extremely quickly, and then kill its spirit form, thereby destroying the being for good. The most powerful, and yet dangerous, technique of this form is "Spirit Lightning", in which the user infuses the energy of their spirit into the positive and negative charges around them, and then once they collide together again guides the enhanced lightning's direction. The danger in this technique is that if the user losses control, a large explosion can happen, causing both the user and anything around them in approximately a half a mile radius to be obliterated both physically and spiritually. Thus, this technique is also unofficially called "Oblivion". This form is represented by the purple dragons.
  • Anima Fire-Bending: A form that utilizes white flames, this form was the original form of Fire-Bending, which all others are based on. Drawing power from one's own life-force, it has many similarities to Spirit Fire-Bending, with much less of the danger. This form is very similar to Sprit Fire-Bending in terms of power and good balances in offense and defense, Since it draws from a person's life force, it does have the potential to kill a person's physical form. However; it does not harm someone's spiritual form at all, in fact, it strengthens it the more the form is used. Its signature attack is the "Ring of Life", in which the user encircles flames around them, and then focuses them into one immense blast. It is said a master of the form can destroy a mountain using this technique right. This form is also unique in that only those from the line of the ruling line of the Fire Nation can use this form. It is represented by the golden dragons (Which is quite unique, given the fact that the form's fire is white).

Mokushiroku: These beings are only talked about by very old historians, or parents who want to scare their children. All that is known of them is that they're evil spirits of the Spirit World, or to the children, they are mean "boogeymen". It is unknown of their history or significance, but it is of little or no worry to anyone...for now.

Oracle: The Oracle is an important figure in every nation. She, like the Avatar, is a bridge to the Spirit World. They can see spirits even when they are normally invisible to normal people. Also, they are able to send their spirit into the Spirit World at will. Oracles were created when Avatar Korra, the Avatar after Aang, went on journey in order to bring unity between the Human World and the Spirit World. The result was the creation of the Oracles, starting with Asami. Now, one or two Oracles are advisors to the leader of every nation. An example is Tomonaski, who is the current Oracle to the Northern Water Tribe.

As more important terms are revealed, they will be added to this list.

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