Book One: The Avatar

1 The Dancing Dragon Suzaku tests to become a Samurai, as two combatants deul in a town on the outskirts of the Fire Nation
2 Ghosts of the Past After the test, Suzaku recieves both a party and a nightmare about his past.
3 The Journey Begins with a Single Word As Suzaku recovers and Seiryuu spars, the Oracle of the Northern Water Tribe recieves a disturbing message.
4 Giant Evil Demon Bird! Suzaku and Seiryuu start their journey, only to be attacked by a strange foe.
5 Suzaku's Ambition Suzaku and Seiryuu are confronted by a new enemy, the Shadow Dragon.
6 Reflection As Suzaku tells his friend Temrann how he witnessed Temrann's arrival to town, the Shadow Dragon finds a way to capture Suzaku and Seiryuu.
7 The Oni Caught in the Shadow Dragon's trap, Suzaku and Sieryuu learn about the Mokushiroku's plans. However; when an escape plan goes wrong, a terrible event plays out.
8 Broken Spirits At a safe haven away from the Shadow Dragon, Seiryuu and Lakona try to help Suzaku get out of a depression.
9 Legion Learning of the danger coming towards their haven, the trio plan a defense while trying to gain Seishiro's aid.
10 The Siege Part 1: Audience Finally arriving at the battered Northern Water Tribe, Suzaku and Seiryuu have an audience with the Avatar...sort of.
11 The Siege Part 2: Wrath of La During the Siege of the Northern Water Tribe, Suzaku and Seiryuu must help Lakona and her mother defend La from two powerful assassins.
12 Home Sweet Home After the siege is over, the first stop on the group's list is the Northern Air Temple. Back in her old home, Seiryuu reminisces on her past.
13 The Ruins TBA
14 The Chase TBA
15 Confronting Mistakes TBA
16 Healers and Friends TBA

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