Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Rise of the Shadowbenders in the last hundred years.

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Avatar: Rise of the Shadowbenders takes place 500 years after the events of the canon series.

Current Synopsis

Five hundred years after the fall of Phoenix King Ozai, the Airbenders have long since flourished and the world once again knew balance and peace. Until now. Now, in the days preceding the New Moon, mysterious new foes are rising to cause chaos in the world once again, and the newest, unorthodox Avatar known as Meiya, is the only one who can stop them. Along the way, Meiya will discover new friends, new powers, and even powerful new things about herself that no one would've expected.

These 'mysterious new foes' begin their assault on the era of peae by destroying one of the Earth Kingdom cities and framing the Fire Nation. This apparent act of terror stirs war within the two disturbed nations. The Earth Kingdom made the first move by sending a false war declaration to the Fire Lord, to which Ischi is attempting to foil by redirecting the message to her fiance, Prince Zuko, with a hidden code.

Main Characters

Meiya (15)- Meiya (MY-uh) is the central character and the current Avatar. She is an Air Nomad from the Eastern Air Temple who prefers to keep to herself. Despite literally being the most important person in the world, Meiya had no friends during her time at her home, mostly because she was cold and aloof. The only ones who would really even try to talk to her were her younger sister Suni and Suni's friend, Kohi. Meiya is easily identified by the brown arrow dyed into her blonde hair, commonly referred to as a 'hairrow' by her peers. Meiya is the great-great-granddaughter of Avatar Aang and Katara.

Kohi (13)- Kohi (KO-wee) is an Airbender-in-training, therefore she has not received her arrows yet. She lives alongside Meiya in the Eastern Air Temple. She's a bubbly little girl who always has time to make a joke, but when it comes to the protection of her friends, she becomes as serious as a heart attack. She stowed away with Meiya when the young Avatar left to learn the other three elements. She, like all Airbenders, is a descendant of Avatar Aang.

Khole (14)- Khole (pronounced as 'coal') is the super-strong, eccentric, and wise-cracking great-great-granddaughter of Sokka and Suki. Though her Waterbending powers, which she receives from previous ancestors, aren't the best, Khole has a unique Energybending ability to 'charm' animals. This ability is not exclusive to Khole, as she is learning to properly master her skills from one of the legendary three Beast Pacifiers, her grandfather Rodik. Khole means well, but ends up screwing up and falling on her face more often that not.

Ischi (17)- Ischi (EE-she) Bei Fong is the great-great-granddaughter of the greatest Earthbender in existence, Toph. Like Toph, she can bend metal, but unlike Toph, Ischi isn't blind, which further flaunts her immensive talents. Because Toph's first daughter, Burea, married into the royal family of Ba Sing Se, Ischi is revered as a princess. Currently, she is engaged to Fire Prince Zuko.

Zuko (17)- Fire Prince Zuko is the son of Fire Lord Houja and the great-great-grandson of his namesake, Fire Lord Zuko. Because Zuko's ancestors have been in the Fire Nation royal lineage for longer than anyone can remember, it is all but certain that Zuko will receive his rightful title as Fire Lord, since Zuko has no relatives except his two younger twin sisters, Twi and Su Li, who don't even want the title. During a political meeting between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom several months ago, Zuko met the Earth King's daughter, Ischi, and the two royal figures immediately fell in love. Months later, Zuko proposed to Ischi and, of course, she accepted.

Reigo (?)- Reigo (RAY-go) is the mysterious femme fatale who's sole purpose, as seen, is to evoke chaos within the Four Nations. Not much is known about her except that she has the odd ability to bend shadows, she only appears at night, and she never goes anywhere without her two associates.

Chapters for Book One: Shadows


The Beginning

Rising Tensions

Approaching Convergeance

The Meeting of the New Gaang


Nonbelievers Shall Perish

The Dark Avatar

New Moon

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