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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: Perfection is an upcoming fanon written by Kotonne. It focuses on a boy growing up in the Fire Nation around the year of 79 AG, during the rule of Fire Lord Azulon.

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Avatar: Perfection
All this achieved, by all this destruction..
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It is a time of war, under the rule of Fire Lord Azulon and Fire Lady Ilah, where the Avatar has disappeared and not been seen for many, many years. Ryuu is fourteen years old, having been born in raised in the greatest nation that ever lived. Fire. For all his life, Ryuu has loved his country, devoted to serving it and honoring it in any way he can. He lives with no idea all the pain and destruction the Fire Nation has brought on the other three nations, until he meets an Earth Kingdom escapee, and slowly begins to uncover the real Fire Nation.


Avatar: Perfection was created by Kotonne after questions and what ifs arose in her mind concerning the 100-year gap between Sozin's Comet and the discovery of the Avatar. She as an author wanted to concetrate on the conflicted feelings of each of the three remaining nations and how they struggled to survive and maintain their own identities.

Eventually once characters were developed, writing for each episode began and the series went underway. Currently there are 2-3 planned books, and an estimated 40-60 episodes.


Main Characters:

Ryuu - A fourteen year old boy from the Fire Nation. He is a decent Firebender for his age, having been trained by his father earlier on. Has dark brown hair that falls just below his ears, amber eyes and slightly tanned skin. Lives with his parents and younger sister. A well-behaved, smart teen. Loves his nation and greatly respects the Fire Lord and rule.

Lia - A thirteen year old Earthbender. She is living in hiding in the Fire Nation after escaping from her home in the Earth Kingdom, which was raded and claimed by the Fire Nation. She has black hair which she wears braided down her back and has dark eyes. Very independent and fierce, and hides her true fear on the inside.

Kenta - A sixteen year old Waterbender who lives in the Northern Water Tribe. Hates the Fire Nation and currently trains under Waterbending masters to learn the art himself. He has dark brown hair that he wears long and in a small warrior's wolftail. Bright blue eyes. A bit immature, but loyal and free-spirited all the same.

Shi Lin - A fifteen year old girl from the Earth Kingdom. Was born in Ba Sing Se, and is a non-bender. Shi Lin traveled with pirates most of her life, until she learned enough to be capable on her own, trying to take out small groups of Fire Nation troops with little to no success. Very social, very chipper. Wields a Butterfly Sword, a special kind of Katana. Has shoulder-length light brown hair and light green eyes.

Hero - A seventeen year old Warthbender. He is the adopted son of Masuya, who took him in after his mother was killed by the Fire Nation. Hero joins the group after meeting Ryuu, Lia and Shi Lin when they arrive at his mother's secret Warthbending school. He's very tall and good looking, with short black hair and dark brown eyes.


Fire Lord Azulon - The current Fire Lord and leader of the Fire Nation. Husband to Fire Lady Ilah and father to Iroh and Ozai. A very strong and effective leader, but very cruel and uncaring even towards his own nation. Demands perfection in the world and everything his nation does.

Fire Prince Ozai - The youngest son of Fire Lord Azulon and Lady Ilah. Fairly young, impulsive and power-hungry. Wants to do anything to please his father.

Koji - An elite Firebender, about twenty-five years old. Works as an assassin for the Fire Nation, hunting down powerful figures and traitors of any kind. Has one golden eye, one brown, with long black hair worn in a pony tail. Sarcastic, spiteful and cold when preforming his job.

Masuya - A middle-aged woman. Lives in the Earth Kingdom. Trains young Earthbenders to fight against the Fire Nation. Has a great disrespect and dislike of non-benders all together. Will go through any means necessary to defeat the Fire Nation, and anyone who gets in her way. Is currently on a hunt to find the long last Avatar.

Zaoyu - A guard in the Royal Procession. A very talented Firebender, and the father of Ryuu. Very discplinary, and otherwise, quiet. Strictly dedicated to the Fire Nation.

Various Fire Nation soldiers and generals also serve as villains in the story

Other Characters:

Fire Prince Iroh - The oldest son of Fire Lord Azulon and Lady Ilah. Next in line for the throne. Rather jolly, and a very good war general.

Nayun - Kenta's older sister. About 19 years old, she is married to a high ranking Water Tribe warrior and seems very happy about her whole life. Serves as a healer in the Northern Water Tribe.


Currently there are no posted chapters, but look for them soon. The first three planned have already been outlined. The pilot episode is called "The Earth Kingdom Girl", which will be followed by "Doubts"

Chapter Number Name of Chapter Summary of Chapter
1: The Earth Kingdom Girl After celebrating his fifteenth birthday, Ryuu discovers an Earth Kingdom escapee in the middle of the woods, burned and injured.
2: Doubts

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