By Dcasawang1 Part of the Avatar: Past Masters continuity.

The list of chapters from the fanon series Avatar: Past Masters:

Volume 1

Chapter One Free as a Bird When Fire Lord Zuko and Ursa goes to see Ozai, they receive a message that says Azula escaped from a prison located in a secret island. When Aang and his friends are informed of this, they decide to meet Iroh and the most important authorities of the Earth Kingdom. Meanwhile, Azula decides to start recruiting people with the objective of recuperate the Fire Nation throne and capture the Avatar.
Chapter Two Two of Us The final decision of the meeting is that Team Avatar must go for Azula. Iroh joins to the Order of the White Lotus with a new purpose. A new member (a Kyoshi Warrior) in Team Avatar decide to help in the mision. Azula is seen by some Fire Nation warriors, and the gang starts the search.
Chapter Three Revolution When nine groups start a revolution in the Fire Nation leaded by Stiyl, two "new" members of the Order of the White Lotus will try to stop them after a deplorable destruction of the Royal Palace. Team Avatar continues the search of Azula.
Chapter Four The Wind Cries Mai: Parts 1 & 2 Team Avatar continues searching the enemies in a Fire Nation island, while Zuko tells Kuroko about his past and Mai's death. Azula and Long Feng try to incorporate a powerful member to their side.
Chapter Five With a Little Help from My Friends Azula attacks a Fire Nation town, while Team Avatar try to save the place. Hira and Lear continue with the battle against the revolution in Capital City, after that, they decide to help Team Avatar in the mission against Azula and her team. Sokka and Toph join to Hira and Lear's team: Team Lotus.
Chapter Six Art of Dying: Parts 1 & 2 Team Lotus arrives to a town where a mystery of successive deaths will oblige to Lear and his friends to help the inhabitants of the strange situation and uncover the culprit of the murders.
Chapter Seven Nowhere Man Lear joins as a secret helper to Azula's team not telling to his friends in order to know more about her. He finally becomes a reliable member of her group.
Chapter Eight Snakes & Arrows Lear and Hira go to the Spirit World, where they meet Kuruk and Kyoshi. Together, they try to convince Koh to go to the physical to have a duel.
Chapter Nine Live and Let Die Team Lotus and members of Team Avatar confront Azula's team.

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