Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Otherworlder in the last hundred years.

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"The true Shadows have awoken. Now Light must rise to fight it's onslaught."
— Jason
Avatar: Otherworlder
The forbidden element
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: Otherworlder takes place one year after Avatar Aang defeats Phoenix King Ozai.


One year after the War, the world is rebuilding from the destruction of the last war as best as it can. In the Earth Kingdom, the restored Earth King Kuei has appointed Toph as one of his new advisors, and her advice has help rebuild the Earth Kingdom far more quickly than was previously thought. In the Water Tribes, Hakoda has become the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe again, and has made an alliance with its sister Tribe in order to protect the customs and teaching of waterbending. Sokka has become a wandering adventurer, travelling all over the world, and also mapping out the places he's been to. Suki, Ty Lee and the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors have done the same. In the Fire Nation, Fire Lord Zuko and his newly-wedded wife, Mai, have been trying to restore the Fire Nation's honor by sending men and supplies to help recovery efforts, as well as broaden trade between the Nations. Finally, a boy by the name of Jason is warned of a great danger in a dream, and is transported to the Avatar World.

However, not all is well with the world. Waterbenders calling themselves Heatseekers are angry with the apparent forgiveness of the Fire Nation, and in compensation are planning to turn the nation into ashes, lost and forgotten. Meanwhile, within the Fire Nation itself, a man by the name of The Red Spirit has united those against Fire Lord Zuko as the Burning Bandits, and seeks to get Zuko off the throne. Meanwhile, while the world struggles to rebuild itself, a malevolent spirit called Daemon begins putting plans into action, and the membrane of the multiverse starts to thin. Because of this, dark powers are beginning to emerge, freeing themselves from great prisons that used to be air-tight. Now the world must come face-to-face with the might of the Shadowbenders...and worse.

Book One: Air

In the first book, Fire Lord Zuko has received a dire message from an old friend, prompting him to call and gather Team Avatar at the Capital. Meanwhile, Jason is warned by Roku, and is mysteriously and painfully brought to the Avatar world. After he wakes up and is taken care of by an old couple, he stumbles upon a burnt camp that was the Kyoshi Warriors'. After rescuing them, he agrees to go with them to meet Aang, in hopes the Avatar can bring him back home. However, Shadowbender assassins attack the capital in hopes to kill Zuko, and Jason learns of his true power. After a lengthy epiphany, a fortune that may be a prophecy, and a great battle, the world must finally learn of the Shadowbender's existence.


  1. Visions
  2. Burning Attack
  3. Awakening
  4. Arrival at the Capital
  5. Hidden Shadows
  6. Pure of Heart
  7. Fleeing Fate
  8. The Search
  9. Secrets of Black Pt. One-Persuasion
  10. Secrets Of Black Pt. Two- Ambush
  11. Back to Makapu Village
  12. Not Alone
  13. Assault from the Shadows
  14. A Surprising Defense
  15. Revelations

Book Two: Light

Book Three: Shadow

Book Four: Origins

Book Five: Vengeance

Book Six: Fracture

Book Seven: Destruction

Main Characters

  • Jason
  • Team Avatar

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