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February 19, 2013

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The Water Children PT1

Raven and Kyoushiro were still waiting in Elfen. Kyoushiro told Raven they were to leave right in the morning, but thanks to the girl (and since Kyoushiro's flexible in something like this) it was extended by two days. The dog was getting worried.

Right now he was in one of the houses, pacing for Raven to be done as she and the girl were playing around. He especially was getting mad with Raven for stalling with this, and the chances of finding Aang, Katara, or any of his friends were being cut short!

"Oh man... when's Raven coming back? It's been three days now," he thought, looking out the window again.


No reply. The white pup walked back and sat down in the middle of the room, bummed out that he couldn't do anything.

"Where is that girl?" he thought. He was about to lay back down where he suddenly heard something walking around the room. As far as he knew, it could had just been some rat or something walking around.

"Dang mice," he said to himself. He heard it again, but this time it sounded like a much larger animal in the room with him. It was now he got up.

"Okay. Mouse or not, who's in here?!" the white dog yelled. At first there was no reply in the room at all.

"O... kay... then. I'm going this way."

He turned to walk outside but the door seemingly wouldn't move. And the window also unmovable. He tried clawing out, but it was no use. He was stuck inside.

"HEY! Open up! What the heck?!"

Before he could try anything else, something from the shadows walked out into view. It looked very strange to Kyoushiro. It had a set of curved black horns. Its body looked like that of a large weasel with a fanned tail, bird legs and claws, and was wearing a mask looking like it had a beak. It also had what looked like glowing blue rings on its neck, legs and tail.

"Sorry...did I scare you, Shirogane?" it asked, in a motherly sort of voice. Kyoushiro looked at her like she was crazy. How did she know his last name?

"Uh...well...ok, maybe a little. Who are you?" the dog asked, getting off the now scratched door and walking to her.

"Henki...the persona. I'm not here to harm you, like your father did." Henki said, sitting down. Now Kyoushiro was freaked.

"How do YOU know that?!"

"Please forgive me Shirogane. My duty as a guardian. But to be honest Shirogane, it wasn't exactly that which told me of your father."

"Oh and another thing. Why are you calling me Shirogane? The names-"

"Kyoushiro's the only way I can truly remember a face is from their last name," Henki explained as Kyoushiro sat down in front of her.

"...Okay...that's just creepy. I've never heard of you and yet you know of me and my old man." Henki looked confused, but only slightly.

"You never heard of me?...well the war time is hard to look onto spirits is it?"

"Yea, the war is-...You know about the Hundred Year War?!?!...but that means-" Henki nodded in agreement. She wasn't from this universe!

"...What are you?"

"I'm so sorry Shirogane. I suppose I should explain things before I go any further...from the beginning, I'm no ordinary spirit. Spirits are restricted to only one world on one century."


"That's what spirits speak of when they mean, as you call it, universes. If one spirit is to just travel upon other centuries, the inexperience from there can destroy them...but only a handful are able to travel freely upon other universes to help those in do I."

Kyoushiro was still confused a little but it found to be perfect sense. At least this explains how she knows him so well, in away.

"If that's the case, can you tell me which Uh...century I'm at? I was knocked into some portal I guess at-"

"The south tip?...South of the Water Tribe?"

"How do you know?"

"That portal's a common place for spirits to travel among other worlds and centuries upon permission. Your world is probably the most spiritual among the other worlds I've seen and been to."

"That can you tell me where I AM? This world's extremely confusing to me," he asked, walking to her. Henki didn't answer at first before she stood up again.

"This world is very special among all the others Shirogane...this land that you're standing on is called Altonia among the people and spirits here...this was my original home."

"Altonia? Henki, not to be rude but that hardly helps me really. I never heard of this world before."

Henki then walked a little bit from Kyoushiro as mist began to form all of a sudden. Henki gave one swish of her fanned tail as the mist turned into a sphere...Altonia.

"You see Shirogane. This world is special among all the others that you or any of your friends, new or old, know of. You know how I said upon the traveling between centuries?"

Kyoushiro simply nodded yes.

"...Well. This world is so unique because world are fused in this one. Fabrics of your franchise are brought into this great land along with you. Like weaponry or styles so whoever comes here can relate from their world to here easier."

"How many franchises are there?" he asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"Franchises are the overall structure among the worlds Shirogane. Your franchise is more spiritual along with excitable. The War, the Spirit World, even the Avatar are just one small piece of the great franchise," Henki explained as the orb showed images of what she was talking about.

The white dog scratched his ear for a second and then replied, "But if you were with us during the war time, then why couldn't you help?"

"Because I can't. During that time I wasn't ready to travel among other worlds yet."

"Well makes sense... so which franchise are we stuck at now?"

"This town is a crossover mixture, it isn't part of one franchise in particular."

Kyoushiro was very fascinated with this franchise stuff. If this world is just a mix of other franchises, who knew how many were involved in this mess. But then he remembered one of his earlier questions Henki didn't officially answer.

"That reminds me. I've asked of how do you know me so well but you said it wasn't your spying that got you to know...who's was it then?" Before Henki could reply, suddenly a dry hand rested on his head, and he quickly bolted around and was looking right in the face of what appeared to be a mummy!

"AH! MUMMY!" he yelped, bolting behind Henki, leaving dust behind where he was, he went so fast.

"Calm down Shirogane...this is a close friend of mine. Althea. Althea, this is Kyoushiro Shirogane." Kyoushiro gave the mummy another look. It looked quite small, about Toph's size, to be a mummy. And once more it had one purple eye showing from a body of pure white.

"Don't do that please! You nearly gave me a heart attack," he said to the mummy.

"I'm sorry Kyoushiro...I didn't mean to frighten you," Althea said, getting slightly teary eyed.

"...Ok I get it. It's probably not the first time skinny scared the living daylights out of someone," Kyoushiro said. Althea looked at him confused so Kyoushiro dropped that subject.

"Now thank you for telling me which world I'm at Henki. Now let me just get Raven and get outta here," he went to the door and find it can open now.

"Raven is with you?" Henki asked.

"Yeah but I have to stop her play date with this little crying girl she met up with."


"Well...yea. She was crying her eyes out. About yea tall, pink hair, odd bumps on her head by what I saw."

"WHAT?!" Althea gasped. Kyoushiro was taken back by her reaction. She looked about as scared as he did when she came in, all freaked out.

"Uh...what did I say?"

"Oh did they crossover?" Henki thought aloud.

"Uh...who's they?"

"The Diclonius! They are a new mutated species of humans from the Elfen Lied franchise, and one's got Raven!"

"WWhoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down here! The one that got Raven's just a girl. She doesn't look scary."

"It's not what she looks like, it's what she can do! The Doclonius race in the Elfen lied franchise only exist to replace the human race. She's gonna kill Raven!" Althea yelled in panic. Kyoushiro was shocked!

"Oh no she won't! I'm coming Raven!" he shouted as he nearly broke the door to get out. But then Henki rushed in his way.

"Shirogane, are you mad?! Diclonius can kill fifty people easily! You can't just rush in and face her, she'll kill you on sight!"

"She's gonna have to try hard! Now either help me or get outta my way!" he snapped. Henki knew he was determined for she moved outta his way.

"Thank you Henki."

"You go...but know this. Diclonius are extreme dangerous creatures, and have a telekinetic-like ability in the form of transparent tentacles. You need to be light on your feet and eyes and ears open," Henki warned.

"I will. Wish me luck!" he said, running off to where he saw Raven and the Diclonius went and raced off. Henki and Althea looked at each other for a second as Kyoushiro ran out of sight of both of them.


Kyoushiro continued running in the forest for a while longer, running through the foliage to get there.

"Don't worry Raven, I'm coming, hold on," he said, but during his running he leaped over a fallen log...right into someone! He stumbled for a bit and landed on his feet, facing whoever he hit.

"Why you-wha?..." Kyoushiro felt his heart jump as to whom he ran into was his friend! Mel!

"Kyoushiro! You're alive!" Mel shouted in joy, giving him a doggy hug.

"Nice to see you too Mel, but I'm in a rush here!" Kyoushiro said, slightly in panic.

"Rush? To where?"

"No time! I gotta get going!"

"Wait! Let me come with you...I missed you pal."

"Perfect! Come on!" Kyoushiro said, with that Mel raced down with him, unaware a watching eye was on them.

Kyoushiro and Mel finally stopped running after an hour, and now they were standing in front of what Kyoushiro believed to be where Raven was. It looked oddly advanced a home to Mel and Kyoushiro. A complex building with lots of windows around it.

"So...can you tell me what's going on here? I don't have much to go on," Mel asked.

"Okay look, my friends been taken by a new type of human and I need to save her before she gets split apart. Alright?" Kyoushiro asked.

" lost me dude."

"Just be a good dog and help me find her?" he sighed. "She's grey, has purple hair and robe."

"Okay okay. Let's go." With that, Kyoushiro slowly opened the doors leading inside and they both walked in.

The duo walked around in the halls for Abit, so far having absolutely no luck. However they both were having a bit of trouble getting used to the place...there was just something completely wrong with it.

"Mel...stay close."

"Hmm...well okay but now can you PLEASE explain what the heck you're doing?"

"I already told you, I'm trying to find a friend of mine named Raven. I met her while we were separated. Now just go check this room here I'll look over there," Kyoushiro groaned.

"Alright," Mel replied. Although he still hadn't a clue what Kyoushiro was talking about, he might as well look. He first placed his ear to the wooden door, but he didn't hear anything on the other side.

Heh. Sounds good... he thought. He managed to push the door open but the room he found was pitch black. He couldn't see or hear anything from the entrance but the scent of horrid decay hit him like a freight train. A mix of rotting meat, blood, and metal was so bad it nearly made him cry! He held his breath and took a few steps in. Almost immediately he felt a sticky sensation that made his skin crawl.

"Uh...Raven?" Mel asked. His tail nervously swished around until he accidentally turned on a light. It triggered a bright light to turn on...who knew what he saw seen next.

Whatever it was, it made Mel freak out more than ever and he ran in paranoia until he reached Kyoushiro.

"Mel, what's wrong!"

"C-c-c-crazy! M-m-m-m-" Mel just couldn't seem to get it out of him.

"Calm down buddy. Now if it makes you feel better you can come with me," he decided. Mel didn't reply, or let go of Kyoushiro for that matter as they continued looking around. But after about twenty minutes Kyoushiro stopped for a second.

"Mel?...Can you be a good dog and GET OFF ME?!" Kyoushiro said, bucking Mel off.

"Sorry. I couldn't help it, it's just-"

"Just. Find. Raven. okay?" Kyoushiro groaned as he walked ahead.

"," Mel thought as he walked to him...they both continued on the searching for a while longer, but suddenly, something very strange happened.

Kyoushiro and Mel managed to find a very odd room, where they could see the sky too.

"Okay, just stay calm and...huh?"

As they got to the middle of the room, suddenly they heard a very odd sound that filled the air, like that noise made when you play a didgeridoo. The next thing was when they looked up, they saw strange red flares fall to them, disappearing before they touched them.

"Uh...Kyoushiro?" Mel yawned.


"You getting sleepy?" he yawned again. But Kyoushiro had already fallen asleep just before Mel fell to the ground. He tried to stay awake, but the sounds of the didgeridoo and flares made him weak. He could have sworn though that he felt something rubbing his fur, but couldn't make out what it is...then he fell fast asleep.

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