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Two Worlds, One Style
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--The night before--

It was quiet in the calm firefly forest. Gargwa, large duck-like animals, and groups of kelbi were peacefully eating the wet grass. But as they were, suddenly the fireflies started coming out. This was normal at this time but this is different...there was more fireflies then they should be. The animals of the forest looked around at the swarm of lights and suddenly they heard large footsteps coming their way! They knew what was coming.

As it marched towards them, all of the gargwa and kelbi tried to scramble out of its way, running into each other from panic. Bolts of weak, blue electricity leaped off its body onto nearby trees. The only animal not noticing the danger was a feeding firefly bear, happily dining on a bee hive. It was when it turned around it started running, dropping its beehive as it got crushed in one stomp! The fireflies encircled it as it walked into a clearing. It looked like a gigantic mix of lion, bear, and dragon! One howl to the moon and the fireflies spun around like crazy as it even stomps on the screen!


Toph, Terra, and Beast Boy continued on flying until Beast Boy decided to stop over by a much dryer location. He could fly easily but it was a lot more tiring with people on his back. As they were resting it was now they saw Toph do her earth-bending to make herself a tent.

"Wow! You can do that too?! Awesome!" Beast Boy said.

"Too? You can earthbend, Gremlin?" Toph asked, arms crossed and giving him her unique smirk.

"First of all, it's Beast Boy. Second it's not me, it's Terra," Beast said, annoyed at first by Toph's comment.

"Terra. So you're an earthbender too?" Toph asked. Terra looked a little puzzled but knew what she was talking about.

"Well if that's what you call it. Watch this magic!" Terra said. She then began to show off her skills. She lifted up a large rock and threw it over ten feet, no sweat.

"YEA! I'm the best!" Terra bragged. Toph stood there silent for a little bit...then she was laughing her head off!

"You call that bending?!" she laughed. After calming down she added, "Let me show you how it's done!"

She then took one stomp to the ground and a huge chunk of the earth, twice the size of the one Terra threw, and smashed her boulder! Terra was quiet for a minute, looking annoyed.

"Oh yea?...then how about this?" Terra then raised up a cluster of rocks and dirt and made a rather feeble yet pretty good sculpture of herself. But when she turned around, her eyes boggled. Toph had made a perfect sculpture of herself holding up her victory belt! Toph herself was leaning against her masterpiece, a big grin on her face.

"You were saying, Miss Pebble?" Toph joked. Terra was getting pretty burned up over her. So much so she quickly got up a rock and shot off the statues head.

"Okay, Miss Showoff! You think you're so special?! Then let's see if you can do this!" Terra then lifted up another piece of earth...but didn't rest it.

"Okay Terra, what's the catch?" Toph smirked. Beast Boy tapped her on the shoulder.

"Uh Toph?" Beast Boy asked, pointing up at the sky. It seemed obvious that they don't get the idea. She waved her hand over her face saying "I would if I can see."


Toph aimed her head up to the sky. She still wasn't sure exactly what she was doing, but one thing is clear; she wasn't on the ground. Reality being that she was actually levitating a piece of earth under her feet, like a floating platform. This was something no bender can do, not even Toph! Toph walked ahead until she felt the earth Terra was floating on...she was amazed.

"Impressed?" Terra asked, poking Toph's head.

"Uh...well...OK so it's special! It's still not enough to beat me! I'M the best in the world!"

"No you're not, I am!"

"I am!"

"I AM!!!"

"Can I say something?" Beast Boy asked.

"NO!!!" they both yelled. Beast Boy was silent as they turned back to each other.

"Well if you won't admit it, then hows 'bout an earthbending match. Winner is proclaimed best in the world! Deal?" Terra challenged. Toph confidently agreed.

They both walked off to a nearby, opened up an area which would be perfect to show some awesome bending. It had a good mountain like rim around it, so they wouldn't be potentially bugged by anything. Beast Boy (by default) was judge. This isn't "to the death" or anything. Terra made a good sized ring around both of them, the idea being that whoever can knock her opponent out of the ring first is the winner. To make sure Toph's senses didn't go into disarray, Terra also made it a floating arena, but she didn't raise it too high, only about 5 feet at its lowest. To keep it up, Beast Boy got some very sturdy logs, that way if Terra's powers weren't focused on the arena, they wouldn't collapse. Beast Boy quickly jumped in between the two.

"Okay girls! You ready to rumble?!" Beast Boy yelled. They both gave in a good 'YEA!' of victory.

"Alright!! Let's do this thing! Ladies and gentleman! I give you-"

"Yea, yea, yea! Let's start already!" Toph snapped, getting impatient.

"Hold on Toph, I want to get some drama in this. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, I GIVE YOU THE ULTIMATE! THE AWESOME -"

Before Beast Boy can continue, Terra suddenly shot him out of the arena! While laying in the rubble, his two hands shot out, holding a bell in one hand, a stick on the other, and made a small ring when he hit the bell. Their fight began!

Terra started first, shooting a string of rocks right at Toph, having her block them almost straight away. Next Toph tried getting her with large stone pillars, but Terra was already airborne at this point so she couldn't sense her so well. Her pillars shooting upward almost got Terra, but she moved surprisingly quick for flying on a rock. Her stream of small rocks shot down at her like rain and managed to get her, but not much before she shielded herself. Toph then got her shot and knocked Terra with a thrown boulder. The flying earthbender was about to crash when another earthbending trick saved her, making a slant so she could rocket at Toph.

Their fight continued on like this as Beast Boy was nibbling on some snacks he had - his tofu since he was a vegetarian like Aang. But as he was nibbling on his tofu, another observer was getting very intrigued with these two. Watching through the foliage, it can easily see all the rocks, dirt and dust being blasted around...he decided to walk out to see them.

Toph and Terra were too busy to notice anything odd or dangerous, and since the arena was floating above the ground by tree logs, Toph's senses were limited to the arena and nowhere else so she didn't notice ether. The creature that was watching them made his walk over to them, not exactly hiding or anything, like it had too. Beast Boy didn't notice until it nearly stomped on him, slamming its huge claws inches from his side! It continued walking like nothing happened as Beast Boy was scared witless.

"TOPH!! TERRA!!" Beast Boy yelled. They were so in the fight they didn't bother to listen. The creature then sat down...and sliced one of the logs, causing the whole arena to collapse as the two got covered in rocks and dirt. Toph and Terra poked their heads out of the rubble, spitting out dirt. They were about to yell when they noticed what exactly did that. It was huge, large enough to crush them both if it wanted to...but instead it dropped a message on Toph's head and marched away, on a whim.

Beast Boy helped Terra and Toph out, turning to a gorilla to pull them free. After that Toph gave the letter to Beast Boy who, now knowing Toph was blind, started reading it.

"You have been chosen by the one of the great champions of Altonia to be a part of the grand Starlight fighting championship. Great battles and techniques await the brave, righteous, and determination of the fighters from worldwide! May the odds be ever in your favor. Guys! You've been chosen for a fighting champion!"


  • The first scene was a written version of [ this] video.

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