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The Village of Spirits
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Two Worlds, One Style

Raven and Kyoushiro continued moving on through the forest together. They didn't talk very much, and when they do it was just small conversation. Kyoushiro was really getting quite worried about his other friends. After all, he was the strongest and what could happen while he was gone was beyond him, which made him even more scared.

Raven was getting worried for her old friends too, but not as much. She too was a special member of her own team and could only wonder what was going on with them.

As night started to approach, they both decided to rest over by a small stream. The babbling brook made things only a little bit more comfortable and the fireflies that began to come out gave them a little light to see by. They both sat down by the creek, looking up at the stars and fireflies.

"So...Raven...are there any friends of yours here too or is it just you?" Kyoushiro asked, trying to start a conversation. Raven was silent at first but decided there was nothing else to do.

"Yea. I have five team members that ended up here...I hope in one piece though," Raven said, not looking at Kyoushiro.

"Okay. Who are they?"

"Well they-...nah, forget it. They won't sound real anyway."

The white Kishu simply chuckled and said, "Try me."

"All right... Well my is named Robin. He's our leader. A expert fighter and our leader. Then there's Starfire, a girl we've met. She's sweet, pretty yet very powerful. There's also Cyborg. He's like our weapons expert, and his body was replaced with metal and electricity. Also, there's Terra. Now I know you'll find this odd but she can literally move the earth without touching it."

Raven paused and waited for a reaction. She expected him to look at her like some freak or something...but the dog just chuckled.

"That's not weird at all! There's tons of earthbenders back where I live." Kyoushiro laughed. Raven looked surprised and confused.

"What's an earth bender?"

Kyoushiro looked at her with a you-got-to-be-kidding looks.

"Seriously?...You literally just said one. Terra is an earth bender isn't she?" Kyou asked.

"Well...I prefer to call it "Earth-kenesis"...well anyways there's this last guy named Beast Boy. He's like a changeling, changing into any animal he wants to."

It was now Kyoushiro was getting lost with her.

" got a fighting expert, a weapon specialist, a strong muscle, an earth bender, and a changeling as friends?"

"It's a bit of a stretch I's not like I'm any different. I'm, like Starfire, am more of a magic user."

"You mean like a monk or something?"

"Wha?...Where you get that idea?"

"Well I saw you meditating like a monk would do, saying some weird words. I just thought that you were a monk too."

"Well...I'm not truly a monk, but I was raised by them. They took care of me like I was one of their own." Raven looked back up into the sky. Kyoushiro noticed a tear running off her eye and down her face. He could see she was hurt.

"What happened to your real parents? Did they abandon you?" he asked, not catching himself until too late.

" see this on my head?" Raven asked, pointing to her gem on her head. Kyoushiro nodded slightly. "This is a demon gem. I'm part human, part demon," Raven sighed. Kyoushiro was surprised hearing that.

"My father...he hated me. He forced my mother into marrying him and...I came into the world." Kyoushiro lowered his head, looking into his reflection in the water.

"...I guess that's something we have in common." Raven raised her head a bit confused.

"My own father was extremely cruel. Every time I messed up on even one detail of anything, he would treat me like he would his prey. No respect, just's because of him I have all these scars all over me." Kyoushiro got up and Raven can see all of his scars along his side, chest and face. Raven didn't say anything.

"And it wasn't just on me, either! No, he was cruel to the whole family! My mom, my brothers, all were tortured by my father...I dunno why I even call him my father!"

"Is that all? At least your father thought you were real! My dad doesn't even care for my life, my mother's life, or anyone in the world besides himself! He would easily kill me to get to the top!" Raven and Kyoushiro looked at each-other

"Heh...I guess were both in the wrong. With our fathers I mean."

"I guess so...wanna keep walking? Maybe there's somewhere we can stop at."

"Sure. Let's go."

With that Raven and Kyoushiro got up and was about to start walking again when they both heard something on the path across the river.

"Rae...Kyou..." the voice said. It was very quiet, and sounded like that of a girl's voice. They both looked across the river and could of swore they saw a silhouette of someone in the bush. It was kind of disturbing that whoever was there would know their nicknames (which they never tell anyone about), but after a while they both got the idea that they were just hearing things and went on their way.


For most of the night, they continued off in the firefly forest, as they were now calling it. The little bugs buzzed around them as they walked on the trail by the river.

"So...Kyou is the name now?" Raven asked.

"Sort of. Short for Kyoushiro. Same for you "Rae"?"

"Yea. But do me a favor and don't call me that?"

"Sure Rae - I mean Raven. Sorry...isn't that weird though?"


"That thing back knew who we were - our nicknames, anyway. Isn't that any weird to you?" Kyoushiro asked, stopping in front of her. Raven thought about it for a bit.

"Okay maybe it was...creepy. But you and I agreed it was just a trick of the woods remember?"

Before Kyoushiro could answer, suddenly they both heard a rustle in the bushes, making them jump. They stood there a bit worried for a while until it came out...turning out to be just a big duck.


The two now embarrassed travelers turned to each other.

"I knew it was just a duck the whole time," Kyoushiro said as they walked onward.

"Me too...but let's get moving, just in case," Raven said.

"Oh sure." With that they both started pacing (which turned to running) down the path, unaware someone was watching them not too far away.

Raven and Kyoushiro calmed down after a while and went back to walking. They kept walking until the came across something ahead.

"What's this?" Kyoushiro asked. They both seemed to come across an arch on their way. Raven read it aloud, reading it as Elfen. Just Elfen.

They both looked on in...they could see no one out...not a living soul within the limits. The houses looked out of date and abandoned. The only sound that could be heard was the slight creaking of the sign they were looking at.

"HEY!!! Anyone Here?!" Kyoushiro called. Not a word; silence. Kyoushiro then ran over into town.

"Hello?!...COME ON OUT!!!!"

"I don't think anyone's here," Raven said after catching up to him.

Kyoushiro though wasn't as convinced as Raven was. He walked around, turning his head side to side, scanning the area. He saw rotted out buildings and houses, all of which didn't seem to have any life in it.

"Okay fine!" he sighed. "Whoever's here, we'll be going now! Come on Rae, let's get outta here." Kyoushiro decided, completely annoyed with Elfen. They were about to go when Raven turned around and saw a sad little girl all alone in the middle of the village. She looked very depressed and lonely. Kyoushiro only noticed when Raven started walking towards her.

"Raven, where are you going?!" Kyoushiro called just as Raven got to the little girl. She was quiet, calming, yet hurt in a way.

"You okay?" Raven asked.

The little girl looked up at her. What was odd to her though was the two oddly large bumps on her head. But Raven easily overlooked that detail and tried to comfort her.

"Raven!!" Kyoushiro called.

"I have to return her home! I'll be back tomorrow!" Raven replied.


Raven and the girl them walked off, out of sight, leaving Kyoushiro speechless. He placed a paw over his eyes, saying to himself, "She better come back by tomorrow."

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