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The time is now. Raviente's refuge is just ahead and they're all ready. Their ship docked on shore for the moment and Aang, Robin, Katara, Weed, Terra, Kyoushiro, Yamato, Hyata, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Sokka, Cyborg, Zuko, Mel, Toph and Toube got down to shore.

"Anyone have a plan?" Mel asked.

"No. Don't need one. All we need is use our ultimate power on Raviente." Terra smirked.

"Just the way I like it. Let's do it." Kyoushiro chuckled. They all focused and changed into their forms first before charging in. Raven was a little hesitant on hers, still hating it since it showed her demonic side clearly. So instead she just ran off with them without changing.

As the team charged inland, they managed to reach a huge volcanic clearing. The ash coming from the volcano  covered the sky almost completely, their only light is the flowing lava leading to the sea. Oddly though Raviente didn't seem to be around anywhere.

"Okay. Where's that overgrown snake?" Weed asked. The others looked around but suddenly Mel got an ultimate scare...he knew where Raviente is...and he's caught alone, being 10 feet ahead!...then it happened.

Out of nowhere, a gigantic shape blasted out of the ground, shooting up a good 50 feet upward before aiming its fanged mouth right at Mel! Robin quickly shot out and grabbed Mel before it got him. It encircled the entire team easy and finally made itself was Raviente himself!

"Well we found him. Let's get him." Aang said. Raviente quickly launched himself up in the air, and the team had to scatter to avoid the first hit. Raviente kept trying over and over to kill them with his bite but it's not working. His tail whips were getting big scores though, managing to keep them at bay, and whacking them like flies. This is truly becoming a problem for them all, especially giving the fact that Raviente had the power of a demon now thanks to the Azarath gem on his forehead. When Toube was knocked aside, he noticed that Raven wasn't in her form.

"Raven! What are you waiting for?!"


"How about change into your ultimate form and help us?!" Toube yelled. Raven wasn't sure what to say but Raviente suddenly saw her, wrapped his tail around her, and quickly dug away!


"Oh crud! Come on after her!" Robin yelled. Everyone was about to go in but only Starfire got through, but the others can't fallow since Raviente suddenly covered it up with similar demonic powers to raven. Raviente tried to dig away but Starfire got to him first.

"I got you friend raven." Starfire said, trying to get her free. Raviente suddenly lost grip and they both bolted out. Now everyone saw that she's still the same.

"Raven, what's your deal?" Toube asked.

"What deal?!" Raven growled.

Before anyone can say anything, suddenly Raviente charged up the ground, his horn grabbing her by her robe! She was launched high above the ground before Raviente used his demonic powers into his tail to launch her across the island!

"RAVEN!!! Guys cover me!" Kyoushiro screamed, blindly running after her.

"Kyoushiro! Wait!!" Weed called, but it's too late, he's already running like mad to get her. Raviente though wasn't having any of that, so he blocked him off!

"NO YOU DON'T!! NOT THIS TIME!!" Kyoushiro tried jumping up but Raviente used his fangs to whack him back. That hit did a lot of damage to Kyoushiro, knocking out one of his sabers. Raviente was now standing tall above the whole crowd, starring them down. The whole team no longer had a way out. Raviente was seconds away from having a good meal but however...something far off caught his eye. The rest of the team noticed odd white glow, the only other light aside from the lava.

"What's that?" Lycaeon asked out of the blue. Raviente saw this and began to slither away after it.

"Oh great. Now what?" didn't take long to see what. Going up in the sky, Raven was hovering just out of Raviente's with her white suit...and her long hair. Raviente saw her eyes glow a fury of white, as her white aura exploded all over the whole island! Yamato and Hyata covered their eyes as on the ultimate blast of light. After the ringing of the explosion stopped, Yamato got the guts to open edleast one of his eyes.

"" Yamato said, nudging him into looking...the entire land around them was now all white, only thing visible is Raviente on one side...and a strange, robed giant on the other, the figure looking like Marage except white and huge. Raviente on the black, the other on the white.

"The yin and the yang." Hyata gasped. They both weren't sure what to do aside from watching. They had never seen such a thing happen before. The robed figure on one side was blasting strange sounded violin notes at Raviente as Raviente was roaring right back at them! Each roar was ether white light or dark energy.

"What's happening?!"

Raviente had enough with this. In one huge leap, he suddenly coiled around the entire figure!

"NO!!!" Yamato screeched, running up to it before Hyata pinned him down!

"Brother! I'm not allowing you to go!"


Before Hyata can answer, suddenly the beast screamed in pain and was launched back. Raviente tried again and launched at it. But The giant figure made one more huge sound wave that blasted through Raviente...this blast was so strong, it knocked Hyata and Yamato out cold!


It was very quiet now. Hyata and Yamato were side by side, still knocked out from that blast of noise. Hyata is the first to slowly wake up...On the the morning sun...the clear sky shining down.

"Huh?...what the?...where are we?" Hyata thought, slowing going to a sitting position...he still isn't sure what happened, but there they both were. Right at the shore of the same island they were at last night, only looking more lively. Hyata was taken by surprise when Yamato woke up yelling when a seabirds pecked his nose.

"AH! What the-! Get lost!" Yamato yelled, swatting the bird away...then he noticed where they were...and the first to see the S.S.Ultimate right by the shore a few feet away! And that's not all...


They both looked up and saw Aang, back to normal, standing up on the front of the ship! He had that "victory" look on his face. Again, they didn't have a clue what has happened but one things's good...really good.

On their trip back, Raven began to explain to the two on what happened. After she was hit by Raviente, it seems that her Ultimate form "forced" out of her. Next thing she knew she woke up last night with everyone else, with Raviente defeated. After seeing that, they all went back to the ship minutes before the two woke up. The Kishu brothers asked of his fate but Toph insisted to save that until they get to the spirit council. When they'd finally got back and to the council, they also finally revealed what happened to Raviente the more like gardener snake, since he's now small enough to fit in an ice jar.

"Well, well, well. I guess that ultimate form power really dwarfed him." Terrakion laughed as the snake tried busting out of the glass. Xreneus turned to the teams.

"Everyone...thank you. Not only did you stop Raviente, you also saved all the universes from destruction...I'm very proud of all of you." Xreneus said.

"Not only that. We also made Raviente no longer scary. Look at him! Like Yveltal said, he's just a gardener snake." Kyoushiro laughed. They all laughed along with him in pure agreement. Then Xreneus went on ahead and created a portal for them. The Gaang walked over to the portal.

"Okay it's time."

"Does this portal lead back to..."

"Yes...back to your home." the Gaang each turned to the Titans. They've been through so much together over the course of time. Going through Altonia and all its natural hazards...The Starlight Fighting Championship...the colossi world too, with all of the combatants they had to face...and finally Raviente himself. The whole reason they had met, when you think about it long enough. If Raviente didn't escape, The Gaang and the Titans wouldn't even meet.

"So...I guess this is it then." Aang said.

"Yeah it's great to meet all of you." Robin replied.


It was about here that Toph took off her meteor bracelet and gave it to Robin.

"Here...just something to remember us by...nice meeting you." Toph said.

"Thank you..."

After that the Gaang turned and started going through the portal back home...finally. At long last...they are on their way home.

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