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Ch.57: Lacerta

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Ch.59: Final Attack

For the whole day, the teams were traveling along the great sea in their ice ship, S.S. Ultimate. There were some questionable moves though before they exactly left.

For the start, the Spirit Council refused to go with them, saying it wouldn't matter ether way. They do promise to show up after the fight though, so they can go home. And also they added in that Raviente would expect them to come and would strike them first.

That night was a bit quiet...too quiet. The sea was dead calm and in one of the ice rooms, Mel was trying to sleep...he was stuck in a dream.

In the dream, Mel was seemingly lost, and can't find anyone. He kept sniffing around, looking frantically until...



"This way Mel! I need your help!" Weed yelled. To Mel, Weed was like a brother he never had, and when he saw Weed (in the dream) he was very giddy on seeing him. He started running to him but as he did, weed oddly became more and more...well...different.

"Weed, I'm coming! I'm-...huh?"

As Mel was still running, he sees that weed is becoming more and more scary. His teeth were turning to daggers and his eyes that of a lizard. His blue fur was falling off and being replaced by soulless muscle and skin! Mel skidded to a stop but weed was already charging and lunged at him full force!...only now did Mel wake up.

Mel was back in his room, now sweating up a storm (ironic given the cold conditions inside the ice ship). Now Mel was too worried to go back to sleep. He looked outside and saw the full moon out.

"Well...I guess that stuff they said about the full moon is true...weird." Mel thought. Now too active to sleep, he decided to go out onto the deck for a while. But as he walked outside...

"Well look who decided to join us."

Oddly, it seems he wasn't the only one on deck tonight. The full moon had drawn out pretty much the whole team.

"Let me guess-"

"Yes Mel. It seems this full moons bugging everyone...almost anyway." Beast Boy said.


"Yeah it seems only Robin and Starfire are still asleep. Don't know why." Toube said.

"I think I can take a hint."

As they were talking, Katara was sitting up on the front of the ship when Raven found her.

"Hey Katara. You okay?" Raven asked, walking over to her.

"Well...yes and no. I'm just...scared."


"We're going against probably the deadliest thing there is. What if something goes wrong? What of we lose? What if-"

"Katara. That's just it. All those "what if" thoughts. If you stop with "what if" and go with "what will", then you'll be fine. Now you think that Raviente's too strong right?"

"Yeah, I mean you saw what he did back at the championship did you?"

"But don't forget, the spirit council said they had sealed him away once, so if the ultimate forms we got are from them, that makes us just as strong as they are!" Raven had a really good point.

"Yeah. Yeah you're right!"

"Yeah I thought so. Now come on back and we both can relax." Raven turned to go but noticed Katara was starring off at something. Soon everyone began to see the same thing...a odd looking mist began to cover up the view as the teams were starting to hear things. Most of them were suddenly over by one side of the ship. Kyoushiro and Mel were the last to figure it out.

"Guys?! Are you paying (gets distracted by a voice calling "Mel" in a soothing voice)...a-attention?..."

Mel quickly looked off the edge of the ship and soon started to see a figure just off shore...he couldn't believe who he saw...


"This way sweetheart. I really need you."

He was getting worried and raced to the edge of the ship, eyeing their parents He was convinced that she's there until...

"You were right, Mel. You're always right."

"No, I'm not I'm-...wait. My mom would never say that."

"Mel? (statics!) Mel!"

"Ah! Oh no, there not real! Their monster! Sirens! DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!" Mel quickly began to worry. No one though was listening! The sirens had taken control of their mind! The one Mel was seeing jumped on the Mel can see the lizard eyes and the dagger teeth as his so-called mother stepped closer and closer...but suddenly someone knocked it off the ship on site! It was Kyoushiro in his ultimate form!


"Heh. You expected who else? You steer the ship outta here, I'll cover you." Mel did just that. While he tried to turn the ship, Kyoushiro used his new found weapons to fight off the Sirens. Mel couldn't get why he wasn't affected by the creatures but right now he kept trying to get the ship out! After 5 minutes of fighting, there finally outta the sirens reach, and everyone was snapped outta their trance.

"Phew. A few more minutes, and we'd have been goners." Mel sighed in relief.

"Yeah that was crazy."

"Oh by the way, how come you weren't affected by those sirens?" Kyoushiro just smiled and changed back first.

"Well sirens change into what you love right? No point fighting against yourself!" Kyoushiro laughed. Mel just sighed in spite of himself.

" take vanity to the point where it helps people." Mel sighed. Unaware to the others though, Toph was still looking off the back of the ship at the was very different from the others...being someone she had never met....but she didn't have much time to think. As soon as they were done there, the sky grew even more dark due to ash!...the island is just ahead. Aang then turned to the others.

"Everyone. You ready? Get into form...Raviente is just ahead. Take him down and it will all be over."

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