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Ch.56: Lion of the Ruins

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Ch.58: Sirens

It seemed like forever before the last of them can reach the shrine. Kyoushiro had gotten his at long last and, from what their saying, it's the last one to get.

They had just about reached the front of the shrine now, early in the morning.

"So Robin. Are the other guys just as different as me?" Kyoushiro asked when they got there.

"Not sure. We were just told by Marage, we never really saw them yet." Robin said. Kyoushiro took a few steps in and the first thing he saw was Mel greeting them with his fancy ultimate form helmet.

"Mel? Is that you? You sure look different." Kyoushiro said, taken back a bit.

"Look who's talking Mister Sabertooth." Mel remarked.

"Haha, okay I get it. Where's everyone else?"

"Oh. There over here, come on." Mel guided him, robin, Lycaeon, and Teru to where the rest of them were. Of course, the different forms of the Gaang, and titans made him feel like he found the wrong crowd. Most were around another the sleeping body of Toph. The only one he recognized right away was Raven, whom was in her normal form.

"Toph?! What happened?!" Kyoushiro asked.

"Calm down, she's been knocked out for awhile since she was hit by her needed chakra orb." Toube said. He knew that it would calm him down but Toube was still worried deeply...then he saw Toph begin to slowly move her hand! Toube got the others to move aside as Toph began to come too.

"Toph...Toph, can you hear me? You okay?" Toube pleaded. Toph slowly got in a sitting position...and opened her eyes. At first, Toph can only see dark at first...but then a distant light shined at her, growing brighter and brighter until it covered her vision completely. Never before has any light been this intense on her. Next came the outline. Lines around her began drawing out the complexity of the shrines interior around her...then came the color of tan, and greenery of the plants growing far above her. The color, outline, can only mean one thing...

"Toph-chan? all-right Toph-chan?" Teru asked. Toph didn't talk at first, oddly just moving her head around, as if trying to see something...wait. SEE?!

"Toph?" was now that Toph began to talk after taking everything in.

"...what did that orb do?" she thought aloud. Now Xreneus and his three leading spirits came in.

"You okay Toph? You look like you're scared." Virizion said. Normally Toph would snap back but she was too shocked to say anything. Only Toube and Xreneus can see what happened to her in this form but it was Hyata whom said "you trying to see something Toph?"

"See?..." Toph soon realized he was right. She went and waved her hand in front of her face, seeing it perfectly! Her sight was somehow regained!

"Just as I thought. Your sight was regained with your ultimate form." Xreneus announced. Everyone looked at Toph in amazement, being told that Toph was blind already by Toph herself before starting this whole thing.

"...This is incredible!" Toph gasped.

"Proves what power there is. Now listen, we have to go now. If we waste anymore time it puts us at more risk." Xreneus said, turning away and opening a large portal. Before they were gonna go though, Hyata got another thought crossing his mind...that colossi he had met that was spying...why was it spying anyway?

Hyata kept trying to think but as he looked up...there she was. The watcher! Hyata started walking away and Yamato spotted him.

"Hey brother. Something wrong?" Yamato asked. Hyata didn't pay any attention though as he took a few steps ahead.

"Hey you. Come on out where everyone can see you." Hyata ordered.

" one's there." Kyoushiro said.

"Yes there is. Right up there." Hyata pointed up to the Colossi's head. The watcher suddenly got panicked, tried to run, and accidentally fell down into full view.

"What the?"

Everyone suddenly turned and saw the colossi laying there. The colossi actually covered her eyes, scared of what their gonna do to her.

"...Who are you?" Cobalion asked. The colossi shivered in place as the thought of attack hit her.

", sir." She said.

"...why are you spying on us?"


"Go on! Spit it out!"

"Coba! Don't yell at her. She's sensitive." Virizion pointed out. Cobalion did calm down afterwards as Viri went over to Lacerta.

"It's okay, Lacerta. We won't hurt you. But it wouldn't hurt if we knew why you were spying." Virizion said, calming Lacerta down.

"'s just...that..."

"It's okay. You can tell us." Katara encouraged. Lacerta just sighed.

"Actually...I...well it's" Lacerta then went back to her hiding place and oddly came back out with a symbol attached to a fabric. She placed it in front of the crowd as a sudden white shined out. It only took a few seconds before it stopped.

"What was that about?" Terrakion asked.

"Well...a friendly person found me and told me to give this luck to you all when you're least that's what he said." Lacerta said.

"Who's he?" before Lacerta can answer, suddenly the spirit Marage appeared in front of them all.

"I'm he." Marage started. "You need all the help you can get. But this wouldn't work If you didn't get them all so I've sent Lacerta to keep an eye on you so she can keep track for me...Lacerta. Thank you. You are free to go now." Marage said. Lacerta thanked Marage and left on her way. Marage then noticed that the others weren't moving.

"So...shall we go?"

They all agreed and went right on through the portal.


The group all went off to a secluded area by the portal. The area they landed in was back in Altonia, on an abandoned stretch of coastline. When they all got out though, only Toph was the one who kept her ultimate form, everyone else turning back to normal.

"Hey! What gives?!" Kyoushiro asked.

"Relax. It's a bit of requirement to stay your normal form while going to fight Raviente. We need those forms at their peak by the time we arrive. Now let's look it over." Terrakion said as Xreneus got out a map for them to look over.

"So where's Raviente?" Teru asked.

"Well we have one conclusion. There's this island here that Raviente loves to make refuge. The volcano there is the largest in this world but now it's gone dormant. If Raviente has gotten there, he's going to wipe out the island of all life before going after the rest of the universes. So we have to act fast." Xreneus explained.

"But trouble is that we need a ship." Terrakion grumbled. The others were about to speak until Katara stepped in and said "Say no more. I got this. Aang, can you help for a sec?"

Katara knew that she doesn't have enough bending power herself, so she and Aang got to the edge of the waves. Katara whispered her idea to sang and they both swam out to deep water fast. The others watched as they went to work. First they went ahead and used water-bending to create a huge water orb, ship sized. Next they froze it up into a huge ice-ball. Weed was beginning to see what they were trying to do when they signaled for his help.

"Hey X? Can I use my ultimate form for a minute?"

"Well sure but what are you-" before Xreneus can finish, Weed had already changed into it. He saw Katara making an slight outline into it and Weed jumped and went all ninja star. He bolted around the ice orb until the outline was deep and exact.

"Hey Starfire! Can you get the extra ice off please?" Aang insisted. Star flew up and saw Aang make an X outside the outline.

"I get it! Here it goes!" Star said. She flew back a bit and slammed a well aimed fist right into the mark! first nothing happened. But slowly cracks were beginning to show on the ice. The ice kept cracking outside of the line and then suddenly, it all broke off...finally reviling the idea.


"Everyone! Welcome to the S.S. Ultimate!" Katara and Aang said, finally ice ship. Details and rooms included. They all were marveled at the masterpiece as Starfire, Weed, Aang and Katara congratulated themselves.

"Whelp...there's the problem solved. Nice craftsmanship by the way." Xreneus said.

"No problem. Now let's go get that Raviente!"

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