Lion of the Ruins
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June 22, 2013

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Ch.55: Colossi Dragonfly

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The journey for Kyoushiro Shirogane wasn't very easy. He had been traveling for a long time seemingly alone, holding a handbag the whole time. Before he left, he found it by his room and decided to take it.

It was pretty rough for him but he had finally found out where he's supposed to be. The colossi he's searching for is found in a ruined city, much greenery and water there. Pillars, arches and walls cover it up.

"Whelp. Here I am." Kyoushiro thought. He only took a few steps though from the entrance when he accidentally dropped his bag. It tumbled off the platform, onto the ground.

"Oh great-...TERU!!"

Turned out. It was Teru who was in the bag, in his pup form. Kyoushiro jumped down as Teru changed to his normal teenaged form.

"Uh Kyoushiro-San I-"

"I thought you were back at the shrine with everyone else!"

"I know...but I can't just sit by and watch my savior die."

"Die? Buddy, you're talking to a scarred Kishu here. I've been through pain more then enough thank you."


"Don't give me any of that. You can stand by If you want, I gotta fight to win." Kyoushiro then ran off to his starting point as Teru just stood there. The Kishu walked onward to the opening and in front of him, on his tall his colossi. Cenobia.

Cenobia sat up there, regal like a lion, and saw his challenger sitting far below him. He got up and got his muscles pumped as he got ready. Kyoushiro watched as Cenobia started down at a fast pace, and then he started charging strait towards him!

"Whoa!" Kyoushiro jumped out of the way just in time as Cenobia turned around...oddly though Kyoushiro was gone! Cenobia looked around as Kyoushiro was sneaking off in one of the channels.

"Okay Kyoushiro think. How to do this." He thought, getting out from the other side of the wall. He needed time to think on this, as Cenobia was still looking around...but it seems he already found him! Kyoushiro turned around from his channel and saw him jumping over to grab him! Luckily he bolted just in time before Cenobia can hit him again. Teri can no longer hide anymore. He's doing exactly what he said he wouldn't do!

"Hey rock-head!" Cenobia bolted around and charged strait for Teru! Kyoushiro didn't notice until Teru started jumping each charged, like a matador with an angry bull. At one point he even jumped off Cenobia's head to gain height, and Kyoushiro finally got out.

"TERU, GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Kyoushiro yelled. But Teru didn't hear him...yet Cenobia did! Kyoushiro tried to run and just got to the chamber where he started in, where Cenobia can't reach him. Teru joined him sometime later.

"Teru! Don't get involved in this fight, I don't want you dead!"

"Ditto. I'm not letting you die ether. You saved me before so-"

"I DON'T CARE WHO DID WHAT! YOU'RE NOT FIGHTING AND THAT'S FINAL!" Kyoushiro yelled. As their debate continued, Cenobia meanwhile was trying to figure out how to get to them. He of course knew that he's too big to get in himself so he ether had to let them go or make a way in...and no way is he giving up! He saw a pillar right by a tall wall that lead inside...perfect.

Cenobia took a few steps back and rammed it, causing a slight tremor. Kyoushiro and Teru stopped debate after that and felt another tremor...Next thing they knew, suddenly the pillar collapsed, and shattered the wall completely!

"...oh crud..."

"Quick, over here!" Kyoushiro grabbed Teru and hid away just before Cenobia walked in. It sure seems like Kyoushiro and Teru are the prey in this case and Cenobia is the hunter. Before they can be found...


Cenobia looked up and stepped back as two figure stood up at the entrance...Robin and Lycaeon! Of course though there are a few differences.

Robin for starters, had a look of a fast futuristic runner. A green fin curved back from his head and with a red covering over his eyes. The green patterns and cloths makes him look more digital then real.

As for Lycaeon, he looked like a dog version of Marage! On each leg and on his neck is a similar, if not identical, scarf to Marage's flowing cloth. His fit had changed too, from a brownish pattern to a yellow camo pattern, with now orange eyes. Of course, both Teru and Kyoushiro were unaware of them, only knowing them by voice.

"Lycaeon?! Robin?! That you?!"

"Don't worry Kyoushiro! Well help ya out!" Robin said.

"Hurry please!" Teru called. Worse comes to worst, Cenobia found them!  It was until now that the two found out Lycaeon's transformation when he jumped down to confront him. If they didn't recognize him, they surely didn't recognize Robin when he jumped down to help the two when they saw him.

"You two okay?"

"Yeah are robin right?"

"Just come on." Robin said, guiding them out of trouble. But before they knew it, suddenly Cenobia ran past, trying to get Lycaeon off his back!

"Oh great." Robin thought. Before Kyoushiro or Teru can say anything, robin ran off after Cenobia like a light...and just as fast!

"Whoa. Come on Teru, you can help."

"Oh really? I thought you didn't wanna."

"I can change my mind, now come on." Kyoushiro said. With that, they both started after Cenobia.

The colossi meanwhile was literally running blind, racing around like an angry riding bull trying to shake Lycaeon off. He kept running around until he somehow ended up back to where he started, the entrance. Lycaeon kept a firm grip on Cenobia's hard shell as suddenly Cenobia saw Teru by a weak pillar. In his anger, Cenobia quickly raced towards him! Teru got out of the way and Lycaeon let go as Cenobia crushed the thing to pieces...and have the ceiling fall on him!

The other four could only watch as a ruin cave-in collapsed on top of Cenobia, crushing him like a bug. The dust cleared up a minute after and all they could see is a huge pile of rubble...and a chakra orb rolling out of the wreck.

"There it is." Kyoushiro said, walking over to it. As it has done many times before, it immediately got absorbed by Kyoushiro's touch.

"There...all finished...what so important with these things anyway?"

"Hey, Kyoushiro. (Robin drops another one at Kyou's feet.) Here's another for you. Marage Saids it'll help."

Kyoushiro went and got it, getting the same result...but now he looked new indeed, now his ultimate form is known.

His form seemed very different from his normal form. He now had stripes down his back, saber teeth, and a mace-like tail! Kyoushiro looked at his new self.

"Oh my...AWESOME!! I'm a mace-swinging sabertooth! radical!" Kyou said, showing off his new found strength with a few attacks. In this he even whacked a pillar out of the ground, toppling it like a tooth pick!


"Okay Kyoushiro. Let's go. Marage told us that everyone else got theirs and since we're the last ones, I guess we can get back now."

"Okay good." Teru said. They all then finally went off on their way...the watcher was pleased.

" only one thing left to do...first I gotta find that shrine." the watcher quickly turned and raced off to the shrine.

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