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For many days since he left Xreneus, Aang had been making good time on finding his colossi. He was pretty excited to see one for the first and only time but he isn't sure what to do when he does find it. After all, he never can bring himself to kill anything before, let along a colossi.

Probably what got him more bummed out was when his colossi had to be found in a desert...a desert! The last place he wants to be again after going through Altonia's deserts. But luckily here it isn't blistery hot like any desert he knew.

"Well, here I am. Let's see...if I were a colossi, where would I hide?...oh well." Aang simply got out his guilder and started flying around. Momo decided to join him too as he was flying alongside.

"I'm glad you came with me, Momo. It's pretty lonely flying alone." Aang said as he landed by a cluster of ruins, the only ones he could see. Momo was just happy to meet his closest friend again after the longest time. Momo though suddenly got a sudden scare and jumped on Aang's head.

"What's the matter buddy?" Aang asked...the answer nearly blew up in his face!...there he is.

Over 700 feet. Weight 1000 tons. Flying above him...Phalanx. The largest Colossi. No. The largest thing Aang had ever seen in his life. Phalanx seemed almost unreal, even by this worlds standards. It was floating on three hot-air balloon sized air sacs, and turning with only 2 sets of wings at the front. This giant is Aang's opponent!

"Oh. My..." Aang was simply speechless as such a giant animal started doing slow spins in the air. Aang realized then it started to fly away and gave good chase. He got out his guilder and started after it. Phalanx flew surprisingly fast for such a giant, giving Aang a difficult time to catch up. But after a while though Aang and Momo got on the front of Phalanx. But now what? What caught Aang off guard is that Phalanx spoke first.

"Hello mister." It seemed obvious by Phalanx's voice that he's younger than he appears to be, probably, if he's a human, around 7 or 8 years old.

"Hi. Now listen. There a dangerous cataclysm that's about to happen and in order to stop it, I need a chakra orb...from you."

"...a Cat-a-clisum?" Phalanx asked.

"That means danger. So please can I have the chakra orb?"

"You mean that stone thing? Sure but can we play a game first? It's been so long since I've played with anyone." Aang thought about it for a second or so.

"Alright sure. What's the game?"

"Simple. You see the last fin on my tail? See If you can reach it without falling and you win!" Phalanx said cheerfully. Aang got worried though for how high up they are.

"Uh...are we a bit high up for that?"

"Oh yeah. I forgot humans break easily. I'll fly low." And Phalanx did. He flew down and used his wings to ski across the sand.

"That better?"

"Much better thank you. Let's go Momo!" Aang then started running to the back. Phalanx, of course, isn't gonna make it easy for him. He kept rocking back and fourth to make it uneasy for Aang to balance. One point he flew only high enough to stretch his wings...and corkscrewed in the air! Of course this sudden spin got Aang off, landing in the soft sand. Aang used his earth-bending to get the sand off.

"Come on, Momo. Let's go." Aang got back in the game, with Momo flying alongside. Phalanx was having a lot of fun with this game of his. Even Aang was having fun with this, this is the most excitement he had in a long time.

"I bet Ty Lee would love this game," he thought, remembering how acrobatic she is. Phalanx can feel Aang's footsteps and got another trick.

"Geronimo!" Phalanx yelled, diving strait into the sand! Aang saw this, and one of Phalanx's fins closing so he dove under the fin with Momo as it covered him completely as phalanx, Aang, and Momo disappeared under the they were, who to come by to see them...Marage!

Worried over him, he, Starfire, and Weed decide to go and see if he's done or not. Starfire and Weed didn't look normal though. Weed had what seemed to be a metal spinal attachment going from his head to his tail. Starfire had her tamaranian suit on...there both got their ultimate forms!

"Friend Aang?! We wish to locate you!" Starfire called.

"Aang?! Come out will ya?!" Weed called...nothing. They planned on continuing but suddenly they felt a tremor going on...and Phalanx sprang out of the ground right in front of them! Star nearly took off, spooked by the giant as Weed ran back about a foot as Phalanx became airborne. As he opened his fins again, Aang jumped on out with Momo!

"AANG! YOU UP THERE?!" Weed called. Aang saw then and waved hello, like he was on a roller coaster or something as the two looked at him shocked. Aang looked back and made a final dash and got the chakra orb from Phalanx! A flash from behind told everyone he got it.

"Great job Aang! You won!" Phalanx said. He flew low and allowed Aang to jump off safely.

"Thanks Phalanx!"

"Thank you Aang! You given me the most fun ever! Have a great day!" Phalanx then dove back into the sands as Aang waved goodbye. He kinda got surprised when he saw the other two though.

"Whoa! two look...different." Aang stated.

"Oh this. Well, Starfire and I had gotten a great state called our ultimate form, thanks to Marage. Pretty cool eh?" Weed said, showing his honorary metal down his back.

"Yeah it is. But how did you get them exactly?"

"Do you remember that chakra orb you got? The power in those give you the ultimate forms. It's the sole reason were fighting these living statues in the beginning." Starfire explained. Then Marage walked up to him and showed him yet another chakra orb!

"And this one is for you. Catch." Marage then used his scarf like an arm and threw it to him, getting a flash from that immediately. Momo jumped clear as the flash occurred. When the flash faded...Aang's ultimate form was revealed.

Aang looked very different from his main form. His arrow tattoos now split up on his head into three. He now holds a good set of blue wings and a ring floating above his head. Aang was both shocked and amazed. Starfire felt the feathers on Aang's wings.

"Wow. Your wings are very soft," she said, stroking them with her fingers. As the three were checking out Aang's new angel form, Marage began to sense something new with this crowd.

"Hey guys? Can I try something?" Marage asked. The three agreed and Marage focused his energy. He admitted one of his unique noted chirps/crocks on each of them.

"...Just as I thought. You three have the same aura."

"We do?" Weed asked.

"Yes. I haven't noticed before since you three weren't together at one time. You each have a calming friendly blue aura, which fits you three perfectly. You all have a kind nature yet a strong sense of justice when it is needed. You also never resort to lethal violence unless absolutely necessary, and to you three it's never really necessary. I'm impressed that each of you, though one maybe of a different universe, can be in common so much."

Not too far away, the watcher was hearing all this, of course unaware to everyone else. Now back up to base with everyone thanks to Hyata's help, she went off for the next fight ahead.

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