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June 19, 2013

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Ch.53: The Flame of Fear

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Ch.55: Colossi Dragonfly

Terra and Hyata were doing well themselves. They had truly been running and traveling for a long time, yet now they had finally made it.

The area where she was told her colossi would be. The area in question appeared to be a large lake above a flowing waterfall. Water level is extremely deep and the only source of land around is a few ruin platforms.

"This is where Pelegia should be." Hyata said.

"Yeah...but where is he? I don't see him."

Terra made up a flying platform for them to cross the water. But as they were, Hyata noticed something moving underwater...something huge.

"Terra. I think I see him." Hyata said. Not a second sooner after he said that, the giant beast walked up to the surface...Pelegia is now known. The beast was half submerged in water, had two curved horns, a back covered in green algae.

"Good. Okay Hyata, ready?"

"As I'll ever be. Let's do it."

Terra and Hyata waited for the right moment and jumped down onto Pelegia's head...but suddenly they both were tossed back with one Pelegia head swing, knocking them both into the water. Hyata quickly started swimming to Pelegia's back while helping Terra swim but Pelegia turned his head and started shooting electro-shots, shocking them both before they got on.

" about burnt fur." Hyata groaned.

"No kidding. Come on, his Sigil must be up top." Terra said, beginning to climb. It was pretty easy getting up there but when they got to the head, they couldn't find any Sigil anywhere! Pelegia aimed his head to the water and tried to shake them off. Hyata fell in the water but Terra still kept a grip.

"Stupid Colossi!" She yelled. Seeing the grove on top of Pelegia's head, she kicked one, good and hard. Then...Pelegia stop fighting...

"Huh?" Terra hit another grove to the far left, and Pelegia moved to the left...then she got an idea.

"Hey Hyata! Go to shore, I got this!" Terra yelled.

"WHAT?! WHY?!"

"Just go! Ill be fine!" Terra then began looking around and saw something on a ledge high above the water...Pelegia's chakra orb!

"Sweet! K Pelegia. Straight ahead." Terra said, hitting the front groove. Pelegia, now Under her control, moved forward towards the cliff. He stopped and seemingly let Terra off there...Hyata, now on the first flat platform could only watch as a large shine nearly blinded his good eye for about a minute.

"AH! TERRA ARE YOU-huh?..." he was cut off when not only did he notice Pelegia was gone...but now Terra was running along the wall!

"What the heck? TERRA WAIT FOR ME!" Hyata called. Terra happily stopped...still on the wall! Hyata swam over to where they came in and saw a couple of differences with her. But it's only a change of wardrobe, and she had a headband instead of goggles.

"Uh...Terra? You-..."

"I what?"

"Uh...never mind. Let's start back to the shrine." Terra agreed and started on back but before Hyata can go, he glanced back and saw the watcher looking at them. He told Terra to go on ahead as he looked at the watcher.

The watcher in question was about to go when Hyata jumped in front of her.

"Hey. Were you watching us?" Hyata asked. The watcher stood still at first...then answered sheepishly "yea." She expected him to get mad but instead...

"Well if you need to get moving, then I think Aang should be next. Marage told us about the order of these fighting rounds and since you're everyone's shadow, I suggest you get a move on before you miss it...see ya later."

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