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The Flame of Fear
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June 19, 2013

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Ch.52: Spider Queen

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Ch.54: Water Buffalo

The setting for the next colossi fight isn't something a usual colossi would actually be considered guarding. Literally, the area is actually a gigantic hole in the ground. The area was dry, arid, and always slightly dark thanks to the shadows of the nearly 10 story high walls. The only source of water is a pool by the spiral entrance inside...this setting is where Zuko came in to fight his colossi. The name...Celosia.

Xreneus had described this colossi too Zuko as "more of a loose cannon", the second most aggressive aside of his counterpart, named Cenobia. But compared, Celosia is faster so Zuko has gotten the rougher one...though Xreneus didn't bother telling him the size of the colossi, might as well let him figure it out.

Zuko managed to get to the ground level, expecting the "giant" to show his face...but nothing came out.

"HEY CELOSIA!" Zuko called...still nothing...then he got the suspicion on where this guy is. There was also this large cave in the north wall that seemed promising. He used a fire blast as a jet propeller to get up to the cave, a trick he figured out seeing Azula do it to save herself during the war. When he got there though...nothing.

"Celosia?! Where is he?"

He kept looking around and it seemed the room is completely empty...until he heard a growl from above him. He looked ahead to another chamber above the floor and saw his opponent looking down to him. Zuko hardly had time to react when Celosia suddenly jumped from his balcony, landed in front of him, and charged him back to the cliff where he came in!...oddly though Celosia stopped literally inches from his face, both a step away from the cliff's edge!

" must be Celosia." Zuko said bluntly, not sure what else to say. Celosia knew better than to run off a cliff so instead he got himself ready for a slice of his front webbed claws. Zuko, in his panic, bolted behind Celosia and shot of fire. Celosia didn't know where it came from, but he ended up bolting around to just see Zuko.

"What's wrong? Afraid of a little fire?" Zuko asked. Celosia tried to ignore it but Zuko kept fighting, shooting his fire shots his way. Celosia avoided each but getting freaked out. Zuko suddenly gave a strong Fire Nation flamethrower! Zuko expected this just so Celosia would be scared enough to give up...but his scare tactic had done too well, and seemingly made Celosia fall off the cliff!

"...oh no!" Zuko quickly raced to the cliffs edge, and saw Celosia on his back...not moving.

Zuko quickly jumped down and could now see what truly happened...this was SO not what he expected.

"Darn it! What's wrong with me?! Why did I do that?!" Zuko yelled. He wasn't really sad, but more he looked ahead after calming down, he noticed a particular object laying by the water...the chakra orb!

Zuko wasn't sure now if he should get it but the orb itself seemed to decide already when it flew right into him! The flash that it made didn't only hit Zuko, but Celosia as well...

Zuko's first thoughts were what did it do. He looked into the pool to see his reflection. What he saw was a completely different kid. This kid he's seeing in the reflection had a long fire navy ponytail, and an eye patch with a reptilian eye painted on it...then he heard something behind him...Celosia is still alive!

"Celosia...I'll be going now." Zuko said. Celosia tried getting him but not only was Zuko too deep in water to reach, but he also made another warning shot to make sure he stays away. The blast though was different from his usual fire blasts, being more like a light beam. It was enough to keep Celosia away as he watched Zuko go on his way up the spiral steps...Zuko's mission is now complete.

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