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Ch.51: The Blind and the Brave

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Ch.53: The Flame of Fear

Robin had been running around the hidden lands for some time now, and so far hasn't found where Argus is. Argus is his colossi opponent and he's having trouble finding it.

"Man. This really stinks, I can't find Argus anywhere." Robin groaned. He settled down over by what he thought was a dead tree. He started thinking on how the rest of his team is doing. He's been gone for the longest time already and now he's alone again, he could only wonder how there doing.

"I bet the others are doing much better then I am. I'll be lucky to be done at all." Robin thought. He felt a bit down that he's been doing so well when he suddenly was stalled like this. But then...the so-called tree was suddenly lifted from behind Robin.

"What the?!"

He was gonna say something when another foot slammed down. Robin fallowed it to the rest of the's a giant spider!

The huge female colossi spider obviously wasn't happy for seeing Robin, to prove the point she literally skewered the ground trying to drive him off. Of course Robin was quick to respond.

"Who are you?!" Robin demanded. The spider suddenly shot an electric projectile in front of him, writing out Kuroiyara.

"Kuroiyara...What do you want?! I'm busy!" Robin said. Kuroiyara responded with a zap at him. Not deadly, but more of a warning to get lost.

"Okay you giant nightmare. PREPARE TO BE DEFEATED BY THE -" he was cut off by another zap by a now bugged arachnid. She made another smaller message in the dirt

This wrote: no dramatic speeches. Just start.

"...very well. GO!" Robin said, pulling out his staff and charging at Kuroiyara. The giant spider tried more warning shots but Robin reflected each one of them. He for the first part was doing circles around Kuroiyara, trying to find a weak-point.

Not too far away, the watcher was enjoying the fight so far, wondering when Robin will pull the next move. Robin couldn't seem to figure anything out with this girl...but suddenly he was hit by another blur...a white Blur.

"HEY! Get off!" Robin ordered.

"Calm down! I'm Yamato, I'm on your side. I'm here to tell you something!" Yamato said fast. Robin kicked off Yamato as he jumped to his feet. Kuroiyara was about to attack when Yamato got in the way.

"KUROIYARA! Keep outta it! Well beat it in a second!...Robin look. This mission you're all on, it's taking too long! I'm very sorry but the JD colossi are now off your fighting list."

"Kuroiyara was on my list?"

"Well she was. Now this Marage guy is blabbering on about this Raviente snake already getting full power."


"Now look. Let's just go and forget the spider okay? Kuroiyara! Let robin go through please." Yamato insisted. Kuroiyara wasn't sure of it.

"Please?" Yamato said again...Kuroiyara still wasn't sure...But after some more discussion, Kuroiyara complied.

"Thank you. Come on Robin, let's go." Yamato said. Robin went with him. Robin got confused as to this had the watcher.

"What? The JD colossi aren't to fight anymore?..."

But then she heard Robin say to Yamato "how are the others?"

"Well actually their doing fine. Beast Boy, Toube, Mel, Katara, Raven, Toph and Sokka are done with theirs. I think Cyborg, Starfire, and Weed and sent back now so...that leaves you, Aang, Kyoushiro, Terra and Zuko left to go." Yamato explained.

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