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The Blind and the Brave
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June 11, 2013

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The night was quiet for Toube and Toph. Their trip was long, and it was Toube who was the horse for Toph the whole time. Toph kept insisting that she can handle it but Toube just went along with the horse act anyway.

One night, Toube and Toph were now resting by an endless ocean. The area made them look like tiny mites. One direction was all sea while the other side was an impenetrable wall of the hidden lands miles high. The sky was full of sparkling stars, only Toube watching in awe as Toph was sleeping. Even if Toph was up she wouldn't even know how beautiful the sky was.

Her dream was very different from any dream she had. She could see herself (the only time she can see officially is in a dream), outside in the center of a town she didn't know of. No one was out. Only her...and a boy standing across from her. She never met the boy before but in the dream she seemed to know him deeply, since she embraced him. The details of the boy were pretty exact. His hair was a short gold, in a styled spike like BB. his eyes of pure blue. He was in his (she figured) usual outfit, a full outfit of grey and brown, his goggles, similar to Terra's hanging by his neck.

"I'm so glad you're okay." he said, his voice sweet and caring towards her.

"I'm happy you're okay too."

"Oh Toph." they both slowly closed their eyes...and ever so softly...kissed...Toph kept her eyes close, loving the kiss (even out of her dream)...only to have her eyes shot open to see who her kiss was on. A chuckle was heard and said, "oh Toph. I didn't know you cared."

Toph, recognizing the voice as Toube, immediately stopped what she was doing and spat out her so-called kiss as Toube was laughing.

"I'm guessing your dream went well." Toube figured. Toph seemly nodded. She couldn't make sense of it, but the dream showed her very happy for some reason over this boy she never met...

"What'chu dream about?" Toph immediately got worried. Being the tough girl she is, she tried a basic cover-up.

"I dreamed up in the battle zone! Giving everyone the good one, two! Right on the head! The knee! Whatever!" Toph bragged, giving some fancy battle poses...but she forgot an important detail.

"So...that explains the kiss how?" Toube smirked. Toph froze up and sat back down.

"Okay okay. So I wasn't fighting." Toph admitted embarrassed.

"It's fine, Toph, honestly. Since you're up now, you ready to go?"

"You kidding me?! We've been traveling for a week now!"

"So? I dunno why you're complaining, I'm running."

"Yeah...yeah why are you letting me ride you? I can run myself you know."

"I know you can...(walks to the shore and sat down, water touching his toes)...but your strength is needed the most at the fight with Dirge. If you show up at Dirge's lair exhausted, you'll get killed very easily. You know that, why should I tell you?"

"I'm not a wimp Toube."

"I know that. Look let's get some sleep...who knows? Maybe we'll find him tomorrow."

The next day was going calmly for the two. The day didn't beam hot sun on them, and they enjoyed a relief of light rain. At mid day, the sky cleared and they arrived at their destination. They walked into a large tunnel, big enough to fit Appa in. They continued going until the cave opened up into a huge area, too large to be considered normal. A large hole at the ceiling, giving the appearance like they were in a huge vase of rock and sand.

"Okay Toph. This is where Dirge should be...well, off ya go."

"Huh? You're not coming?"

"Fighting this thing's your deal. I'll just wait here till you're done." Toube then sat down like a good dog should as Toph went on ahead. At first she didn't sense anything around, but when she got in the light...the senses nearly gone haywire!

Seconds later...there he was. The colossi made himself known and circled Toph. The body was of that like a snake or worm, seemingly it had no eyes but a huge mouth with bottom jaws that split up for a big bite! If the devil had been involved in creating these colossi, this would be the top piece of work! Toph got ready for when it attacked, but Dirge showed his strength by leaping outta the sand, over Toph, and nearly crushing her with his fin-like tail. Toph didn't even flinch. In fact this gave her more confidence, knowing Dirge will give her a GREAT fight!

"COME ON WORM BOY! Show Tophy What'chu got!" Toph encouraged. Dirge did just that and started charging at her. Toph wasn't afraid at first, shooting sand and rock at Dirge...but nothing was slowing dirge down! Realizing this, she quickly bolted aside before Dirge got her.

"What the? None of that even scraped him." Toph thought, trying to get some distance between her and Dirge as she can. The farthest she ever got from him was when Dirge rammed her to the wall 20 feet away.

"TOPH!" Toube screeched, blindly running for her. But he is soon running for his life instead when Dirge changed targets.

"Crudcrudcrudcrudcrud!!!!!" Toube was racing around like mad to avoid being Dirge's snack. Toph came to after a while to see Toube running like crazy, but then she noticed something...Toube is actually just as fast as Dirge! Toube noticed too and raced off to a stone pillar in the cave, the only spot dirge can't reach. Dirge was gonna go for Toph but she already just made it when he jumped for her, hitting the pillar and launched off in another direction.

"I thought you were gonna sit out. You weren't lying to me." Toph said.

"I can change my mind can't I? Now how are we gonna fight him." Toube asked. Toph alone wasn't sure. For starters Dirge can't seem to be hurt. Second, it's too fast to out run. As it started to circle them, Toube saw something...turned out...Dirge already had eyes! And their HUGE! Each eye as large as a face mirror and the stare of an owl.

"Toph. I got an idea. Hop on." Toube insisted. Toph, not having much option, got on. Toube began running again as he went on explaining "Okay Toph. Now when I say go, start shooting sand behind us, got it?"

"Got it." Toph replied. Dirge saw them and gave chase. He was right behind them for a while.

"Wait for it...(sees Dirge open his eyes) NOW!" Toph quickly got some sand and bend it right into Dirge's eye. The worm started doing a corkscrew spin, not knowing where he's going. The duo raced aside as Dirge slammed into the wall. Dirge now couldn't get moving, his head stuck as Toph ran up to the worm.

"Finish him Toph!" Toube called as Toph got in position on Dirge's back. Toph realized she didn't have anything sharp but suddenly remembered her bracelet. She quickly got it and morphed it into a blade, jabbing it into Dirge's Sigil. Dirge kept shaking like mad to get Toph off but it was already too late for him. Dirge had lost his Sigil and is now done for.

"Great job Toph!"

"Thank you Toube." Toph jumped right down to him, feeling very good about herself. Before they can go though, Dirge's back began to glow as the chakra orb rose up into the air. Toube didn't flinch or try to stop it this time as it aimed for Toph, hitting her hard.

"Toph! You okay?" Toube asked...Toph was now on the ground. But now she looked very different. Her body now was covered in the same material as her bracelet. She grown about a foot or two but other than that, it's the only true difference Toube can see.


"Calm down Toube." a voice suddenly spoke. Toube looked around frantically and saw Marage standing not too far away.

"What do you mean calm down?! What happened to Toph?!"

"...Same thing as what happened to you Toube. You and Toph had gained your ultimate form."

"Excuse me?"

"This form makes you much more powerful than your normal self. You got yours a lot earlier when you found Valus and Virtus. Toph got hers from Quassus and Dirge."

"But is she alright?!?!"

"I'm very sure of it. She's just tired right now. From what I see, shell probably wake up in a day or two."

"How can you be so sure? She nearly got killed by a death worm here!"

"I know. Shell be okay I promise." Marage and Toube watched as Toph slowly changed back to normal for some reason...then the mark started to glow on her head.

"Hey Marage? You know anything about that glow on her head?"

"Yeah I do. Toube before you were reunited with Toph, I blessed her with a luck charm that will protect her and her friends. It becomes active by the glow bestowed upon her." Toube looked back at Toph and that glow for a while.

"...Well Marage. As long as Toph's still okay were fine. I'll just take her and go."

"Well, Toube, before you do, you might want to change back."


"Listen. These ultimate forms aren't invincible you know. If an injury happens in this form it'll not only affect your original self, but also lose power greatly. If you change back, the ultimate form is stored for Raviente. Is that clear? Just think of your normal self and you'll change back." Toube did just that, and finally changed back. He then picked up Toph and started going back to the shrine for a well deserved rest. This can help Toph out too when she wakes up.

The watcher meanwhile stood just at the top of the hole, seeing all this. She nodded happy that they won and went off, right for the next upcoming fight.

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