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June 8, 2013

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Ch.49: Colossi in a Half-Shell

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Ch.51: The Blind and the Brave

Sokka, swordsman of the Gaang, had been striking it out towards his next target. Cobalion told Sokka the message Marage told him, and now Sokit was his best sword in his life, no matter where in the universe (or in other universes for the matter) he ended up.

The area he foudn himself in was what seemed to be a ruined city. The structures were only partially ruined though, so it seemed more abandoned than wrecked by a colossi.

Speaking of which, the colossi here wasn't very hard to find. Normally, the opponent would go look for the colossi, but here, the colossi found him. Marching behind Sokka was a giant mace user! The huge colossi looked close to Gaius's size, but more muscle. The giant mace he was carrying was whacked in Sokka's direction, making him jump.

"So... you're the mallet swinger I'm getting, right? Strategus I think?" Sokka said, aiming his sword at the colossi. Strategus used his free hand to snatch Sokka before he could do anything. He carried the warrior to another area aat to his level, kept him still, and whacked him in his head. Sure it hurt, and half his body was now in a crack in the ground. Strategus lowered his head, and showed Sokka his sigil weak point.

"GOTCHA!" Before Sokka could cut his head, a quick drop in the ground now left his head and hands out, the rest in the cracked earth.

"Oh great... this again." Sokka groaned, remembering all too well of the same incident he had when meeting a baby sabre-toothed mooselion. Next thing Strategus did was place his chakra orb right in front of him!

"Sweet," Sokka thought. He reach around to his back, grabbed his boomerang, and tried to throw it... only for it to land inches from him.

"...Now come back, boomerang..."

Of course, boomerang didn't. Strategus was trying not to laugh, trying to enjoy it as long as he could, but he couldn't help it. Strategus marched off, leaving Sokka alone with his prize sitting in front of him. Like a robber staring at a guarded jewel, Sokka wanted that chakra orb, but couldn't get close enough to do so... Sokka was stuck, and no one was there to get him out.


No one even noticed him there, except for a small hawk that landed by him.

"...Anyone ELSE?" Sokka thought... then he got an idea.

"Hey bird? Go get the orb please?" Sokka asked. The hawk tilted its head, confused.

"The orb. Right there. Push it over please?" Sokka corrected, pointing to the chakra orb. The hawk looked at it with interest. It walked behind it, Sokka hoping it would push it over to him. The hawk, however, began pecking at it instead, only to get slightly zapped away. Sokka knew it wasn't going to work, but was corrected when he saw the hawk land on a flimsy rock nearby, which fell on the orb, in turn making it roll right to Sokka!

Not too far away, Strategus was thinking on checking on the fella he used as a nail when a large flash burst from the darkness. Suddenly Strategus felt weaker than usual. He fell to his knees, being held up by his mace. He looked ahead and saw Sokka walking to him, with the hawk on his shoulder - now, though, he looked different.

He now had a more warrior-like look about him. His metal boots clanked on the ground as Sokka walked towards the colossi. His hair had turned pure black, with a bright blue horse-tail flowing. He now had armor, each pad on his arm, shoulder and knee adorned with red spikes on it, the hawk using the spike like a perch. His sword had changed too, becoming much bigger. Strategus knew what this meant. He used his strength to mark an X on his head.

"You sure?" Strategus simply nodded. Sokka signaled the hawk off of him, aimed his sword, and sliced in the colossi's head. Strategus was now officially defeated. Sokka stood there for a while, thinking deeply upon what had been done. The hawk fluttered onto his shoulder again. Sokka, now knowing he was finished, decided to go back to the shrine, his mission complete. Another battle the Watcher was happy to see.

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