Colossi in a Half-Shell
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June 5, 2013

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Ch:48: Left Out

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Ch.50: Strategy

Day by day, Cyborg was taking his time and was getting to where he needed to go. He kept his spirits up and was beginning to see where he was supposed to go.

Among the other areas of the Hidden Lands, Cyborg's colossi was the most noticeable area of all of them. Its area was, even though far away from the Shrine of Worship, easy to see upon the dark cloud that always hung over it. The cloud was made thanks to the several active geysers that always go off there. It looked like a large bottomless moat surrounded the place, which cyborg crossed easily.

"Hm...let's see..." he said, checking his scanner for his colossi. "" Cyborg managed to figure out where his colossi were. Even though he wasn't moving (or active), he still got the force and found himself looking into a great cave at the north end of the area.

"Yo! Anyone in there?!" Cyborg called, receiving no reply.

"HEY!!" The was still nothing, but when cyborg took just one measly step, suddenly a quick electric shock shot through his back, knocking him away from the cave. Cyborg quickly turned around and saw his colossi slowly yet surely walk out.

The huge beast resembled a giant turtle, about half the size of the Avatar's lion turtle, which was huge! The stone legs ended in round spheres. The whole back was a large shell, yellowish in color, with its tail dragging on the ground. The head had large holes in its chin. This was the colossi Cyborg needed; Basaran.

Cyborg was told a bit about Basaran before he left the shrine of worship. Among most who have tried to pass, 95% are usually driven out. Only the very fast, very tough, or very brave even have a chance at passing Basaran. The giant tortoise had one horrifying advantage over all colossi. As far as many opponents go, Basaran left literally no clue for Xreneus on how to defeat him! The strategy to defeat Basaran was kept secret by Basaran himself. That way any smart-aleck assassins won't figure it out, at least not too soon.

Basaran marched over with full nonchalance and intimidation towards the half robot as Cyborg got ready to aim. Cyborg shot a full force laser beam right in Basaran's face, but the ray bounced off him like a bullet to bulletproof glass. He couldn't be sure, but he actually thought he heard Basaran laugh at him as he got his turn at the shooting! Cyborg bolted around trying to avoid each electric bolt Basaran shot at him. Each step the tortoise took shook the ground as Cyborg tried to figure things out. He stopped at one point and aimed his arm at him.

"Okay Basaran! Prepare to- AAAHHH!!!" Before he could attack, a geyser, that he had unwittingly stood on, burst, and Cyborg was shot up on a water spout. He remained stuck up in the air. Basaran now was really laughing at him in a low bellowing voice.

"NOBODY MAKES FUN OF ME LIKE THAT!" Cyborg shouted, before the geyser suddenly stopped. "...oh dang." Cyborg fell down onto Basaran's mocking head.


Basaran easily flung off the Cyborg, whom he had nicknamed rob-dork, and Cyborg landed in the hard dirt. Cyborg's real and robotic eye popped open as he saw the tail of Basaran. He got one idea on how to get the hold on Basaran, and tried climbing the tail. Unfortunately, Basaran's skin under the shell was smooth, so Cyborg couldn't get a grip.

"COME ON!" Cyborg tried running up but he just slid back as Basaran slowly turned around and shot him nearly off the area, and into the moat. The half robot only managed to get up when Basaran was nearly on top of him! One power stomp sent Cy flying out of his territory, the moat the only thing keeping them apart.

"This sucks. How's this gonna work?!" Cyborg wondered. Basaran just laughed at the kid and turned back to his cave. All the hits were messing up his electrical work, paralyzing him for the moment. Basaran didn't seem to care, but then he looked another way, and made a warning roar. Cyborg tried to turn his head but he couldn't budge. The unknown opponent stepped forward as Basaran gave a few warning shots in the direction. Cyborg still couldn't move; he could only get a silhouette of who was there. At first he thought Raven was there, looking like it was wearing a hood but that was immediately shot down when he saw a large tail swish around behind it. Basaran kept trying to make whoever it was go away, but obviously it wasn't working. Cyborg could only watch as Basaran grabbed it and shoved it into a geyser! Basaran was in the way so Ccyborg still could't make out who it was. Soon the geyser blew, shooting whoever it was sky-high, but Basaran was also caught in the water, and suddenly was knocked onto his back! Basaran didn't move now, unable to get up from his back. Cyborg could now get a better view of what was going on. He could see a blue blur jumping around, grabbing something, and tossing it to Cyborg. It was a chakra orb! The orb got inside Cyborg's main frame and almost immediately, he no longer felt paralyzed. He got up, feeling much better and he turned to the hooded person. He saw it fold up a piece of paper into an origami swan, and it actually flew over to the half robot. Cy saw it made a sort of nod to him and the stranger raced off in a flash!

"Thank you, Dude! Now, let's see." Cyborg saw option to open the origami swan, and so he did. It showed a picture of another colossi he had to get.

"Oh, great... Whelp, if it means safety of the world, I might as well," Cyborg sighed. He kept the note in his memory bank and went off for his next caper. The watcher saw Cyborg run past her.

"Strange...wonder who that was...I guess one of those anthros. Oh well. Still have fights to catch."

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