The Shadow on the Wall
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May 29, 2013

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Ch.46: The Girl of the Waters

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Ch.48: Left Out

After the discovery of her father's death, Raven was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, she was relieved that Trigon, a demon lord back at her home, was now permanently out of the picture...but on the other hand, she was still his daughter. She had just banished him, she didn't plan on killing him in anyway, as that would've made her a true demon too, something she'd been trying to avoid... But there was one flaw in this: Trigon was a demon lord. So even if she did send him away, that couldn't be enough to kill him. But the thought was pushed aside as she managed to find her way inside her new location. From where she was, it looked like a huge hole in the ground, with tiny window rims protruding.

"So...this must be for that Kuromori fella. Can't be too hard." Raven shrugged. She looked down the cliff inside. She saw different levels of rooms inside, almost like a coliseum of some sort...and there he was. He looked pretty small for a colossi, about twice the size of a saltwater crocodile, and he with a huge tail that closely resembled a lobster's. He also had white marks on his legs. Kuromori looked like he was expecting someone but hadn't sensed anyone yet. Raven slowly started floating down, but Kuromori suddenly scared her witless when he began to fire warning shots, one missing her by inches. She used her dark magic and started shooting Kuromori in the back, with no effect. The lizard raced up the wall after her. She took notice of an opening in the wall and flew in as Kuromori took a few shots inside...but she was soon out of his sight.

Raven hid among the shadows on the next floor, trying to think of a strategy. Obviously, shooting his back wasn't going work. Suddenly, Kuromori spotted her as she turned to see him. Acting quickly in her situation, she rained down dark shards of energy at him. Most of them missed, but two struck his forelegs, and Kuromori fell to the floor with a thud. As Kuromori tried to regain his footing, Raven saw that his chest is furred instead of armored... She now knew of a weak point. She made dark swords and rained them down on him, but Kuromori quickly got to his feet and caused the swords to bounce off his armor, as he quickly shot at her again. Raven didn't have any time for this. She needed that chakra orb now before her world ended up coiled to death by Raviente. She waited until he was 5 floors up until she struck his weak legs again. This time, she struck him midair on his stomach before he hit ground level, getting his Sigils. Kuromori squirmed on his back as Raven kept going at it, jabbing him more and more. Kuromori was about to roll over, but Raven already gave him another hit. That proved to be the final blow as Kuromori laid his head back, defeated...

"Done and done...where's the chakra orb now?" Raven wondered as the orb rolled itself out of Kuromori's corpse. She stood still as the orb hit her firmly, yet gently. A large cloud dust launched out of the coliseum as another figure stood at the entrance... It was Marage.

"Raven must've reached her ultimate," Marage thought as he flew down to the floor while the dust cleared. He saw Raven getting back up from the hit, now looking very different. Her hair was pure white, her Azarath gem separated into three gems on her head, along with a small set of horns! Her skin turned a white tint, and her clothes... Well, it wasn't what she'd expected; it was something that was more suitable for a naughty female devil to wear, actually.

"Well done, Raven. You've managed to defeat your colossi and get your ultimate form," Marage said, as Raven tried to grow accustomed to her appearance.

"This is what I'm supposed to look like?" Raven asked, rather taken off-guard by her looks, especially her bikini-like wardrobe.

"I know it's a rough thing to get used to, but trust me, it'll be worth it in the end. Now let's go. The others are still on their adventures, perhaps, but this is where yours ends. Let's go back and rest." Marage was about to fly off until he noticed Raven didn't look so up for it. In fact, she had a look of misery across her face.

"Raven? ...Is something wrong?"

"...I...I don't want this. It's bad enough that I'm half-demon, but now I'm stuck as a true demon!"

"But Raven, this form is what we-"

"FOR WHAT?! To fight a giant serpent! You didn't have to make me become a true demon to do so! And now I've turned into a demonic monster!" Raven yelled. Marage couldn't believe it. Beast Boy, Mel, and Katara were very fond of their forms, but Raven seemed to hate hers. Marage had been around a long time, yet never expected this.

"Raven? ...But aren't you-"

"Yes. Yes, I'm part demon."

"Then what's wrong?"

"...I HATE being demonic... It's the whole reason why I've decided to become a forbid myself to turn into a real demon...AND HOW'S THIS SUPPOSED TO HELP?!"

"Raven, please calm down. This isn't...isn't..." As Marage was spoke to the broken-down Raven, suddenly she gave him a whole new surprise. Another light flashed out, nearly knocking Marage now Raven had a new ultimate form!

This one she liked a lot more than the one she'd gained from the orbs. This one looked like her normal self, except she had a white wardrobe and long, violet hair reaching to the base of her back instead of behind her neck. She didn't show any signs of an Azarath gem, either. Raven got to her feet, to the surprised eyes of the robed spirit.

"That's better," Raven said, now smiling. Marage sighed.

" looks like you already had an ultimate form after all."

"WHAT?! But if this is the form I need, then why-"

"Raven, Raven, please... Xreneus acquired you to gathered these orbs, despite your other stronger form, because this form's too difficult to get into. The one you've been called to get can be managed easily; all you have to do is think of the form in order to change into or out of it. Understand?"

"...Yes. I understand, Marage. Sorry, it just took me by surprise, that's all."

"And I'm pretty sure the others have the same reactions... Now, you're free to change back anytime."

"Uh...I'm not sure how."

"What? ...You had this form, yet you're not sure how to change back?"

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. Let's head back, like you said. I'm sure you guys know what to do."

"Well...okay. Whatever works for you," Marage concluded. With that, both Raven and Marage flew off on their way...

Meanwhile, the watcher poked her head out from the bottom floor. "TWO ultimate forms? ...I wonder which one will be used for battle?"

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