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May 26, 2013

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Ch.44: Feared Beard

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Ch.46: The Girl of the Waters

For most of the traveling time, Raven got no excitement. The whole time she couldn't really get anything exciting to happen, and without anything to do, it was extremely boring. She would go for anything at this point.

Raven kept on flying until she stopped at what seemingly was a huge area...or to put to simply...a graveside! Huge amounts of tombstones, burial grounds, and other stuff you find at a graveyard all around.

"Of course. It happens to be a graveyard for me...nice touch though." Raven thought. Being a goth girl, part demon, and dark sorceress, a graveyard makes her feel quite content. Tired from the flying, she looked and saw a comfy looking gravestone that's just the size for a good rest. She placed her back to it and drifted off to sleep.

1...2...3 hours go by and she still was asleep. The fog began to creep up around her when she felt good enough to wake up. She saw an old, leafless tree branch out from the fog as a crow took flight.

"Coooool." Raven said, being used to the ol' "scary Halloween graveyard" thing. She did feel a bit in content for a while until she looked and saw a bunch of crows fly a shadow of a huge creature walked through the graveyard. Raven walked over and peeked behind a tombstone as the thing oddly started to dig. It looked like a giant mantis. Two sets of stony legs and two pulled arms, one of which dug a hole in the dirt. As soon as it was done it turned and walked away. Curious as to what, Raven walked to the hole the creature dig. It was pretty decent size hole for a person to stretch out in.

"Huh...wonder who's going in here." Raven thought aloud. But then suddenly something was dropped in, covering it up. Then a womanly raspy voice said, "that answer your question?"

Raven quickly turned around and was looking right up at the colossi mantis!

"Who might you be madam?"


"Raven?...I'm Precatus. The undertaker...what are you doing here?" the mantis asked.

"Sorry miss...I'm just going through...I'm not here to cause trouble (though I need some action)," she said, thinking to herself on the last part. Then she looked into the hole to see a large, rhino sized horn laying in it.

"Some horn."

"Yeah. One of our fellow colossi was unknowingly attack by a animal and had her horn lost. So she asked me to bury it here."

"She?...Who's she?"

"I don't know. She never said her name. She just dropped off the horn and left, saying she had a fight to watch or something."

" look I'll just be going now." Raven was gonna go but Percatus stepped in her way.

"No one goes into MY graveyard...and expects to get out of it so easily." Percatus groaned, getting ready to hit her. Raven quickly flew out of the way and the fight began.

"Oh man (in her mind: FINALLY!)!" Raven said. Percatus started fighting right away, swaying her with her large pillars like fly swatters on a demonic bug. Raven didn't expect a fight from this now but she didn't mind. She had been looking forward for action for a long time. Raven kept shooting dark pulses at Percatus as the colossi was swatting her back. Raven stuck floating in mid air as Percatus stood tall.

"You're...not a normal girl."

"What was your first clue? The dark pulses or levitation?" Raven said, still floating there, taking off her hood.

"Raven is it?...You're part demon, aren't you?"

" what?"

"...Where are you from?"

"If I told you, you won't believe me."

"...Try me..."

"...Well okay...I'm actually from...well...Jump City."

"Jump City...Haven't heard that in a LONG time." Raven starred at Percatus long and shocked. Did she hear that right? Did this colossi mantis really heard of jump city before?!

" do you know?!" Raven gasped. Percatus, instead of telling her, just turned and walked to the largest grave in the graveyard (or any graveyard for that matter). It was who was in the grave that got her shocked...

"T...R...I...Tri...TRIGON?!?! HOW DID MY DAD GET HERE?!?!" Percatus's reply just strengthen the shock.

"Shouldn't you know? You're the one that killed him."

"KILL?! I didn't kill him I BANISHED him-"

"To die in a darkened state. After seeing him dead, the spirit council send him here, and it was my job to give him a burial, thus creating the grave you see before you." Raven turned and starred at the grave. Sure she hated her dad but, as goes with so many heroes, she would never bring herself to kill anyone, let along Trigon. Yet there was her dads grave...killed by her...and she never knew it. She put on her hood and started hovering away.

"Hold on Raven...didn't you forget something?"

"Huh?...I don't think I forgot anything thank you."

"Well...then I guess you probably did. Since you never asked about oh say...THIS." Percatus then showed Raven something that made her eyes grow wide...a chakra orb...just for her. The orb quickly flew up and started for her. Raven braced for impact but the orb felt literally like nothing. The sudden blast of energy in her made her go all out, flying around fast.

"Good luck Raven. Now you go to your fight," Percatus encouraged. Raven thanked her and started flying again. Percatus too walked away, not without burying the horn of course...only one other person was at the gravesite...the watcher herself.

"Sure's nice of Percatus to help Raven out...wait...who's next again?" the watcher placed her tail on her head and remembered who.

"Oh yeah. Katara's next. It's a good thing hers is not far from here, I should make it by sun up."

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