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Mel kept on traveling off in the direction he believes is the direction to Barba. He left from the morning with Exercitus, took a day, and made it to Barba's entrance. It looked pretty fancy for ruins, like a large gate with only one opening to inside. At the front before he got in, he noticed a few turtles sitting around by the tunnel, hiding in their shells when Mel showed up.

"Turtles?...nice touch to ruins." Mel thought. He left the turtles alone, and went inside.

He trotted through the hall, very impressed with the ruins structure...when he found the end of it he was lost for words.

He looked out into a giant ancient room. Four stone pillars held the ceiling up as light went through the end of the hall, revealing what looked like a three story tower.

"Note to self: when I get back, I gotta ask Yveltal about who used to live here. This is absolutely amazing." Mel thought as he took a few steps...only to fall down to the floor from a 20-foot drop!

"Ow...(shakes off the dust) now where's Barba? HEY BARBA! WHERE ARE YA?!" Mel kept looking around in the large room. He can't see any Colossi of a sort anywhere, room empty of anything aside from himself. He trotted around, hoping to stumble into him, but nothing showed up...well...not what he was looking for anyway.


"Huh? WHO'S THAT?!" Mel turned back to the wall he fell and saw a white dog standing by it. He looked much like weed except he looked taller, and had some star mark on his forehead.

"There you are!...wait...where Barba?" he asked.

"Didn't find him yet. Now who are you? And how do you know me name?"

"I'm Yamato. I came across one of your friends and they told me what's going on. I thought I can help ya with this." Yamato said with a grin.

"Okay then, thank you. Now can you help me...find...(sees the wall from where he fell open up slowly to revile Barba)...Never-mind."

Barba looked pretty intimidating for them both. A huge golem marched into the room as Yamato and Mel turned to run. The dogs could hear the low groans and loud footsteps as Barba fallowed them. There were three sets of large walls (at least it seemed large to the dogs size), and the dogs managed to get over the walls pretty easy. But for each wall they jumped, Barba literally crushed the walls to rubble! Now they both were stuck at the end of the room, where the only light beamed in.

"Oh crud. What do we do?!" Yamato asked. Mel looked up at Barba, staggering towards them both...then Mel's mind kept getting a headache for some reason. He tried to ignore it but he closed his eyes for a split second and got something...a vision! The vision showed the weak-points on one of Barba's shoulders and one on his head...he knew now what to do.

"Yamato! Get to his right shoulder!"



Like Yamato didn't have much choice or time to ask. As soon as Barba tried to stomp him, the white Kishu quickly jumped from his knee cap, raced up his chest, and sank his teeth into his right shoulder good and hard. He kept ripping at it until suddenly a huge black blast of ink blood hit his face as he fell to the ground, landing on his feet. Mel quickly used his mind and tried to think as Barba gripped his shoulder, falling to his knees...then Mel got it. He jumped up and climbed up his beard fast. Barba try to swat Mel off like a fly, but the retriever had the grip of an anaconda as he began ripping at his Sigil. Barba yelled in pain, but before getting Mel off, he grabbed Yamato and threw him all the way back to the entrance! Mel kept going at it until Barba suddenly grabbed him.

"Go ahead! The pain to me goes right back to you!" Mel yelled. Barba tried pulling him off...and with one final yank, ripped Mel from his head. He threw Mel right at an arch, marking the entrance as he felt the weakness in his legs...he fell to the floor...dead.

"Come on Mel. Let's get out of this death trap." Yamato insisted. Mel was happy to comply and they both went out, both oblivious to the glowing coming from Barba!

It wasn't until they got outside of the arena that Mel realized something and stopped.

"Mel. What's wrong?"

"I just remembered! That chakra orb, I forgot to get it! Wait here Yamato I'll be right back." Mel turned to go in the arena again...and suddenly hit with a bright white orb! A dust cloud formed around him as he landed as Yamato jumped to his feet, the turtles not too far away hiding in their shells as a flash of light blasted out.

"MEL! ARE YOU-...o...k?..."

"You okay, Yamato?"

"Uh...I should be asking you got a new gadget on ya." Yamato was right. Mel looked all the same but now he had an odd looking orange helmet on his yellow dog head. Two green antenna stuck out from it, a large purple sapphire on its forehead, and two odd pipes curved from the helmet into his head. Surely the oddest helmet to anyone.

"Really? I dunno what- (starts to scratch his ear when he feels the helmet) huh?...wait a minute..."

"There you are Mel!"

Mel and Yamato quickly turned to see Marage walking up to them. Mel was pleased but Yamato never saw him before.

"Who's this?"

"Yamato. This is Marage. He's a friend of mine." Mel introduced. Yamato circled him once, checking him out.

"Cool friend Mel. Know where I can get the wardrobe?"

"Sorry. It's my only I can see you got your ultimate form Mel. Impressive on the tracker too."

"A what? Marage?"

"It's an advanced kind of tracking device that normal based robots use. Like your friend Cyborg. You can use it to help locate different objects, people, and landmarks. Just think your thoughts and the brain waves will be sensed by the helmet, thus giving you a mental map on where to go."

" lost me at "advanced tracker thingy"."

"He means just think up where you want to go, and the helmet will tell ya. Think of something, try it." and Mel did. He focused on one location for a starter...where a particular colossi is...Exercitus.

He thought it up and, like the others said, the helmet got to work. It began to show Mel mental images of the area he was a day ago, the ruined citadel. Then suddenly a 3d map appeared in his head...and out for the others to see! Mel now opened his eyes to see it: a making imagery of the area coming from the purple gem on his head. A red line started up from Exercitus's area to where they were.

"...Cool...really Marage? You're saying I'm like a living walking world map?"

"Pretty much Mel. Your work here is done. Your free to go back home now. But first Mel I suggest you should change back beforehand. Too long as one form and you might forget your original one."

After telling him how, Mel changed back to the normal golden retriever and with that he went on back, his mission being done...among all in all, the watcher too was pretty pleased.

"Okay, I'm convinced. They got this."

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