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Terra had been traveling for a long time now. Her colossi was more distance from the castle yet it didn't bug Terra much, since she consider flying most of the way on her stone platform. The wind was nice blowing through her blond hair as she was flying off to her fight. The high speed didn't bother ether, since her goggles kept much debris out of her eyes. As she was flying fast though, the watcher kept running after her, trying her best to catch up...but as she was running, something else raced past and made her fall!

"What the?!"

The large hornless lizard laid there as the white blur was off after Terra, close to out of sight when the watcher got up, dumbfounded.

Terra kept traveling for a while longer until it started getting dark. Right now though she was trying to navigate through a very dark canyon.

"Oh man. Did the moon have to hide now? I sure could use the light." Terra thought as her flying slowed down to a slow hover. Her goggles didn't have any night-vision added to them so she was lucky to eldest see her hand in front of her was total darkness, close to the darkness you find in caves.

"HELLO?!...I guess no ones here. Whelp I guess here's my camp out." Terra smiled. She managed to flatten out the land around her just enough for a tent. After making one, Terra settled down and went right to sleep.

For about three hours or so, she still was fast asleep but rough feeling kept waking her up...being watched. One point she had gotten up and out of her tent...probably the luckiest move she made. Because not too far away on the rock wall, someone...or something...blasted it to pieces!

"WHAT THE-?! WHO DID THAT?!" Terra yelled...didn't take long for another answer to be shot at her.

"HEY!!" Terra did look where the shot had been fired...but all she could see was a set of blue eyes, and a yellow glowing mouth. Whoever it was started shooting again. Terra tried her evasive maneuvers from each shot but not knowing where their coming from isn't easy, and Terra was lucky not one shot hit her...oddly VERY lucky.

Show! Yourself! Already!" Terra panted, trying to catch her breath. That answer got out a hit from behind, knocking her off her feet. Terra still can't make out where this attacker is. Shell be lucky to see at all. Just in case, she put on her goggles and got ready...but her hits were crazy! She kept on getting whacked by whatever was around, and landed on her back. She looked up to the direction of the eyes...she can get only a silhouette of what was trying to get her...a large. Angry. Colossi gecko!

"Let's see." Terra thought. She began trying her earth bending on the colossi, but without exact light, she can't get almost seemed she's gonna lose...until...

"Basiliscus! (they both looked at another light above them. A white silhouette of a dog shown plain as day) she's should be fighting Pelegia. Your opponent will be me!" it shouted. Basiliscus took him on and knocked Terra aside, her hitting the wall. The figure jumped along the rocks as Basiliscus charged at him. As fast as that happened, Terra looked and suddenly another figure was right in front of her.

"Terra-chan? You okay?" it asked.

"That voice...where did I hear that voice before? (gets a better look)...NO. WAY."

Terra now knew who they were! But before she can say anything, Basiliscus was shooting around like mad...she reared back on her hind legs...but the other figure already finished her off...she's done for good.

"There. Done. And done." the other dog panted, dropping a double pointed piece of wood. Before he can say anything, Terra immediately said, "YAMATO! HYATA! WHERE WERE YOU GUYS?!"

"I'm glad you remember us,, Terra. Well we kind of went through a ton'o crap and me and Hyata ended up here." Yamato explained as the one eyed dog came to his brother's side.

"He's right. We've battled many of these Colossi before...well I do anyway."

"Yeah, yeah bro...a better question is why are YOU here Terra?"

"I'm actually trying to collect these Chakra orbs, along with my friends, from the colossi like this."

"This one of em?"

"I dunno. I wasn't told about Basiliscus really.-what the?!" Terra, Yamato, and Hyata saw Basiliscus's chest suddenly shine...and a chakra orb shot out. It shot down and hit Terra enough to knock her back.

"TERRA!" the brothers gasped.

Calm down. I'm fine." Terra sighed, Jumping up.

"Uh...Terra? look kinda...different." Yamato said.

"Really? How?" Terra asked. Yamato noticed that Terra's hair was now more...well...shiny. Like a crystal.

"Never mind that. Hey Yamato, can you do me a favor?"


"Well, you know how dangerous Pelegia is. How about you go give that retriever a hand will ya? I'll go with Terra and-"

"Hold up you two! Don't I get a say in this?" Terra asked.

"Sorry Terra-chan."

"Now first off. How do you know about Pelegia? Or about the retriever for that matter?"

"Well word can get around faster than you think. So is it okay if I tag along?" Hyata asked.

"Okay fine. But Xreneus told me Pelegia's semi-aquatic so it won't be easy to fight in deep water."

"That's okay. All-right Yamato. You know where to go. Good luck bro."

"Same to you Hyata, Terra. Good bye!" Yamato then turned around and went off as Terra and Hyata went off. Terra made her platform much bigger so Hyata can ride with her...but as he got on, he turned around and saw the watcher looking onward from the cliff.

"Well well well...looks like everyones got the same shadow." Hyata thought as Terra flew off with him.

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