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May 18, 2013

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Ch.41: Size Matters?

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Ch.43: Future meets Past

The alien princess, Starfire, had been flying fast upon the directions given to her by Xreneus. Her flight took a good 30 hours, or a full day and night, to get to where she needed to go.

The area actually was more submerged then most other spots. Pine trees grew around the ruin filled lake where her colossi, Avion, was supposedly guarding. Starfire took some looks around the place, getting an idea on her surroundings...but Avion wasn't around at all it seems.

"Huh?...How hard is it to locate a living, levitating bird statue?" Starfire thought. But as she was steadily hovering over the water, the girl began to notice something isn't right...she looked upward in the sky...and there he was.

Watching over his territory, on top of the huge entrance arch, was the huge bird Colossi. His wings were spread in the light and he took flight almost effortlessly. Star didn't realize how high she was and was in Avion's flying space, getting hit hard and slamming hard in the water.

"THAT WAS AN EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE, SIR!" Starfire yelled as Avion landed on his other post on the lake. Starfire flew out, getting the water off her, and went to Avion.

"Avion, sir?" With all due respect to the colossus. "I humbly request to require your-" before Starfire can finish, Avion took flight again, hitting her with his tail.

"Hey! That was very rude!" Starfire yelled. But Avion didn't care for human pity, so he showed her he's listening by dive bombing her time and time again, Starfire getting hit each time dead on.

"I think perhaps THIS IS TOO MUCH TROUBLE FOR A CHAKRA ORB!!" Starfire yelled, beginning to shoot Avion. This simply made Avion annoyed with her, since the starbolts weren't getting his Sigils. He shrieked loudly in anger and swooped down on her again. Starfire tried her signature eye ray but Avion made a barrel role right through it, hitting her hard with his head. The ray though for his whole body, including his Sigils so damage was done. But the pain was more on Starfire than Avion though, since that last hit knocked her to the hard walls.

"This is excruciating. How can I win against him?" Starfire wondered as she saw Avion land on his post again. Starfire got out of the water quickly and easily. Avion wasn't in the mood for her games and took flight again. Star saw a passage in one of the ruins and dove in, just outta reach from Avion. The only choice the bird had now is circle around, knowing that she had to come out sometime. Starfire was tired, resting in the hiding place as Avion circled her like a vulture. The alien girl felt very defeated of not even her eye ray can slow him down, let along hurt him. But as soon as those thoughts were going into her head...someone else was there with her.

"Who's there?"

"Calm down, Starfire. It's me, Marage."


"Yea. Now listen. I know how you can get his chakra orb, but there is something else you should know."

After Marage told her what to do, Starfire flew right on out into the fight again. Avion took flight once more and started for her. Starfire, however, was going much faster in flying than Avion and was scoring major damage on the bird, now knowing where the Sigils are. One was on each wing, and there's one on the end of his tail. The tail one was fairly easy but the wings were easier said than done.

Each wing Avion kept flapping like mad, and since the Sigils are on one side of each wing, it made it hard to hit.

"Hold still, please!" Starfire yelled. Avion did just the opposite and made it harder to hit by going faster. He opened his wings at one point when he was spinning and was hitting Starfire like a chopper!

"That does it!" Starfire shrieked. She flew in the opposite direction from the spinning and began shooting. The direction from them both made the starbolts very deadly, and after 3 minutes of relentless shooting...Avion was done.

Starfire landed on one of the structures as Avion was trying to fly...but he couldn't. All he could do is dive in the water...Avion is defeated.

"I did it...I did it." Starfire thought. Each Sigil area oddly began to glow as three pieces shot out, fusing together to form the Chakra Orb. It flew right around her once before it went around and hit her. The hit didn't knock her off or anything, but boy did it pack a punch!

"Excellent! Now I have to find that other colossi." Star said. She turned and began flying for the watcher. He was still there AGAIN! And saw the whole thing AGAIN. He rubbed what was left of his horn.

"These guys are good. Hopefully this can work out..."

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