Size Matters?
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May 18, 2013

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Ch.40: Quarter-Ton Horse

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Ch.42: Wild Hawk

Mel, the golden retriever, was still traveling off far west to find his colossi, Barba. He was traveling a very long way and so far he didn't find any colossi, let alone Barba, so not much luck on his part.

There was one area though he was passing through what remains of a huge citadel. Ruins everywhere. The area was actually early in the morning when Mel arrived, the sun wasn't even showing and a very dim blue was showing in the sky as the moon shined up nicely for it only being 11 at night. Mel did manage to find a small creek going through the ruins and stopped for a drink.

"Oh man. I sure hope Barba's close. I need to find him soon." Mel said to himself, finishing his pit-stop. He was about to go when he began to hear some sort of groans not too far away.

"Hello?..Who's there?" Mel didn't need to wait long. Just coming along his way was what at first to be a giant lizard! It walked over a few feet before it saw Mel...and began to coward away.

"You okay?" Mel asked. But for each step he took forward, the colossi took a step back. When Mel started going closer, the giant turned and started running away.


Mel kept trying to find the colossi, but it kept on going at a pretty good speed, enough to keep Mel behind his tail. Mel kept trailing it until it hid away in a huge cave, still trying to hide.

"Wait. Please?" Mel asked as kind-hearted as he could. But the colossi was pushing against the wall; he was getting scared. Mel had never seen an animal of such huge size so scared before. But it was then that the colossi started pleading. "Please don't hurt me."

"I'm not here to hurt you. I'm just passing through."

"That's what they all say before they start hurting me. Go away please!"

"Calm down please. How can I, a small pup, hurt such a giant like you? Besides, I don't like fighting unless told to and I wasn't told about you...who are you anyway?"

"Uh...Exercitus...who are you?"

"I'm Mel. Sorry if I scared you. I'm not here to fight you. I'm actually looking for another Colossi named Barba. You know where he is?"

"Well...he's still west of really not here for anything?"

"I'm sure I'm not. You don't mind if I rest here do you? I've traveled two days strait and I'm beat."

"...Ok I guess..."

"Thanks." Mel then laid down over by the Colossi, whom was already laying down. Exercitus, though still weary, let him lay there.

As the night rolled on, Mel and Exercitus were still sleeping well...but as they slept. Something else walked in, now safe to get a better look.

"This is just sweet. A colossi and a puppy sleeping wonderful." He thought. Then he turned to Exercitus.

"Huh...first time I see Exercitus having a good night sleep. These new guys can be of better help than I thought...sweet dreams for both of you."


The next morning, Mel woke up very relived and refreshed from his well needed rest.

"Good morning, Exercitus...Exercitus?...Where is he-oh wait. There he is." Mel noticed the lizard Colossi was already outside, getting the sun's rays.

"Hi, Mel. Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, I did. Thanks for asking...say Exercitus? Can I ask you something?"

"I guess so...what?"

"Well, can I go on top of your head for a second? You said Barba's place is just west of here, but I still have to see where the entrance is." Mel explained.

"I don't're not gonna try anything, are you?"

"The only thing I'm trying is to figure out where it is. So is there an easy route to the top of your head?"

"Well, you can try my tail. Just keep your balance and you're fine." Mel did just that. He went behind Exercitus and ran up his tail to the top of his head. He got a very good view of the place in all directions, but he couldn't figure out much on where Barba's entrance is.

"Can you see?"

"I can see everything but Barba's place. And-...uh Exercitus?"


"What's this?" Mel looked down at his feet and saw a small round orb inverted into Exercitus's head. The lizard wasn't sure what he was talking about. But one touch from Mel's paw caused it to glow...

"What?...A chakra orb!" Mel realized. He saw it shot outta Exercitus's head as Mel jumped off. The lizard in question didn't know what happened as it shot down and hit Mel hard.

"MEL!...Mel...Are you all-right?" Exercitus asked as Mel got to his feet.

"Okay...that hurt." Mel groaned.

"You okay?!"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I think I got what Barba's place is now."

"You do?"

"Yep. I got an image of the entrance from that chakra orb...Exercitus. I want to thank you for letting me stay the night." Mel said. After that they both went their separate ways...the eyes of the late night visitor still watching them.

"Good luck, Mel...Wait...Who's that?" The watcher looked behind Exercitus and saw they too had another watcher...a monstrous watcher.

It looked like an odd wolf. But then it didn't. Its face was in the shape of a crescent moon...with a horrid smile on it, showing its bare teeth. Its legs were of a dark violet stilts, with the rest of its body dark violet...before the watcher can see anything else, the wolf teleported right in his face...and sliced off his horn! Knocking him out.

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