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May 18, 2013

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Weed had been running strait from the start since Xreneus told him where to go. The direction he was heading is right off west and has been for about a day now. Though he was alone, he never felt like it. Now he knows where he is and where his friends are. One day...he had made it.

Weed. The young blue Akita. Had finally found where he should be. The large area was lush and green. Grass grew all around as moss sprouted from the wall. His trail opened up on a huge concave, opening up out into a valley, with 4 hills at its center.

" I am. Hope Phaedra isn't as much trouble to beat." Weed thought, going down a wall path to the valley. the name Phaedra was from Xreneus as he was talking to him


"Weed. How are you at fighting?"

"Well, fairly good. I did some training with Toube and I made it far in the championship." Weed sighed, rubbing the back of his head.

"Good to know. Now the colossi you have to fight is probably as natural to your instincts. She's a steed."

"A steed? Like a horse steed?"

"Yeah. But try to think strategy, not force! Unlike a real horse, it won't run when you arrive."


"I'll think strategy, Xreneus." Weed thought. When he got to the middle of the 4 hills, he couldn't see any colossi.

"Now where is she?" Weed asked himself, trying to find a scent. But he can't get anything with his nose. Though his eyes were getting a lot more. He looked up to the north and saw a silhouette of some sort of object. As Weed got closer, he made out something else...a large statue of an ancient stallion.

" how do I wake her up?" Weed first tried barking...then howling...then screaming till his lungs got sore...nothing.

"Oh great." Weed thought. He turned and kicked a pebble behind him, hitting Phaedra's chest. Weed was about to leave when he heard an odd noise behind him. As soon as the noise stopped, he turned around...Phaedra was awake!

"Whoa!...Phaedra!" Weed called. Phaedra's maned head turned around, as if not seeing anyone.

"DOWN HERE! (Phaedra looks down to him). Okay Phaedra listen...this probably might not be as important to this place but it is important to everywhere else...I need your chakra orb."

Phaedra hardly made a reaction except for a tilted head as Weed continued.

"It might be shocking, but let me explain. Back in another world a monster is trying to destroy all the universes...including this please. I don't want to fight, but I need the power in order to save the universe...but I don't want to kill you either in order to do so." Weed didn't really want to kill anyone, let along Phaedra. The giant horse looked down at him...and oddly started to shake her head.

"What are you doing?" Weed asked. Phaedra kept shaking her mane until Weed began to see a shining object from one of her brads...and she shook out the Chakra orb! Weed tried to catch it but Phaedra got to it first and it landed on her head. She looked down at the confused Akita as he was trying to think.

"...Is this some sort of test, Phaedra?...To see if I can get the orb from you?" Weed asked. Phaedra nodded.

" that case, let's start." Weed said. Phaedra nodded and their game started right away when the horse started trying to stomp him. She's not trying to hurt him, just making sure he keeps his distance. In between situations, Weed bolted to the 4 hills as Phaedra went after him.

"Man, some game. I gotta think." Weed thought. But Phaedra's already on his tail so he quickly raced into one of the hills tunnels. It's big enough to fit a normal sized horse but not a giant horse like Phaedra, and that's a good thing.

"Phew. Okay, Weed, think. How does one get onto a horse? Getting on its head won't help. There's nowhere to grab on its side so that won't work...come on..." but as Weed was thinking, Phaedra's head looked inside and saw him. The horse then started counting with one hoof, which shook the ceiling above Weed. Racing through the tunnel, he jumped out of the western facing hill and saw Phaedra at the eastern hill.

"I got it!" Weed gasped, clamping his mouth shut. But Phaedra already heard him and turned around.

"Darn it."

Weed immediately bolted back in his hole. He quickly popped his head out of the hole to see...only Phaedra nearly knocked the brains out of him! He tried this a few more times, Phaedra closing on him each time. One point he grabbed a stick, placed some sort of leaf or something on it and poked it outside...he shook it around...nothing happened.

"Cool. I'm safe from-(Phaedra's foot landing in front of him)..." Weed simply turned around and got back in his hole. But then he realized "What am I doing?! The world is depending on me, and here I am hiding from a horse!"

Weed jumped out of his hole to fight...but Phaedra wasn't around for some reason.

"Phaedra?...PHAEDRA!! WHERE'D YA GO?!...rats." Weed really thought Phaedra left...until a hoof landed behind him!

"AH!!...Phaedra don't do that!" Weed snapped as he saw Phaedra standing behind him.

"Okay, that's it. Phaedra! I DON'T WANT TO KILL YOU, BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE, I NEED THAT ORB NOW OR ALL THE WORLDS ARE GONE FOR GOOD!" Weed demanded. Phaedra stood still at first, looking at the determination in his eyes. Many colossi had seen many challengers fight...but this is different. Weed's reason was bigger than all the others put together. This isn't just for himself...not just for this world...but for all the universes combined! She can tell he was telling the honorable truth as well...Phaedra began walking back to her platform and got back in her starting position as Weed was following.


The horse didn't reply. Instead all she did was shake her head slightly and the orb dropped down to him slowly. Like a slowly yet gently landed on top of the Akita as it absorbed its power into his body.

"What the-..." Weed's mind was cut off as he felt more and more energy build inside of him. At one point he started running to one of the small trees...jumping up...and became as a ninja star! The spinning star sliced through the thin trunk of the tree easily as he landed on the ground.

"Now that's awesome. I really did that. Thanks Phaedra!...Phaedra?"

Weed didn't see at first, but Phaedra was no longer reacting to what ever he said...her eyes, and their blue aura...burned out...she's gone.

"Phaedra...thank you..." Weed sighed, bowing in front of the noble horse. Weed turned to leave but as he was gonna go. He looked up and saw a pigeon land in front of him...with a message on its back from Marage...

After reading, Weed raced off on his way...only now did the watcher come out. His masked head turned to Phaedra.

"Poor Phaedra...I sure hope this is all worth it in the end."

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