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A Part of the Herd
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Nobutora, Weed and Mel were still walking around, trying to figure out where they were. The large herd they ended up walking with didn't seem bothered by their presence as they grazed.

"So Mel. Sure they're down here now?" Nobutora groaned.

"I dunno all right? Stop nagging me Nobutora. Geez," Mel groaned back.

"Look on the bright side you two. At least there isn't any trouble with this Herd. And besides, it's not like complaining about it is gonna make things any easier," Weed said. They both calmed down but suddenly the gazelle started feeling edgy, and the hadrosaur herd started getting worried.

"What's going on?" Nobutora asked. Before anyone could answer, suddenly the whole herd started running away, most nearly running over the dogs! Weed and Nobutora began running, but Mel couldn't even start when suddenly a yellow blur knocked him off his feet, skidding him about ten feet before the blur jumped past him and the others before it got too tired to run.

"Ugh...anyone catch that guys name?" Mel moaned, getting to his feet afterwards. Weed and Nobutora looked over at what hit Mel. It appeared to be some sort of dog. He had a long lizard tail and cheetah body. A ring of spots ran from his back to the end of his tail.

It hissed as it got up. They all saw something that scared them. It started to expel electricity! Sparks shone down its back as its toothless mouth lit up with electric bolts!

"This is new...MEL COME ON!!" Weed yelled. Weed and Nobutora rushed over to Mel as the dog suddenly raced at them, mouth wide open. It was about to get at them when the three jumped to the side, just as it released a bolt through the ground. The three then left the hound there. It was too tired for a chase.


For the rest of the day, on in the night, they spent it with the aptonoth herd. That night seemed calm, the stars showing in the air like diamonds as the herd slept. But as they slept, Weed was going through a dream. He was underwater. He could feel himself sinking further and further down until he laid on the sandy floor. He looked around and saw two sets of plants growing by him. He looked down and saw a set of evil eyes and heard a huge roar!

The dream stopped there and Weed jumped to his feet. He didn't scream or anything, just startled. He felt his heart was racing as he looked around to see he was back in the herd again.

"A dream...just a dream." he thought, still panting. He looked over and saw the same little hadrosaur baby from the herd. She looked a little sad, not sleeping exactly. The aptonoth looked up at Weed and tried to sleep.

"Ssshhh. There there, Koinu," Weed said, trying to comfort it. It gave him a relaxing snort and calmed down. As soon as it went back to sleep, Weed's ears suddenly heard something. He turned his head and started walking to the noise from nearby. He walked past the sleeping herd and went towards the sound. The noise turned out to be a female kelbi grazing. His intrusion spooked it and it started running. As it jumped over a bush, something suddenly jumped up and grabbed it from mid-air, slamming into the ground as a huge light suddenly bolted up the night as an electric shock and the sound of a broken neck could be heard.

Next thing he knew, the body was thrown at him, paralyzed, as Weed fell on the ground. He got it off him, but its body was so stiff that it looked more like a metal dummy then a real animal.

Its legs were stiff and straight and its eyes were wide open. Weed then heard an animal jump out and grab the kelbi by the throat as it killed it! It was the same creature they had met earlier that day. It recognized Weed from earlier but didn't bother with him as it raised the paralyzed body and literally bolted away like lightning! Weed, feeling a little shaken, walked back to the herd and his friends.

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