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May 18, 2013

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Ch.38: Swords of Colossal

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It took a day or two, but Beast Boy's flying had paid off. His increased muscles had made him last much longer in flying thanks to Quadratus's chakra orb. BB found the area where he was supposed to be; a small passage between the mountains.

"This should be right. Now where is that Ostiarius?" BB thought, more confident. At first no one seemed to be around to greet him or challenge him. He waited for another 5 minutes...still no one.

"Oh well. MAYBE he's just too scared!" BB sooner after he said that, he bolted off as a rabbit, avoiding a gigantic hammer! He turned around and there he is. The great hammer. Ostiarius...and obviously he didn't like what he had to hear.

"ABOUT TIME!" BB shouted as he kept bolting around from Ostiarius's hammer of battle. BB turned back into his Argentinosaurus and was gonna repeat his strategy with him...that's the idea. But unlike Quadratus, Ostiarius had a hammer, and whacked it on his head hard. BB quickly changed back, getting a bump on his head, and began running as a cheetah. As he cut a corner though, he saw oddly a huge area...full of holes.

"Purr-fect." BB said, still a cheetah, and he raced into one when Ositarius caught up. At first the colossi version of a judge wasn't sure what to do. As soon as BB popped up in his normal human self, Ostiarius slammed his hammer to the ground. At first he thought he had got him until...

"POP GOES THE WEASEL!" BB yelled, jumping outta another hole. Angry, Ostiarius tried again, but BB again tricked him. Literally, the duel between BB and Ostiarius turned into a colossi version of "whack-a-mole". And Ostiarius kept on missing as BB kept on jumping. During a few jumps though, BB found where his Sigil was and kept on hitting it as he was hopping. The sounds from Ostiarius's hammer sounded like thunder from afar. One point though Ostiarius got an idea to trick the green kid.

First he slammed into the hole, this time with his foot. He saw where BB  jumped out, but this time he hit him good. Slamming him back into the hole.

"Ow...ok dude. Time to talk this FACE! TO FACE!" BB jumped outta the ground as a gorilla, and clocked him in the forehead once more. The hit was finally the last hit for Ostiarius. He gripped his head in pain as Beast Boy got outta the way, into the hole. The colossi tried to keep his balance, but a trip in one of the holes made him fall backwards, hitting the back of his head. The hit made him lose something lodged in him...his chakra orb!

"Yes!" BB thought as he saw it fly around. It shot into the hole where BB was...and out flew BB's new animal...a dragon humanoid!

He still had the green skin and hair but his skin turned into scales, and wings shot out his back. His claws were of those like an aardvark and he felt his canine teeth had enlarged.


"Well done, 'party animal'," a voice said to him. BB turned his now bright emerald falcon eyes and saw someone land in front of him...Marage.

"What's the deal? How did I end up like this?" Was BB's first question.

"I forgot to tell you, Beast Boy. This is your ultimate form. When you've defeated your two chosen fighters, you turn into your ultimate fighter. In this case, your form is the Reptile Harpy. A very rare and powerful creature," Marage explained.

"So how do I change back?"

"Same way you change into all those other animals. Just think of your normal self." BB did just that and was back to normal fast.

"That reptile harpy was awesome!"

"Well, don't get too used to it. You can only keep it until Raviente is defeated or if the spirit council lets you."

"Okay, Marage...will my friends also get this ultimate form?"

"Of course! It's the ultimate form the reason Xreneus got you here. He told me that in order to summon the form you need the chakra orb's it keeps you in control. Understand?"

"Got it. So who's next?! I'm ready for anyone!"

" only had two, so you're good. You can go back whenever you're ready."

"Really?... Well, okay, thanks." BB turned into a falcon and flew off. His work is done, but everyone else's has just started...and the watcher from not too far away knew that as he turned to find a particular blue dog and his next fighter.

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