Swords of Colossal
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May 18, 2013

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Ch.37: Scarab King

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The night was very calming yet hard to see where Sokka was. Xreneus gave him the directions for his match but it was far away unlike BB, which took most of the day. His took him a lot longer.

"Oh man. I never had any idea it could be this long," Sokka said to himself, sitting down by what he thought was part of a small pond. He took out some bread the others gave him and had a snack as he heard the frogs crocking around him. He even saw a bullfrog sitting alongside him, as if unafraid. Sokka didn't mind, gave him company since he was all alone. His friends weren't around, but at least in Altonia, he had his sister for though he didn't have anyone...if you don't count his shadow anyway.

One point he looked up at the moon, which probably is what all his friends were doing at this point. His thoughts were of home. Imagining of what kind of risk he had of losing all of it...including Suki.

"Oh Suki. If I knew this was coming...I could of at least say goodbye instead of just going...please be okay when this is all over." Sokka prayed. He laid his sword down next to him, laid by it and went to sleep...but as he did...a pair of now sad eyes were watching in worry up on the cliff.

"Oh Sokka...poor kid..."


As morning broke over the horizon, Sokka's body began to stir as the light got to his eyes. He woke up, seeing that the bullfrog was still sitting there. It didn't jump until Sokka got to his feet and nudged it in the water. Sokka was about to go when he saw where the frog was was amazing.

Not only did the "small pond" turned out to be a gigantic lake, but also there was a raised, ancient arena in the middle of it. The area looked as large as the palace itself!

Sokka got himself ready. He knew this must be the place thanks to Xreneus's help.


"Sokka. You had some training, right?" Xreneus asked. Sokka nodded.

"So I'm sure he told you some advice on there one you do the best at fallowing?"

"Well, he told me to 'manipulate the land to my advantage.'"

"Good...cuz you need to know that to fight this Colossi."


Sokka already had swam up to the structure, and onto what seems to be the only way up. A rock pathway turning into the arena. Sokka quickly shook off the water and got going. The climbing was very rough to do, but after 10 minutes he got to the top. He looked out onto the arena floor...and there he is...Gaius.

He was on his back right now, sleeping as he guessed it. Sokka also noticed a pillar sticking out right next to him. Sokka thought of a sneak attack, but Gaius already heard him, and slowly got to his feet. The thundering of his struggle to get up nearly shook the arena. The amazement. The pillar turned out to be apart of his arm! As a giant sword!

"No wonder he was chosen to fight me. He's a gigantic swordsman." Sokka gasped. What happened next was Gaius saw him standing there. The colossi then aimed his pillar towards him. This is an old swordsman stance before battle. Sokka knew well of this and did the same. He stayed that way for a while. Then he got in a battle stance and said, "You start!"

Gaius didn't hesitate. He took one step back, heaved his sword behind him and threw it ahead of him, slamming into the ground In front of Sokka. Sokka needed time to think, but he can't figure out what to do when Gaius kept trying to whack him.

"Argh! I can't do anything this way! (jumps outta the way of Gaius's hit) I need a plan." Sokka thought. Gaius was giving Sokka anything but a chance though. He hit Sokka more than five times in a row!

"THAT'S IT!" Sokka blindly charged at it but Gaius hit him again. But this hit proved horrid...not only did it hit Sokka...but shattered his sword! Gaius aimed his pillar right down to him, Sokka too scared to move. But Sokka realized he was laying on top of where Gaius used to be; a large round plate.

"Oh no...I'm sorry everyone." Sokka said. Gaius stepped his sword ready...smashed it into the plate...and missed! The plate caused his armor on his arm to shatter, parts of it stabbing his stomach, his weak point!

Sokka was knocking over to another spot, unsure what happened.

"Sorry, Sokka."


"I know, I know, I'm not support to be here, but you need a sword in order to beat this thing! I'm sorry I didn't give it to you sooner, but here." Cobalion then gave Sokka a new sword...a black sword...made of meteorite!

"MY SWORD! But how did you-" before Sokka can finish, Gaius was now focused and aimed his sword back to him. Sokka got ready as Gaius slammed his sword into the ground again. Sokka's brain got to work and started judging movement and placement.. He aimed his sword to the ground, and raised it to Gaius's head.

"Watch this, Cobalion." Sokka said. He started spinning in an angle as Gaius started to get his sword outta the ground. Cobalion wasn't sure what Sokka was doing...but suddenly his forehead oddly began to glow!

"What? the?"

Sokka then threw his sword as high as he could up to Gaius's head. The sword spun wildly in the air...then it straitened out...and skewered Gaius's head! Gaius stood frozen as he heard his own blood spewing out from the head wound...he fell back wards...and was dead before he landed.

As for the sword, it was shot out from the pressure of black blood spewing and spun around until Sokka caught it by the handle.

"...Sokka?...That's...amazing!" Cobalion said, completely speechless.

"Why thank you, Cobalion. Now can you answer me one question?"

"Anything, what?"

"Where did you get my sword?"

Cobalion was quiet at first, still amazed at Sokka's feat. But then he remembered what Sokka asked and started explaining.

"Well, Sokka, it's like this. You remember the end of that 100 war? Well, I was in charge of escorting some humans to safety when I saw the sword land right in front of me. Blade first in the ground. So I brought it back with me as a trinket from your world," Cobalion said.

"Well, no wonder I couldn't find it!" Sokka snapped. Before he can go further, they both then heard a shining glow coming from Gaius. His chakra orb then shot out, spun around Sokka, and went in him! Cobalion was the first to see the result of the chakra orbs. Sokka now appeared to be more slender yet he felt more powerful. For the shear thrill, he began showing off his heightened skill, swiping and slashing his sword around like crazy. He calmed down later on.

"Impressive Sokka...though there is something you should know."

"What's that?"

"'s uh...Marage came by and he got another fighter to get to."


"Yeah, he keeps saying that everyone needs to fight the two they're assigned to. Just try to work with it, okay?"

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