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May 18, 2013

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Ch.38: Swords of Colossal

For the next two days, Toph was still traveling off for her fight with Dirge. But unlike much of her friends, she wasn't alone. Toube was being used as her ride for this after a lot of explaining to the council. He's already at full strength due to his fight with Valus and Virtus so he's pretty much good, yet he still had his promise to keep.

At one point Toube and Toph both stopped to rest. Though really this is more for Toube. Where they stopped is a huge open desert. The thing with the desert though is that it isn't hot like the deserts of usual worlds, being much more cooler.

"Thanks again for coming with me, Toube." Toph said.

"Pleasure's all mine Toph. After all, I did promise I'll stay with you through the worst."

"Well, Toube, you know I can handle myself." Toph joked. Toube, however, was still stern.

"I know you can. You're the greatest earthbender in the world...but I'm still your dog. A fighting Tosa. And I will throw my life away if I have order to protect you." That really got to Toph very deep. She hugged Toube and he returned it with the same affection. After their little embrace, they let go and Toube got himself ready.

"Okay, Toph, let's go." Toube said...but Toph wasn't moving...she's picking up bad vibrations.

"Go, Toube! Run!" Toph said, beginning to race off. Toube went after her as the ground started to shake again!

"What's wrong?! Raviente?!"

"No, not him!" Toph replied. She sensed the object making a turn at them, but it was too late to react as a giant blur shot outta the ground!...another colossi was summoned!

Toube and Toph skidded to a stop as the figure's legs landed hard. The Colossi stood there, half buried in sand. The only parts showing were its two front legs and large head. The Colossi resembled a huge scarab: 2 sets of orange eyes, huge mandibles, gaping mouth...and right now it's ticked off!

"Dirge?" Toph asked. Oddly, the Colossi nodded no to her. This isn't the right one. It was making different sorts of bug clicks and chirps, of course amplified at low.

"Then...who are..."

"Quassus." Toph simply said. Toube looked at her confused.

"Quassus? Now where do you get such a name like that?" Toube asked.

"He told me." Toph replied bluntly. Toube didn't know what to say or how to say it. But before he could figure out what to say, suddenly Quassus roared insect style and lunged at them! Toph rammed Toube outta the way, saving them both.

"Toph, let's go! We don't have time for him!" Toube yelled. Toph jumped onto Toube's back and they started off, but no matter how many turns they do, they can't shake the scarab. Quassus dove down, making Toube stop, thinking he had lost him...but boy, was he wrong.

Next thing he knew, Quassus shot out from below, giving them both a strong hit! Toube and Toph were hit hard, knocked about a good mile before stopping. Toph got up, but Toube was knocked out.

"Toube! Toube, get up!" Toph pleaded. But Toube didn't react as Quassus was coming close. Toph made fists in righteous rage to the colossi.

"That's it. YOU'RE DEAD!"

Toph, in her rage, was now shooting blasts of sand at it. Quassus kept crawling to a stop in Toph's blasting. At one point, Toph actually found rock underneath the sand and blasted it at the Scarab. It didn't kill him, but was enough to knock Quassus onto his back. It was now that Toube woke up.

"Toph! Toph! I'm okay!" Toube yelled.

"Then come on, partner, and help me fight!" Toph grinned. Toube was pretty eager and went right over.

"I'll be happy to. Who knows, maybe we'll get a chakra orb this way." Toube laughed. Quassus had heard him and was surprised. Before Toph and Toube can get over there though, suddenly a familiar figure jumped in their way.

"Stop, Toph!" The duo did stop running...and surprise, surprise, their friend Marage was standing there!

"Aang?!" Toph gasped.

"No. Marage!"

"What are ya doing here?!" Added Toube. Marage walked to them.

"Look, guys. You're not going in the right order. Yes, Quassus is a part but-" before Marage can finish, Quassus made another roar. His large mouth began to glow white and intensify.

"COME ON!" Toube insisted, ready for anything...but projectiles isn't what Quassus can do. What came out wasn't anything deadly at all. It shot out fast from Quassus's mouth, flew around for a bit, and started to Toph!

"Look out!" Toube yelled, charging at it. But the orb bolted past him and hit Toph strong, yet gentle.

"Toph! You okay?!" Toube asked. Marage calmed him down with a gentle rub to the head with his scarf as Toph jumped to her feet.

"Whoa. I. Feel. GREAT!" Toph cheered.

"You sure?"

"I'll prove it." Toph then turned to a hill not too far away, and with one ground pound...flattened it!

"...Yep. You're good."

"That's right...but what about him?" Toph then pointed to Quassus, who was oddly still standing instead of dead. Quassus gave her another buggy roar and dug into the ground, outta sight.

"So, Marage. You were saying something about our fighting?"

"Uh...oh yeah. You all now have to fight a colossi from Yveltal and JD's set. The normal 16 now had turned to 30. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner."

"That's okay. After all, you said Quassus is apart of my fighting list, did ya?"

"I did. I guess you're right then, but you still have Dirge to get to."

"Of course. Come on, pal! We gotta fight to catch!" Toube said as Toph got on his back.

"Let's whip some grass." Toph said boldly. Marage gave her a melody cricket/spring peeper chirp to see her off. And with that, the two went off as Marage flew off on his way.

As Toube was running he asked, "hey Toph. How come you thought that was Aang?"

"Well, his voice and footsteps matched Aang's almost perfectly, it's very hard to tell."

"Alright...and one more thing?"

"Sure, what?"

"...What's that on your head?" Toube now stopped as Toph felt her head.

"It's a long story. I'll tell ya later. Right now, we should be on our way."

"Okay sure." Toube decided, and they went off again...not too far away though, a set of white eyes were watching from afar, on top of a steep hill peak. He didn't move the whole fight, worried he'll get caught. But now Toph's not on the ground, riding Toube, so now he was free to go onto see the next battle.

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