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North of the castle has many different places to go for the members to fight their colossi. The closest area though was a gigantic canyon. The bridge where they all entered had its pillars reach all the way to the bottom. The bottom of the canyon had a river close to the castle, while there was a large beach more north, large enough for a small village to settle in. Yet it was very much open spaced.

On a rock formation arch, Beast Boy stood down, looking at the huge beach from so high up.

"Well, this must be where he should be. Let's get this show on the road." Beast Boy thought. He knew where the colossi was to be located thanks to the talk with Xreneus earlier


(Scene: in a large garden high at the top of the castle.)

"Listen, Beast Boy. I'm giving this information to your friends too, so all I'm saying is that your colossi is more complicated then you think," Xreneus started.

"What's there to know? I'll just turn to a T-Rex and smash that bison to bits."

"It's not that simple. You see, Yveltal made Quadratus a bit more of a puzzle. You need to think about what you're doing...and as I heard, it's not easy for you."

"Hey man! I can think easily!"

"You sure? I heard someone questioning if you have a brain."

"HEY! I have a brain!...I just don't use it much."

Xreneus just chuckled a bit at Beast Boys reaction as the green goblin groaned.


Beast Boy got himself focused. He turned into a fast peregrine falcon and flew down to the beach. It was very quiet around him as he took a few more steps ahead. At first there was silence but suddenly he saw something.

"What...OH SCORE! TREASURE!" He shouted, racing over. What he saw was a what appeared to be a large chunk of gold standing out. But right before he can pick it up...the ground suddenly shook like crazy!...the next thing he knew, the wall in front of him suddenly was destroyed!

In entered his opponent...85 feet long...all 120 tons of him...Quadratus is in!


The bison started for Beast Boy almost right away, each step nearly crushing the kid, even if he was running as an agile rabbit! BB hadn't a clue what to do as Quadratus kept hitting him with his front hooves.

"HEY! BE COOL MAN!" Beast Boy called, but that only got a hit by Quadratus's feet again! This time knocking him into the water.

"Man, he's tougher than he looks." BB thought, flying out as an eagle. Quadratus reared up and gotten a hit on Beast Boy again, this time keeping him under his hoof as he slammed the gremlin into the first there wasn't any sound as Quadratus moved from his place...seeing no one in his step! Quadratus looked around until he saw Beast Boy cut a corner outta sight to the west of him. Beast Boy was shaking up, no clue what to do as Quadratus slowly started towards him.

"Come on, brain. I know you don't work much, but PLEASE give me an idea." Beast Boy thought, trying to get his brain to work. Each time he can hear Quadratus coming his way!...then he finally got it.

Quadratus was really getting fed up with this intruder. Though being a bison colossi, he still has emotions...and now he was ticked off. But as he looked around the corner, he was then found walking backwards, looking right into the face of a prehistoric version of a Colossi...a huge green Sauropod! An Argentinosaurus to be precise. It matched Quadratus in size and strength, and the bison stepped back as the giant sauropod stood there.

"Now I've got you, Quadratus." Beast Boy thought. It's been a very long time since he had to change into an animal this size, but he was loving it. And besides he needed to stay as an Argentinosaurus for a while. Quadratus turned and started walking over as Beast Boy walked over to his side. Now Beast Boy was the one doing the pushing. He started whacking his head and neck into Quadratus's side as the colossi was trying to stay balanced on his pillar feet. It wasn't until Beast Boy reared up and set his front legs onto Quadratus's back that the bison fell to the ground.

"Step two." Beast Boy thought. He quickly changed into another (much smaller) animal...a woodpecker! He flew fast, placed himself where he found the Sigil (on Quadratus's back end) and started drilling in like there's no tomorrow! Quadratus tried to shake off the crazy bird, but woodpeckers have a strong grip, and BB kept pecking away until the Sigil vanished...yet Quadratus was still alive and kicking!

"What?! That should've done it!" BB thought. He turned to a hummingbird and started rushing around, trying to figure out another weak point...the one he found though was on his head!

"Oh man...oh well." BB thought grimly. He turned to a woodpecker, again but Quadratus already came around and hit him with his remaining horn, sending him flying (and not by BB's bird power either)! The hit was so hard BB was knocked out! Now he was stuck at the rock wall. He laid there as Quadratus marched over. It wasn't until he was looming right over head when BB came to! Quadratus roared and reared back, getting ready to smash him...but BB gave him a toothy smile...and suddenly Quadratus's head looked like it had split in half! During the hit, BB's sharp beak in his woodpecker form already sliced in, and it didn't take effect until now...Quadratus roared in pain...and fell onto his back...defeated. Beast Boy got up to his feet, triumphant.

"There. No one messes with this animal's party!" BB announced. Before he can go though, he saw a shining glow from Quadratus's head. Something big shot out and went skyward for everyone to see...then it circled around BB once before hitting him, disappearing almost instantly. At first the hit seemed brutal...until BB made an acrobatic spin saying "WHOA! Talk about your energy pack! YAHOO!"

The Chakra Orb now gave him more energy and power than ever. But as he was having fun, he looked up and saw someone up on the bridge where he came in.


"TERRAKION! THAT YOU?! WAIT THERE, I'M COMING UP!" BB then turned into his pterosaur form and with one wing beat, shot straight up to the bridge, quickly changing to normal afterwards and landing on his feet.

"I see you defeated Quadratus. Awesome job!"

"Thanks. It was nothing really." BB bragged. Terrakion looked down at the body of Quadratus from the bridge.

"I saw your match there, buddy. You weren't really supposed to fight him head on, otherwise you'll get painfully hurt. Not the smartest ideas, no offense." Terrakion admitted. But Beast Boy just smiled.

"I may not be smart enough to know everything. But I'm dumb enough to try anything," he said.

"Now THAT'S a saying to go by. Now let's go back." Terrakion said. He and BB were about to go when suddenly.


The robed spirit, Marage, suddenly popped up in front of them. Terrakion and BB jumped back when he showed up.

"What the heck?! Don't do that!" BB snapped.

"Sorry, Beast Boy, but you're not done yet. It's gonna take a lot more than the originals' orbs to make the defeat of Raviente a guarantee. You. You have to fight one more," Marage stated.

"WHAT?! Marage, this isn't some game, Yveltal's gonna be ticked if-"

"Terrakion! do care for your home do you?" Marage asked sternly. Terrakion now was silent.

"...that's what I thought. Now BB, Xreneus hasn't told you about this Colossus since it wasn't Yveltal's work. So I'll give you direction to the next fighter." Marage was scared, then began to whip around until it placed its end onto BB's face, covering his eyes...after a quick flash of light, BB said, "Thanks," turned to a crow, and flew away.

"Hey, Marage. Ready for a bunch a questions?"

"Shoot away."

"Okay. Do you know about these other Colossi? Do they all have to do the same like Beast Boy? Should the others be told? And just for the heck of it, how many are there total?"

"Yes, yes, yes, 30. Now I'll be off then." Marage then gave his robe a wing beat and he went on his way, leaving Terrakion alone...but unaware to anyone. There was someone else hiding out...and after seeing the whole fight, went off to the next one.

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