The Nightly Wanderers
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May 13, 2013

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Ch.34: Colossi of Ole

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Ch.36: Giant Oxen

A giant room. Only few people in it. All in a deep sleep. That's how it was in the castle.

The members of the group were fast asleep, a bit mixed up. If one were to meet them then, one would think they were born as one group instead of being worlds apart, but tonight, Momo was just outside in the moonlight, flying around trying to grab a bug or too. The lemur fluttered back in and cuddled right by Aang.

Toube opened his eyes after thinking Momo was asleep. He lifted up his body and took one more look at Momo. He turned to Toph who was laying down not too far away.

"About time that lemur fell asleep," he said as he turned to Toph. "I know what I said. I'll be back by morning. I promise." Toube thought. He took one last look at Toph and began walking away. He looked back a few more times to see if she was reacting, since she told him about her sensory...nothing. She was in a dream if anything. As soon as he got outside, he took one last look back and started running.

The night was surprisingly calm considering where they were. He kept on running straight ahead from castle to the mountains an hour away, pretty easy for a Tosa like him. In no time, he was standing by the wall concave. It looked like some sort of climbing wall, with the first part covered in vines.

"So this is that wall he's talking about?. Here it goes," Toube said, and he started climbing. The first small vine wall was a cinch for him, but as he kept climbing he noticed the walls of the concave were actually part of a ruins wall, covered in moss and vines and worn away over years. It took Toube about thirty minutes, but when he made it up to the top of it, he looked back. The view was amazing, but then something flew right at him.

They were small, fuzzy, and fast with a pink thing wrapped on the tail. Almost immediately Toube knew who they were, especially when they hit him.

"What the-? Momo? Silkie? What are you two doing here?" Toube gasped. Momo started in lemur language and then twitched his ear.

"Dumb bat lemur ears. Look you're talking to a fighting Tosa here! I'll be fine. Both of you go back before they start getting worried," Toube insisted. But as he lade a few steps to the large canyon in the mountain ahead, Momo bit in his tail, flapping furiously in the opposite way as Silkie was trying to fallow. Toube shook them off.

"Stop that you two. This won't take long. Just stay out of the way and you'll be fine," Toube groaned. Before Momo and Silkie could do anything, a sudden shake of the ground made them hide out of sight. Toube looked ahead and was nearly stepped on.

Passing by him, standing tall was Toube's target. This is what he came for. He had rugged gray fur covering his back, and his mask looked like the face of a Minotaur. Xreneus had told Toube of his name, Valus. He stepped out after he walked past and was about to call him when suddenly another foot nearly crushed him.

"What? Another one?" Toube gasped, bolting out of the way. This one looked to be the same size of the first one. He wasn't told about this one. This one had gigantic hands, larger than Valus's, but less of the ruin armor.

Valus stopped and turned back to the other, now notably smaller, Colossi who went to his side. Toube stood in the open now as Valus was oddly trying to encourage the other one. Toube still needed to get to him so he started running.

"Hey! Wait!" Toube shouted. Both Colossi saw him as he raced right for them. He skidded to a stop at thirty feet.

"Valus! I'm not here for an introduction! I need your power, so just hand it over!" Toube ordered. Valus and the other looked at each other, but then they both turned to walk away. Angry, Toube began running after them, but then the smaller Colossi turned around and set down something. It looked like a small orb of some sort. Toube stopped when he saw this as the two Colossi wanderers turned to face him.

"Huh?...okay?...oh well." Toube started for the orb, thinking he'd already gotten it, but the small colossus slammed its huge fists in the ground, repelling Toube fifty feet. Toube smiled confidently at his two opponents.

"Oh I see. The ol' game of keep-away. Good. Let's play," Toube chuckled, and hebegan running at them again. Momo and Silkie were getting very worried by their rock as Toube was going at them, nearly getting crushed many times. Valus wasn't doing very well at getting close, but the other one was doing much better. One point during the fighting he finally made a dead-on, open-palm slam into the dirt with Toube underneath. It was quiet for a long 5 seconds...until the hand was being lifted by the Tosa!

"I'm not done with you yet!" Toube called. As soon as he said that he moved himself from the bottom and now running up his arm! He jumped right off his shoulder just before he can grab him, but he ended up landing on Valus! He quickly made it to ground level and again tried to get the orb but before he got close the other colossi slammed his arm into the ground, sending Toube rocketing off...grabbing the orb as he flew over it! A huge dust cloud appeared as Momo, Silkie wrapped in his tail, flew over fast. As soon as the cloud past, Toube was seen on his side, the orb held tight between his front legs. He got up sometime later. He saw Valus going for him as the other colossi stayed away.

"Here Momo. Keep this out of the way, it seems this isn't gotta end well...ok you! PREPARE FOR DEFEAT!" Toube yelled. The colossi almost immediately slammed its fist into the ground, Toube racing up the arm again. But this time he didn't jump off. Instead he tried balancing himself on the head...then he noticed a blue glow.

"The Sigil!" Toube realized. Valus was gonna shake his head but Toube jumped sky high...all he needed to do was slam a sharp, well aimed fang into the mark...and he did.

One bite from his sharp fangs. Combined with his powerful force, was all it took to take care of Valus. Value roared weakly, yet loudly. The blast of black blood was so strong it knocked Toube off Valus as he fell forward and collapsed into the floor...he's defeated.

"There...finally." Toube said as he laid on the ground. He saw the lights fade from Valus's eyes and he knew it's done. He turned to the other colossi, whom wasn't sure what to do for the moment. He slowly struggled to his feet, just waiting for another hit...that hit never came.

Instead the other giant made a bear-like groan...turned around...and walked away. Leaving Toube alone. Toube did feel a bit sorry for killing Valus but if he didn't, it would of easily killed him too.

"Sorry...huh?" Toube looked over and saw the orb glow. Mono and Silkie bolted over to him, poking their heads behind his as it shot up and started circling them...then it shot right towards them and then...

  • KA-BAM!!!!* 


The next morning, the sun started peeking into the castle. Toph was finally waking up for the new day. Stretching her arms out.

"*yawn* Morning. You ready Toube?...Toube?" Toph then suddenly realized Toube's not even around!...she got worried but only for a little, sensing him walking up. The others noticed too until...

"Somebody...mentioned my name?"

Toube did make it, with Momo and Silkie riding his back. They all noticed he looked like he was beaten up by a landslide, and he had the marks to prove it. He looked at the crowd a bit annoyed, knowing why they were starring. The odd thing is that he looks bigger than he was yesterday. Before he was up to Toph's shoulder in height. Now he matched her height exactly.

"Had a fight last night with a massive paradox...let's leave it at that. I'm fine now." Toube groaned.

"You sure about that? You look terrible. You're in no condition to be up like this." Terrakion said.

"Heh...wanna bet? Toph. My sweet girl. Can you make a boulder about as big as oh saaaay Terrakion and Cyborg combined?" Toube insisted. Even Toph herself was a bit taken by surprise but did it anyway.

"Now. When I smash this into rubble. YOU get me 10 I go!" Toube then charged at the his right paw ready...and exploded it in one hit! The smash was of amazing strength, as the rubble was knocked to almost to the back of the room! In his mood, he made the greatest victory howl that nearly made the castle shake! In his prime. Toube saw the shocked, jaw-dropped look on Terrakion's face and said "make sure you have that 10 salmon when were done."

Xreneus shook his head and immediately asked "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!"

"Heh...shouldn't you know? I fought Valus last night and got a power orb from it. Though it was harder with that other colossi with him, but anyway-"

"Other? Colossi? But Colossi travel alone, not in pairs!"

"Well this one does, and they played the ole keep-away game on Are we ready to go or what, cuz I'm in the zone for some tough fighting!" Toube announced. But as he was gloating, suddenly someone popped up behind him saying "Not yet."

Toube turned and saw Yveltal standing there, making him jump! Then he got bugged and exclaimed "Don't do that!"

"Sorry. I've heard you've met two colossi in the same place right?" Yveltal asked.

"Uh yea? So?"

"So. My life here ain't all my work ya know. Another creator, one of my colleges, also added some of his work to mine. I call him J.D."


"Yeah. He's got a creative mind for the SOTC world so he added some to this world. I can tell ya which one you saw."

"Really?...well he looked a lot like Valus except his hands can cover you completely."

"Oh Vitus. He's one of JD's first colossi. You didn't wipe him out right away did you?"

"Didn't have to. He walked away and didn't bother to fight...well not again anyway. Though I did had to defeat Valus before he crushed my bones...sorry about-..." Toube noticed again Yveltal wasn't around to talk to.

"Whelp. We gotta long time ahead of us. Now before you go, I want to talk to each one of you on where to go." Xreneus said.

After talking to each of them, Xreneus finally sent them on their way. Each one with a Colossi to find. A power to gain. Their world to save.

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