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Ch.33: Explanation

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Ch.35: The Nightly Wanderers

The portal traveling wasn't very rough as it was the very first time. For starters, they could walk instead of fall, and they could stick together so they wouldn't get lost as the three musketeers and the Irish elk god lead the way. As a bonus, they could see where they were walking, as of the last time they couldn't see anything for their lives.

The portal ended in a very unique place, and the first one gasping was Katara. Where they all stepped into was the ruin among ruins, at the front steps of the long Ariel bridge, leading straight to the largest castle they had ever seen. From a distant perspective, it looked like the size of a regular skyscraper, or even of a mountain.

"Amazing," Weed sighed. Xreneus just smiled.

"You haven't seen a fraction of what the SOTC universe has to offer."

"What's SOTC?" Beast Boy asked.

"That's short for Shadow Of The Colossus. Now listen, I'll go on ahead and talk to the person in charge. I'm pretty sure I can talk things over," Xreneus said. He took a few steps and started running. The others began racing after him. Some were flying, some were running, and Beast Boy turned to a falcon to keep up as Toph was Riding Toube, a fun activity while she and Toube were little. When they did reach the castle, they weren't expecting what was awaiting them inside. First off, they almost fell from the nearly two mile drop of the spiral downward passage into a pool of water. The fliers, Starfire, Aang, Raven, Beast Boy, and Terra, helped the non-fliers, everyone else, down safely. The next room was even more amazing. It was huge, large enough to fit a large whale in it and have plenty of head room. Up ahead they all saw Terrakion, Cobalion, Virizion and Xreneus standing there already, still waiting for the other spirit to show.

"Whoa! That's fast!" Cobalion gasped.

"Well what else did you expect? Now who's in charge here so we can get rolling?" Sokka asked.

"He didn't present himself yet. You guys came too early now-...uh guys?!"

"What's the matter Xreneus?" Starfire asked. But then suddenly they all heard it.

"Someone call me name?"

They all jumped back when they saw who it was. It looked like a large red hybrid between a T-Rex and pterodactyl. The ends of his wings had black hooks on them.

"Settle down laddies. I don't bite...unless provoked," he chuckled. His voice was in English but had a strong Scottish accent, like that of a middle aged man.

"Who are you?!" Kyoushiro gasped.

"Relax, this is another strong universal member of the spirit council. Yveltal, can I ask your sympathy?" Xreneus asked.

"What'll it be?" Yveltal asked, hovering over to him.

"First hear me out. The horror Raviente has finally gotten himself free. And he's trying to take control!"

"Raviente eh? Ha! That overgrown gardener snake can't fight us."

"That's not the problem. The problem is that we need the powers from here. Please Yveltal."

"Xreneus! You're talkin' 'bout my life's work! I'm not giving that up so easily. Besides he's not stupid enough to attack here."

"It's not here it's everywhere else!"

"So? They can just live here. Raviente can't fight through my work."

"This is serious! If he ends up going through with this we're all doomed!"

"I'm not, and your friends are free to stay if they like."


"Wait." They all heard Aang's voice and turned to him.


"You had something to say?" Virizion asked.

"I didn't say anything."

"Over here Viri." They all turned again towards where they all came in and saw a very unique figure walk in, still in his brown robe, still having the long charm scaff flowing behind him...with Lycaeon beside him.

"Lycaeon!...who's this?" Mel asked. But before he can answer Toph and BB raced in.

"I know you! You came by me earlier before the championship!" Toph announced.

"I told you we'd meet after the championship, didn't I?"

"Who's this? He's speaking through telepathic ability." Terrakion stated. Lycaeon and the spirit locked eyes for a second, and Lycaeon took a step forward with his golden attachable claws making a clang on the ground.

"Everyone. Titans. Avatar team. I like you all to meet, or meet again for some of you, my close friend, Mirage!"

They all starred at Mirage as he bowed in respect to them all. Not even the members of the spirit council recognized him.

"Excuse me? Yveltal is it? I've heard of the danger that attacked Altonia: Raviente, and the powers must be needed. You may know a lot about Raviente, but there's one thing that you do not know."

"Oh yeah? What's that?" Yveltal asked.

"Raviente he had gotten hold of the Azarath Gem!"

"It can't be!" Raven gasped.

"Slow down! What's this Azarath Gem you said?" Zuko asked.

"Ah yes. A smart boy asks the right questions. The Azarath Gem is-"

"Mirage? I'll tell them. I am an Azarath monk," Raven said, pulling off her hood. Mirage stepped back as she started explaining.

"The Azarathian Gem is a power-filled red emerald that the Monks of Azarath protected so the evil wouldn't use it. The strength contains in that one emerald is enough to destroy whatever the owner pleases. If Raviente has such a power the results can be apocalyptic! Or worse!"

They all couldn't believe their ears and it was then that Yveltal got worried.

"Oh man...alright fine. I'll let you do this on one condition."


"If the power is that important, then at least ask for permission first. The keepers of these powers sometimes won't hand it out without a fight," Yveltal ordered.

"Oh thank you Yveltal," Cobalion said. Yveltal didn't reply as he turned and flew away. Then, Cobalion walked over to Toph.

"Toph. Do you still have that special bracelet?"

"Bracelet? You mean this?" Toph asked, showing him her meteor bracelet she had made when Sokka gave her that space rock as a trinket.

"May I see it just a sec? Terrakion can you explain while I do this?" Cobalion asked, gently taking the space wristband from Toph. Cobalion began walking around close to each of the large statues that were around the room.

"What's he doing?" Mel asked.

"Well...I uh... Hey Cobalion, what are you doing?" Terrakion asked. Cobalion didn't answer until Mirage got the wristband from him and threw it at one of the statues using his scarf. The statue's eyes began glowing a faint blue as the others bolted over. Cobalion looked at Mirage.

"You really are a puzzle are you?"

Mirage simply chuckled, which sounded like musical notes from a flute.

"May I explain it? All we basically want you guys to do: there are 16 statues and 16 people. Just go around until you see a statue eyes glow in your presence. The statue you stop at indicates who you're fighting against," Xreneus said.

"Before going any further just start off by where we are and what these things are. Otherwise I'm not moving!" Beast Boy said.

"Okay, okay. We've mentioned it earlier. You're in the Shadow of the Colossus universe. Yveltal basically made a world wide open, immense, ancient, with large living mountains called Colossi," Virizion said. Then, she walked over to the one Toph was standing at and added "this Colossi for example. Yveltal gave them special names. The one Toph has to go against is named Dirge. He and you both rely on the earth for the attacks, and Dirge is purely a sand swimmer so it's a good match for Toph." He turned to the others. "The colossi matching each of you also shares similar personalities and properties. No let's go around and see who's going against who."

And so they did. After a bit most of them had gotten to their statue. Xreneus described who's fighting who to each of them:

Aang = Phalanx

Toph = Dirge

Starfire = Avion

Sokka = Gaius

Zuko = Celosia

Kyoushiro = Cenobia

Cyborg = Basaran

Katara = Hydrus

Robin = Kuromori

Raven = Argus

Mel = Barba

Terra = Pelagia

Weed = Phaedra

Beast Boy = Quadratus

"Wait a minute! What about Malus? He's the last one, and no ones managed to show it yet!" Cobalion realized.

"Don't worry. Is a kai dog named Nobutora in the crowd?!" Xreneus asked. They all looked around except for Mel...Nobutora wasn't there.

"Nobutora's not here?! Oh crud! Xreneus we have to find him!" Virizion said in fear. All the time Mel felt very sad that he's not saying anything...then Mirage nodded to the retriever, saying he should let them know.

"Calm down. Look, I'll go back and the rest of you wait here. I won't be long. While-"

"Wait!...wait..." Mel said. Everyone turned to him surprised.

"Don't look for Nobutora...he's...he's...(begins to cry)...dead."

"WHAT?!...That's not true! PLEASE tell me IT'S NOT TRUE!" Xreneus pleaded. But Mel knew he'd knew he was telling the truth. He's just saying that so hoping for a pointless miracle...but suddenly they all turned to Lycaeon as he was turning to the door.


"I know what I have to can wait on your colossi. But I'm going now for my targets. Mirage you can handle it here can you?" Lycaeon asked. Mirage nodded and he left.

"WAIT! LYCAEON YOU'RE NOT APART OF THIS THAT BIG!" Terrakion shouted. Lycaeon made a Rick-Ashe back around, rammed him in the head and bolting off away. The hit was to make sure he didn't try any chases.

"What's. with. that?" Terrakion thought, walking back to see Toube standing at what seems to be a pile of rubble.

"Oh hey. Deer dude? I think there you've miscounted one of these colossi." Toube said.

"Oh that. Don't worry we only need the 15 power. That should be well enough to beat Raviente...for now though, we should get some sleep."

"But what about Lycaeon?" Aang asked.

"I don't know. If by some crazy chance he can summon the fighter he'll be fine, along with everyone else. Just get some sleep for now. By tomorrow you'll all be off. Good night."

The others started to go with him but Toube, before he could, took one last look at the pile of rubble. He saw only one eye ring in it,  like the other statues...glowing in his presence...

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