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Ch.34: Colossi of Ole

Kyoushiro was still laying there...tired...weak...knocked out from his crazy encounter along with the others.

"Kyoushiro-San! Kyoushiro-San!"

The Kishu, though blurry eyed, began to see someone standing there. He looked down at Kyoushiro as he was trying to get up and check his surroundings. It didn't look normal to looked like a cave a bear would live in, but it looked too clean and maintained to belong to any bear. He shook off the soft silicon in his white fur and got a good look at the dog. He looked very odd like the pup he saved, but around his age, if not older. His first questions were "Who are you?" and "How do you know my name?"

"I'm Teru, Kyoushiro. You saved me earlier, remember?"

"Saved you? No... no. I rescued a small puppy don't mean." Teru nodded. Kyoushiro jumped up and yelled "HOW LONG WAS I OUT?!?!"

"Only for a day. Don't worry you'll-"

"But how are you so grown?! You were just a month old when I found you!"

"Oh's like this...there's this special ability I gained from childhood that can change me from this-" He morphed into a little puppy and continued. "...To this-" He then morphed back to his normal form. "So do you wanna see your friends now?"

Kyoushiro was speechless. He hit his head with his back leg hard, seeing if he was still sleeping or not. He was still awake, wide-eyed and bushy tailed.

"Okay Teru, let's go. Where are they?"

"Don't worry; they're just down the path. This way," Teru said.


Down the pathway like Teru said, both teams were now just resting from their crazy fighting. It was great that Katara, Zuko, Robin, Sokka and Cyborg are back again. None of em knew really who was to thank for saving their lives.

"Oh robin it's so great to finally find you. I've missed you very dearly." Starfire said, giving Robin a kiss on the cheek.

"It's great to see you too." Robin said.

"Yea man. Welcome back!" Beast Boy added, giving him a pat on the back. Meanwhile not too far away, Aang and Toph were learning what happened to Katara and Sokka.

"So anyway. We kept on traveling thanks to Tank's help. And when we got to the next town met Cyborg."

"That's pretty impressive. Though Cyborg" Aang said, looking at the tall robot teenager.

"Well, I figured. They did sound bit more advanced back in their world then in our own." Toph sighed, picking at her ear with her pinkie.

"Where did you learn that?"

Toph simply pointed over to Beast Boy, whom right now was snuggling with Terra. As this was going on, Toube was observing all this and noticed something.

"Hey guys. Haven't you noticed anything with this crowd?" Toube started, looking at Weed and Lycaeon next to him.

"The fact some looks like aliens and others like monks?" Weed asked.

"No, not that...I mean all the love. Dont'chu see it? StarfireXRobin. AangXKatara. AquosXRedX. Beast BoyXTerra. I swear all these guys got a case of lovebugs."

"Yeah, I've noticed that, but it's not all that bad. Everyone falls in love at one point. Just let nature take its role and it'll be fine." Lycaeon sighed.

"Well, who's the mother nature here?"

"Hey guys! What's up?" Kyoushiro called, arriving with Teru alongside him.

"Kyoushiro. You better now?"

"Yeah, I'm good. The others?"

"We're all okay, buddy. It's good to see you're up now." Aquos said, sitting alongside RedX. Kyoushiro looked around. He was fine with romance...but he had his limits.

"*groan*. I wanna go hunting, who's in?" Kyoushiro groaned, getting a bit sick from the lovey-dovey stuff.

"I'm in." Sokka said.

"Okay, good, let's go." That quick of a decision didn't bother much of the others (mainly the couples) so he and Sokka went least they were about to when...

"Hey! Wait!"

They all looked up a clear path to the north and saw something coming their way. The trio as it turns out stopped in front of Sokka and Kyoushiro.

"Don't run off yet. We still have to talk."

"Hold on. Who are you?" Aang asked. The leading of the three stepped forward.

"I'm Cobalion. That's Terrakion. And that's Virizion...we each need you all to come back with us. It's very important." Cobalion explained.

"How is it important? Do you even know we don't belong here in Altonia?" Aang said.

"'re not in Altonia. But you do need to be here, regardless where you came If you really need an explanation to all this. I suggest you come with us." Virizion explained. The group took a bit of thought in the offer and decided to accept it. They didn't have any better ideas anyway.

It didn't take very long for the caravan of 20 was guided to where they needed to be. The area almost appeared to be a large canyon, but having ruins on its walls and floors instead of rock and gravel. Terrakion stopped then as Virizion and Cobalion went up to a large area above the path.

"Okay, now before they get back, why did you-?"

"Quiet X head. They'll be back in just a moment with Xreneus, our leader. When he shows up, then your questions will be answered right up okay?"

"But Terrakion I...I..."

RedX was cut off mid sentence by the figure now visible by Virizion and Cobalion. It looked like a living version of a glass Irish elk, with a rack that seemed to glow with different colors. Terrakion got a tap on the shoulder from a dumbfounded Ventus.

"I guess that Xreneus?"

"Yes. I am. (jumps down right to them with amazing grace) and you're all the members of Team Avatar and Teen Titans." Xreneus said.

"How'd you know that?!" Cyborg gasped.

"Before I answer. Let me ask you all know of any pets on ether one of your teams?"

Before anyone can answer. A similar figure started flying in. One was a flying lemur, and large grub that was being carried.

"SILKIE!" Starfire gasped.

"MOMO!" Aang gasped. They three flew on and landed right by Xreneus. Mono flew right over to Aang, curling himself on his head as Silkie went over and hopped up to Starfire.

"Hello, my little bungorf!" Starfire beamed, snuggling Silkie.

"Uh...Bungorf?" Sokka asked Robin. Robin shrugged.

"These two little fellas somehow fell in the portal by mistake. I guess worried about you. It's a good thing we found them before they got into trouble." Virizion said, looking at them both.

"Okay. It's all great how you saved us and all but can someone PLEASE START EXPLAINING?!" Sokka asked.

"Very well. I'm pretty sure after all of the interaction in Altonia, you need some sort of explanation. Just fallow me back to the castle and I'll explain everything." the others were good to comply but Magmus wasn't having it. She grabbed him by his antler and looked him in the eye.

"NOW HOLD IT YOU! WE ALL NEARLY GOT KILLED THESE 2 MONTH AND I-...I (realizing Xreneus already vanished)...ok..."

"Come on, Magmus. Let's go. It's just down the path anyway. See? There it is." Cobalion then aimed ahead where they can see the palace. After calming down they all went onward again.


Now they are at the true destination. Xreneus's palace. They all went inside. They saw Xreneus waiting but then they saw other spirits there too...all which at least one of them has met before! First recognized was Kyoushiro and Raven's spirits, Henki and Althea!

"Shirogane. It's good to see you again." Henki said.

Next one recognized was Sokka's spirit. He only saw a glimpse of it before yet he was unmistakable. A golden Kirin!

"Hello there, water child. A good time to see you." Kirin said.

" I know you? I could of sworn."

"I think you did. Before you met that iron horse, Tank, you saw me." Kirin said.

"Oh yea! That was you was it?" Sokka realized. Kirin simply nodded.

"Listen...I promise you an explanation did I?...well the reason for the summation of you is among the greatest importance...we need the original Avatar group and Titans to save the worlds from the destruction of none other then the deadly Raviente."


"You don't know? Ravientes the giant serpent that nearly ate you Shirogane!" Henki gasped. The Kishu jumped, remembering the images of that gigantic snake that nearly ate him!


"Afraid so...Raviente was a horrifying ruler so long ago, long before any of your franchises was made. He would torture the souls of the existing franchises and destroy the very weak ones. To avoid this, we all used our power to seal him away...for the while anyway until just recently he found a way out...through the grounds of Altonia." Xreneus then walked over behind him as the other spirits around him moved. His antlers made a powerful glow as a portal made an appearance again.

"HOME! Oh thankyouthankyouthank-" Mel was about to go through when Terrakion knocked him back.

"Hold on, pup. I understand you're all eager to go home, and I will let you go but...I'm only allowing a few of you. Since they just fell in by mistake and weren't needed for this quest." Xreneus walked to the crowd.

"Those include...Aquos. RedX. Magmus. Ventus. Toube. Lucy. Nyuu. The rest of you can't go yet. As upon you...go on ahead." it took some time but in the end only Ventus, Magmus, Aquos, and RedX went through. The other three stayed put.

"Well, what about you guys? You want to go home do you? Toube?" Cobalion said.

"No. I'm staying here. I'm helping fight Raviente." Toube announced, which shocked the spirit council.

"Toube, you can't face Raviente! You don't have the power!" Althea begged.

"I'm. Not. GO. IN!"

"Toube, please! There's no reason for you to die!"

"...I don't care about my life. (walks to Toph's side). I don't know if you've noticed yet or not but I've already been separated from my childhood friend so long ago! I've finally found her again and I've promised that I'll stay with her until death due us part. I'm keeping that promise and nothing you say is gonna change my mind." The entire palace was silent. Especially Xreneus. He could see the determination in the tosa's eyes. The silence was broken 5 minutes later with you've saying "If any of you try to force me, I will never back down. I'm as strong as Ba Sing Se's walls."

"...So you really are willing to throw your life away, Toube?"

"Heh. I'll throw my life away for anyone who is on my what do ya say, Xreneus?"

"...Very well might make it easier anyway...but you two. Lucy, Nyuu. I'm sure you want to go home?"

"I believe our reasons for staying here are just as great as Toube. Our reason is that me and my sister are finally free from our evil leader who was torture us. We like it here. So please reconsider." Lucy explained, bowing in respect.

"You poor creatures. Of course you're free to stay. Just promise us that you won't cause any trouble." Virizion said, nudging her up.

" for the rest of you. I can easily imagine that you all are very tired from Altonia's many challenges. So I'll alter the portal to our destination and you can rest there." Xreneus said. It only took him a little bit to alter the portal to the right location. The mortals in the room followed him, Terrakion, Cobalion, and Virizion inside. But before the portal can close, two figures stood in the entrance.

"GO!" Suddenly they both raced in before any of them can be stopped. Team Avatar and Teen Titans are now finally onto their true mission.

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