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Ch.33: Explanation

The next morning was filled with congratulations and cheer. The team was ecstatic that Weed and Kyoushiro won! Then was a perfect chance to get their friends!

"WAY TA GO! This is perfect!" Mel started.

"It is perfect. I've looked at the others and the only ones who made it to the finale are the tag team and Toph. So no matter who wins, we get our friends back!" Lycaeon.

"Yeah I know. Now listen Toph, we're friends but that doesn't mean I'm going easy!" Kyoushiro said with pride.

"Heck it won't matter...but I'll still beat ya." Toph laughed.

"Yeah no kidding. So Weed? How's it feel to get your first scar?" Aang asked.

"Scar?...what scar?" Much of the group sighed, seeing how oblivious he was to it. Aquos made an ice mirror and said, "I think you should look at this." Weed looked in the reflection and finally saw the slice mark from Thunder's teeth. It was a clean cut, no longer bleeding, under his eye.

"Whoa...AWESOME! Now my face is cooler," Weed said.

"Not as cool as me." Kyoushiro smirked, nudging Weed in the shoulder. Everyone laughed it up, but then Mel noticed Lycaeon looking off in a different direction.


"Huh? Oh I'm sorry. I'm just thinking is all."

"Well everyone. This is it. After this fight we get all our friends back and then we finally try to find a way back to our own universe. We all came a tough way I imagine in this universe. And now we can complete this mission," Raven said. Everyone cheered with approval.


The crowd was roaring strong as Toph, Kyoushiro, and Weed stepped out onto the arena. Krokhotep and Krokopathra stood there with the 5 prizes. Weed looked around at all the faces of all the fighters and cheerers around them. He saw Aquos, Ventus, and Magmus together watching with the rest of the team. He also saw a particular X ninja watching from a spot outta sight from officials. He looked at his friends and the prizes. Kartara, Zuko, Sokka, Robin and Cyborg were just standing there with smiles. Before he can say anything Toph said, "well everyone's here."

"Heh. You took the words straight from my muzzle. Ready to fight Toph?!"

"You got it," Toph replied. After she cracked her knuckles, the tag team went to one side as she walked to the other. But when she turned around, she suddenly felt oddly uncomfortable...sensing a very faint vibration. But she quickly shrugged it off. As soon as Krokhotep signaled, the fight began.

The fight itself was pretty easy for both of them. Sometimes it got so relaxed that Toph let them hit her; she was so confident, the reason being because it didn't matter who won, since they were on the same team. But as time went by, the same vibe was slowly growing stronger to the point that she had to stop. When your world's basically black with lights made from vibration, too much of it can make you dizzy. Suddenly, Bat walked out from the stands to Toph's side.


"Toph calm down. You okay?" Bat asked sternly.

"I don't know. I can't concentrate. Aren't you sensing the vibrations too?"

"Yeah I am...HEY KROKHOTEP?! CAN WE CALL OFF THE FIGHT UNTIL SHE CALMS DOWN?!" Bat called. Krokhotep wasn't sure how to answer. No one asked this before. Weed and Kyoushiro considered moving away...then the ground began to shake lightly...then violently!

"What's happening?!" Katara asked.

"I don't know! TOPH, GET OUTTA THERE!" Sokka yelled. Toph was too freaked out to move. Bat quickly took action and rammed her as hard as he could to her surprise, and not a moment too soon.


That gigantic screech scared everyone there as, right where Bat and Toph use to be, the floor blasted and shattered into pieces that flew miles into the sky! A monster entered. 100 meters. 500 tons of scales and teeth as it launched up nearly a mile up before crashing into the earth far below! It was large enough to stretch itself across the arena, which was as large as a football stadium. Toph quickly jumped to her feet, Aang and Starfire helping as everyone else raced to the others and freed their missing friends.

"Thanks for finding us," Cyborg said.

"We have plenty of time for that later! Now come on!" Terra instructed. They all were about to get to one exit when the monster's giant tail nearly crushed them. Then, all fifteen of them got a good look at the beast. It was a giant serpentine creature, and rough orange-red scales covered its whole body. Its head held a huge pair of tusks showing an exact resemblance to Jhen Mohran, whom was 10 meters smaller. Its huge eyes, as large as their heads, stared them all down as the tip of its tail circled them. Then suddenly a large RedX paint shot hit it on the side of its head.


"JUST GO! ILL BE FINE!" RedX yelled. The beast screeched, but it knew way better than that. It wrapped the fifteen titans by the tip of its tail as its head tried to ram RedX. Then, Magmus started scorching its face, which it was fireproof.

"MEL! SOKKA! STARFIRE! You three escort the others to safety! We'll meet you when you're done outside!" Aang ordered. They all understood and went off. Before they all charged in, Robin shouted "TITANS! GO!" but before they all could go for it, the monster suddenly dove into the ground and breached right in their direction. Ventus and Aang quickly used a fast air blast to shoot everyone out of the way just before it collapsed on the floor. The hit was so hard it cracked the Arena, making it likely to crumble.


"Come with me, RedX!"

They all, including the monster, turned to the top of the arena's stands to see a tall figure standing there, looking like a bold elk.

"AVATAR! TITAN! CALL ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND COME THIS WAY NOW!" another figure bellowed, this time he looked like a large ox. Aang and Robin agreed, limiting their options, and ran for him. The beast tried charging at them but the ox shape lunged at him with almost E.T strength. yet another figure suddenly bolted past them, down where Starfire, Mel, and Sokka went.


Just outside, Sokka, Starfire, and Mel succeeded in escorting everyone out in time.

"Everyone! Go as far as you can outta here before that monster sees you!" Sokka ordered. They all did, many of them praying for their safety.


"Katara! I thought you-" Sokka was cut off mid sentence, realizing it wasn't Katara at all! The voice matched hers very closely but the four-legged creature didn't have time to explain as it quickly grabbed them and rocketed off back to the others.

The monster, meanwhile, was having trouble, but not meaning he's loosing, just not close to winning. Zuko, Cyborg and Magmus kept shooting fiery projectiles at it to keep it distracted as everyone else reached the safety.

"Okay we're here but how do we get out?!" Kyoushiro panted. Then, out of nowhere a portal suddenly opened up.

"That's how! NOW GO! NOW!" In the chaos the beast nearly crushed them with his swinging tail, and that was convincing enough to get them to jump through. Before Weed got through, he saw Mel, Sokka, Starfire and another antelope-shaped animal running to them. Cyborg, Zuko and Magmus stopped fighting and raced with them. The monster got himself back into shape as Kyoushiro glanced back and saw someone was left in the stands.

"Oh, crud. BE RIGHT BACK!" Kyoushiro called, racing off.

"WAIT! KYOUSHIRO!" the leading figure yelled, but Kyoushiro didn't stop until he reached the struggling pup. He was scared out of his mind, only being a child.

"It's okay, it's okay. I'm here to help. I'll save you," Kyoushiro panted, scooping up the small pup and running just before the monster can sink his teeth into ether of em. Kyoushiro was racing for his life with a puppy in his jaws as the monster raced after him, jaws open.

"HANG ON, HERE WE GO!!" Kyoushiro saw that everyone went inside the portal just before the serpent could. Eat them! At first, it was completely dark, so Kyoushiro kept running straight with the pup, but at one point he suddenly lost his footing and fell. At another point, he suddenly lost his hold on the pup, and it flew upward before being caught by another person!

"No!" Kyoushiro looked off ahead as flashes and a line of light shot around him. A huge light flashed as he screamed, and then everything was still.

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