Weed and Hougen
Yin vs. Yang
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Ch.32: Final Countdown

The morning of the finals was very big for Kyoushiro and Weed. They both walked out to the arena as the crowds and their friends cheered. Krokhotep called out the finalists for them. The two tag-teaming brothers walked out to confront them both. Two large Great Danes both spotted and dwarfing the Kishu-Akita team. One had bent ears and the other's were cut off, but that was probably the only difference from the two.

"You ready Weed?" Kyoushiro asked. Weed nodded and stared right at the opponents. Kyoushiro  found himself looking the cut on Weed's face. Does Weed know about it yet?

"WEED and KYOUSHIRO! Vs HOUGEN AND GENBA! FIGHT!!" Krokhotep got out of the way before the fight began. Like with Thunder and Lector, each dog was with a one-one hit. Weed was fighting Hougen as Kyoushiro was fighting Genba. Both sides were getting more than they bargained for. The thing with Hougen and Genba was that they kept switching opponents. When Genba was at a stand off with Kyoushiro, Hougen jumped in and hit him hard. When Weed was about to bite Hougen's head, Genba grabbed him and slammed him to the floor. At one point in the fight, both sides were at a stand off.

"You okay, Kyoushiro?" Weed asked.

"Yeah. Just tired is all. God, those two are demonic fighters."

"GOT THAT RIGHT!" Hougen yelled.

"Should that technique work, Kyoushiro?" Weed asked.

"No. I don't want to copy from Thunder and Lector's fight...I have an idea." Kyoushiro then oddly started digging like madman behind him, his back to his opponents. Hougen raced for him, but, suddenly, he was being pelted by rocks and what not, immobilizing him. Weed saw what he was doing and knew what to do next. He quickly became part of the chucked rocks and rammed Hougen a good 20 feet, almost outta the ring! Genba got scared seeing his older brother nearly got knocked out. He quickly looked back to see the two bite into his shoulders, knocking him back. The two Danes got up as Kyoushiro and Weed took a breather.

"What fighters! Had they been training since birth?" Hougen thought. He had never seen such strength from an animal their size, especially in his own species.

"Just lose already will ya?! I don't know about you but I'm on a tight schedule!" Kyoushiro shouted.

"What? Schedule?" Hougen growled.

"Simple. Get prize. Get home! NOW SHUT YOUR TRAP AND DEAL WITH IT!"

"Kyoushiro! That's not needed!" Weed snapped. But then Kyoushiro, loosing his mind for a second, blurted out "SHUT YOUR TRAP! I HAD ENOUGH WITH THIS UNIVERSE, I JUST WANNA GO HOME!" A shocked look appeared on Krokhotep's face.

"...What did you say?" Genba asked.

"Doesn't matter! WE ARE WINNING! WE ARE GETTING OUR ALLIES BACK! AND WE ARE GONNA GO HOME! AND IM NOT LETTING YOU STOP ME!" Kyoushiro then charged at them and with one kick of his back legs, knocked both the Danes outta the ring...Kyoushiro was panting from his "episode" as Krokhotep announced the winners, thanks to the scarred Kishu. The applause soon became confusion when they notice Kyoushiro wasn't reacting. Weed rammed into him shortly afterwards, Kyoushiro regaining his senses.

"Let's go. Kyoushiro," Weed smiled. The Kishu sighed and they both went back to the stands where their friends were waiting.

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