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Nightly Surprises
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May 4, 2013

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Ch.29: Tag-Teaming Up

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The night after the whole event was calming for the three groups again. It was the full moon, so it gave plenty of light, like a giant night light. Right now, Weed and Kyoushiro were with the others trying to make sense of the whole thing with their friends.

"Weed, you've been up all night so far," Kyoushiro pointed out, watching the Akita pace.

"You know, I get active during the bright moon."

"But this is more than normal, ya know," Mel said.

"I get it, I get it. It's did we win?"

"The fight? What's to know? We beat the doberman bros."

"No we didn't. I don't remembering any of us going out of bounds at all. If anything, it would have been a tie at least," Weed protested, looking at the full moon.

Then Toube walked over. "Listen, Weed. You need your friends back, right? The only way to do that is to win this championship. Why are you wondering about it when you're at the finals?"

"I don't know, Toube. I'm just confused, that's all."

"What's going on?" a voice asked. The canines looked and saw Thunder and Lector walking over.

"Thunder. Lector."

"We were just talking about what happened with our fight today. Weed's just got confused about why he and I won," Kyoushiro said.

"Well, that's simple to answer. Because I was laying down too long, remember? By the way, I'm impressed how strong you two are for pups," Thunder said.

"Thank you. You're not mad for us beating ya are you?"

"Not really. Like you said, it's just a game. That last attack was very powerful. Tell me, what's it called?"

"Uhh, to be honest...we didn't come with a name for it. I guess 'blade shooter'?"

"Awesome," Lector said. Thunder sat down over by Toube and Lector went over to Weed.

"So Weed, hope you can keep this up. The final fight is very scary with the demon brothers."

"Demon brothers?"

"Lector, don't go scarring them. What he means is is that these demon brothers are actually large great danes. They are extremely tough."

"No sweat! Dont'chu worry Weed. After winning against those two, the prize is ours!" Kyoushiro said.

"Not so fast. Even if you beat them, that doesn't you win the championship. After this the winners of the six fighting areas will fight until there's three left. Then they fight the champ himself and whoever's left standing gets the prize," Toube said.

"I see. Well as you guys are talking, I'm gonna check on the human members. See ya later." Weed then walked off to the others. Thunder looked and saw a small droplet of blood where Weed was sitting.

"Hey. Doesn't he see that he's bleeding?" Thunder asked.

"I guess not," Mel sighed.


Weed wasn't the only one restless right now. Like him, Aang was usually about active on a full moon night like this.

"Friend Aang. Please rest." Starfire said.

"I'm sorry Starfire, but I'm just worried sick. I mean, what if we can't win?"

"Don't say that, Aang. Toph already went through her ranking," Ventus pointed out.

"Yea, but it can change quickly you know."

"You saying I can't win?" Toph groaned, laying not too far away on her rock bed.

"Wha?! No, no, no, no, no! I didn't mean that!" Aang pleaded. But Toph knew he was lying, one of her specialties. Before anyone could say anything else though, Toph got a vibe that someone was coming. Seconds later, that someone walked into view.

"You again? What do you want?" Raven asked.

"Who's this?" Lycaeon asked.

"That's RedX," Arriety answered.

"I'm not here to cause trouble. Just promise a certain someone to return to the Titans. Since there's Titans here, you'll be close enough," RedX said. He lifted his cape enough to cover the doorway and removed it to reveal Aquos!

"AQUOS! It's so great that you're safe!" Starfire said as she came in, hugging her.

"Same here-," Aquos gasped, trying to find air. Star let her go as Terra gave her a friendly punch to the shoulder.

"Great to see ya, Aquos. 'Bout time you showed up. Guys this is Aquos, our own version of a waterbender," Terra introduced. Aquos then saw Ventus sitting not too far away.

"Hey Ventus! See your doing well!" she said, giving her a friendly noogie.

"'s not perfect," she said, blushing.

"Haven't changed a bit, I see," Aquos laughed.

It was now that Delath asked "so you and RedX know each other?"

"Of course, he's my boyfriend!" Aquos announced. Most of the group was caught off guard by that statement. Five seconds of awkward silence went around until Lycaeon chuckled "I'm guessing you're into the punks then, eh Aquos?"

"HEY! RedX ain't no punk! He's just looks like it as all," Aquos snapped.

"Okay okay. Now RedX are you-...where'd he go?"

RedX had already left...but not without leaving a rose and a small letter. Arriety opened up the letter and it said :

"Good Luck."

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