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  1. A Part of the Herd
  2. The Sand Travelers
  3. The Village of Spirits
  4. Two Worlds, One Style

Each member of Team Avatar were still knocked out at this point... They were no longer at home....not anymore.

The first to wake up were Mel and Weed. They both were still out for a bit but then something walked over and started sniffing Weed's head. This bugged him a little bit, but it was only after it licked his nose that he opened his eyes. What he saw in his face was the head of a deer like animal. A quick snort in the face made him jump to his feet as it got spooked and galloped away. Weed rubbed his nose and got up.

"What happened back there?" Mel yawned, still kind of sleepy.

"Better question: where are the others?" Weed asked sheepishly.

Mel turned around and saw Nobutora and Kyoushiro still out, looking like he's asleep then knocked out.

"Well, there are those two...where is the rest of the team?"

"I don't know. Nobu! Kyou! Get up!" Weed yelled. Kyoushiro and Nobutora both yawned and woke up. The next question to answer now was 'where were they?' They remembered a little of what happened back at the South Pole, and this place didn't look anything like the bottom of the sea.

"Oh...kay... this is new. Since when does the south look like a forest?" Nobutora asked, looking around at the trees as Weed started walking away from them.

"I doubt we're even in the south pole anymore Nobutora. Not in a million years can the south pole turn into a forest so soon," Kyoushiro said.

"Uh... guys?...we're not in the south pole anymore..." Weed said as the three dogs walked to him. They were staring into a whole new world! They stared off into a large plain of grass as they saw antelope and pigs grazing; what got them confused and astonished was the dinosaur-like herd marching across the plain. The large hadrosaur-like animals walked along the plains and they could even see a baby walking with the group. The dogs knew that they weren't home.

"...Whelp. We won't find the others standing round here. Off to the team!" Mel announced.

"Do you even know if they went this way?" Weed asked.

"You got any better ideas? Just come on," Mel said. The four dogs then started into the plain.


Miles away, Aang was just waking up. Instead of a forest though, he woke up in a huge oasis gorge. The walls surrounded a big spring, nice and cool. There was even a cluster of vegetation around waterfall where the water was flowing into. There was no clouds so there wasn't much shade. He did manage to sit up.

"Wha-?...Where am I?" Aang thought. As he was thinking, he suddenly heard a groan coming right next to him. He quickly jumped back, and spun around to see someone was just getting up too. It was a girl, around his age, but she looked like nothing he ever seen. She had long, rusty red hair, wore odd purple cloths, and had emerald green eyes. They both ended up screaming in shock and bolted away from each other. After a bit of thought both sides calmed down. Still silent though.

"Sorry, let's try again. Who are you?" Aang started. She too calmed down, sighing as she relaxed.

"My name is Starfire. What's your name?" Starfire asked.

"I'm Aang. Sorry for the scare it's just...well..."

"Well what?"

Aang was normally trying to say that he wasn't used to seeing someone like her. But he caught himself and changed the subject when he saw his staff by the shore.

"Well it was nice to meet you but I have to go. I've got my friends to get back too," Aang said, picking up his staff. Starfire seemed a bit confused as Aang looked up the cliff.

"You really are gonna try to climb up?" Starfire asked.

"I'm not climbing," he said as he opened his staff. "I'm flying."

"Wait! Can I come too? I'm lost too," she said. She wasn't sure exactly if she really was lost, but she didn't want to be alone.

"Sorry, I need to go. I wish I can help but I can't fly both of us up there. I'll fly up there and try to find a trail and get back to you, okay?" Aang said. Before Starfire could tell him, he quickly used a good airbending jump and started circling right to the top of the gorge. He landed lightly on his feet right at the top, and was brushing off some dust as when Starfire flew up with him!

"That was fun!" Starfire said, floating by Aang as he fell on his butt, a bit surprised (very surprised) to see her again. She was floating there, hands behind her back and smiling innocently at him.

"How are you doing that?!" Aang gasped.

"You mean fly? I always knew how to fly. My people can learn many different abilities," Starfire said, happily making loops in the air.

"You mean there's more of your people here?...Well anyway. Can you tell me where I am?" Aang asked.

"Wha?! I thought you knew!" Starfire gasped. They both stood there silent at first. Aang then decided that they were stuck together and he told her that she could come with him. After a happy thank-you hug from Starfire, she and Aang flew off, both looking for their friends.


Again miles away, the next person to get up now is Kyoushiro. He was in a thick forest, broad trees and cooling grass laid on the ground. He woke up to a strange setting; fireflies - lots of fireflies - were buzzing around him.

"Where?...Wha-?...Who's that?" Kyoushiro them turned a bit sleepy and got to his feet. As he was trying to make sense of the place, he suddenly heard something...

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos..."

Those three words kept talking to him as he started to follow the sound. It grew louder and louder until he poked his head through a bush. The voice came from a human - at least she looked human enough, though she was levitating in place, meditating. The words kept passing through her lips as she was floating there.

"Uh...excuse me?" Kyoushiro asked, forgetting for a second he wasn't supposed to talk.

"Huh?...who are you?" she asked, a bit annoyed.

"Uh...Kyoushiro. Who are you? What are you?" he asked. She landed on her feet and turned to him.

"Raven," she replied.

" you tell me where I am?"

"You don't know?...Oh great. The first person I meet here and he's not a local here," Raven groaned, slapping her forehead.

"Hey! It's not like I'm any better sweetheart!...So anyway. I have to go. I need to figure out my bearings. You're free to come if you want. Might help," He offered. Raven didn't really bother and Kyoushiro started to walk away...but then Raven hovered over and landed over by him.

"Might as well tag along. Not like I have anything else in mind," Raven said. Kyoushiro simply nodded in agreement and they both, like their friends, started off on their adventure in the new world.


Toph was next. She was on her back, oddly on a giant lily pad in the middle of a large swamp. The air was moist and warm, but not too hot that it woke Toph up. The water around her was calm and a small current was pushing her gently along. She didn't wake up until a splash from something nearby landed on her face.

"Ah! Hey!" she yelled. There was no reply. She didn't exactly know where she was. But when she tried to move, she felt water filling up the pad she was on. She immediately stopped moving and sat down right in the middle. She never liked water because she couldn't swim, but that wasn't the only thing. She was scared of deep water. And she didn't know how deep it is. After some floating she felt a branch rub her hair, and decided to try something. She reached out and pulled off the long branch and stuck it in the water. It reached farther and farther down and she still couldn't feel the swamp bed at the end of it. It was too deep for her to walk. The actual depth of the swamp was actually about nearly eighty feet! But what freaked her out more was something yanked her branch down, engulfing it in seconds! She was now terrified. This was truly not her element.

Gulping, she called out, "...Guys?...Aang? Katara? Sokka? Zuko? Anyone?! Help..." No one seemed to hear her. She then heard something surface from the swamp waters right next to her! She didn't know what it looked like but finally got something once it bit into her lily pad. It looked like it had a fish face, but it's body looked more like a humped camel with small legs with webbed feet and fish tail. This was something she hadn't seen (nor sensed) before.

"What the?...HEY! Stop that! Find your own lily pad!" Toph yelled, realizing it was eating her lifeboat! She tried to push it away, but it didn't see her as any threat and just continued. But it was when she whacked it in the eye when it got spooked, and whacked the lily pad with its tail as it swam away. The force of the hit rocketed her a good twenty feet, and stopped at another area of the swamp.

"Now what?"

She felt another stick and decided to try again. She got the long branch and stuck it in the water. This time though she felt the ground under her, and can even feel it with her hand. Now no longer scared, she started to step out onto the wet mud as it squished between her toes.

" where am I?" Toph asked herself. She can finally get at least a part of where she was. But when the senses came in the water, they kind of blurred out. But she could have sworn she sensed someone else here - two kids, to be exact. She looked around, trying to pinpoint her senses to where they were...she managed to figure it out soon enough. As she was looking around, suddenly she felt something big land over by her. A quick turn and there stood the two kids. It was odd that she felt something larger land.

"Hi there. Who are you?" one of them asked.

"Toph...and you are?"

"Terra. And this is Beast Boy. You okay? You looked scared," Terra said. Toph felt a bit annoyed with her.

"Me? Scared? HA! I'm never scared," Toph boasted.

"Okay, okay. Now do ya know where we are? We're not from around here." Beast Boy asked. Toph cringed. She thought they were local too!

"How about we get out of here huh?" Toph said, changing the subject. Beast Boy very well agreed with her and just as things couldn't get anymore weird, he morphed into a giant pterodactyl!

"...Okay...that was creepy." Toph thought aloud.

"You'll get used to it. Come on, let's go," Terra said. Toph, though kind of unsure, went on Beast Boy's back. And as soon as she sat down, Beast Boy immediately flew up high, and they started flying away from the swamp.


This is the only chapter splitting into more than one chapter. The order is set upon the perspective of each group from this chapter.

  1. - Weed, Mel, and Nobutora
  2. - Aang and Starfire
  3. - Kyoushiro and Raven
  4. - Toph, Terra, and Beast Boy

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