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Tag-Teaming Up
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The next day was the day the canines started to fight. Toube was standing aside as Kyoushiro and Weed were showing their mentor a special fighting technique they figured out. A few of their friends were there to watch, too. They included Aang, Mel, Lycaeon, and Raven.

"Everyone watching? Good. Okay Weed, like we practiced," Kyoushiro said.

"Got it, Kyoushiro. On three," he acknowledged as they both turned to a practice target "One, two...THREE!" Weed and Kyoushiro suddenly started running to the target. Half way, Kyoushiro jumped as Weed turned up. They both grabbed each other's tail and started spinning like mad. Their crazy spinning made them look like a white and blue blurry wheel until suddenly they both split and smashed the target to bits!

"Great work, you two. Looks like the training paid off for did it?" Toube smiled.

"Yea, I'll say! We did it before when some of the other contestants were watching. And they asked if we can teach them how to do it," Weed laughed.

"Now that's proven you two are a natural. The fighting begins in only a few minutes. You two all ready to fight?" Raven asked.

"GOT IT!" Kyoushiro said.


The fighting all started later on that day. All of Weed and Kyoushiro's friends were watching over in their area of the crowd as Krokhotep was bringing out the challengers for their fight. Their fighting went on for a good time. They had twelve fights total thad day, and they were on their tenth. For most of the time, it surprisingly wasn't much. And then there was this match.

"Semi-final now, folks! I give you...THE SNIPER BROTHERS!" Krokhotep announced. Kyoushiro and Weed looked at these Sniper brothers, expecting some sort of gun-shooters, which they had encountered for the first time a few rounds back, but instead they saw a pair of more feral brothers. Doberman!

One had a darker brown fur with strait ears and small tail. The other one had a lighter color, longer tail, and bent ears. The bigger doberman nudged Krokhotep.

"Hey, aren't those two a bit young for this?"

"They'll be good opponents, don't worry. BEGIN!"

The Doberman each stood erect and determined to the Kishu-Akita pair.

"You got names, kids?"

"Say yours first and we'll tell you ours," Kyoushiro said.

"Heh. I'll tell ya while ya begging!" Suddenly, they were at it. The older doberman charged after Kyoushiro, the younger one after Weed. They both began their plan. The two raced with the brothers on their tails. But at one point, Weed tumbled. When he got up, he just narrowly avoided the teeth of one brother. It seemed like it at first.

"How ya holdin' up?" Weed asked at one point.

"Pretty good," Kyoushiro replied, jumping out of the way of an attack. "You?"

"Fine. Think our technique will work on em?"

"Let's wait on that." The two dogs jumped back from the doberman's other strike. Weed quickly struck one in the nose as Kyoushiro sliced at the other's chest. They both took a breather for a second as did the other two. But the younger doberman bolted first.

"Shall we?"

"Yes, let's."

Kyoushiro and Weed then started their technique. Kyoushiro and Weed grabbed their tails and started spinning. The doberman quickly jumped up to avoid it but Weed and Kyoushiro shot skyward, giving him a strong cut!


Thunder fell to the ground as the brother raced over.

"Lector, I'm sorry," Thunder said, trying to find his feet.

"Thank Lector, Thunder, for your intro. Now I'm Weed, this is Kyoushiro," Weed said.

"Why you-!" Lector quickly charged at him, trying to bite him. Weed managed to avoid him, again thinking unscratched.

"YOU'RE DEAD, WEED!!" Lector shouted. Kyoushiro went to Thunder as this was going on, and actually helped him up.

"You good, dude?"

"What? Why are you helping me?"

"This is a game, not a hunt. Why else? Besides, I wanna feel winning when I get my friends back."

"Friends? You mean the prizes are your friends?"

"Of course. Now shall we finish this?" Kyoushiro said, licking his lips. Thunder agreed but before they could do anything a loud voice called to them.


They all looked up at Krokhotep as he jumped in.



As all this was going on, the actual prizes themselves were listening to them all fighting up there. Aquos, like the few not on the list, was actually free to go, and she was watching it from the tunnel view at the end of a hall.

"Man, they sure are fighting," Aquos thought. But as she was thinking, someone suddenly walked in behind her.

"At last. My love."

Aquos turned around fast. Her heart began to pump, for her sweetheart found her. It was the same X she knew. "REDX?! But, how did you?-"

"Well have time for that later. Now let's find the other titans. Probably a good idea to meet them first," RedX said, holding Aquos's hands. Aquos understood as RedX made sure they are alone for the moment.

"I know where most of the team are, but I can't bring you to them until later on." RedX proxeeded to give Aquos a sly kiss. "Until then, see ya." Then he left, leaving the waterbender touched.

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