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The following morning, the other group was very happy to see Aang and Starfire again. They all were talking to one another, about what happened.

"Man, Starfire! You fought a giant monster?!" Beast Boy gasped.

"Doesn't sound too bad," Raven said.

"Friends, this monster was more gigantic and dangerous then you might think. It nearly crushed the boat," Star clarified. They all went along with their stories too but only one dog didn't want to talk. Mel.

The poor retriever was, right now, a bit broke. Ever since the incident with the uragaan stampede he had been. He couldn't bring himself to tell them because not only it would be terrible news, but this gave him time to think...of home. What's happening back in their franchise? Did peril begin to come back? After all, they didn't exactly fix everything back in the Avatar's world.

"Oh what?" He started seeing images of the times before. "We've all been through a lot before finding each other. And the Gaang had fought worse trouble before...but now we're stuck here. How are we gonna get home?. How do we even find A home for that matter?" Mel thought, walking around the different training grounds of the arena and past other people. Then he got another thought. They could escape the same way they got there! They didn't have a choice. They were forced in here, but by who? Or what?

"That's right! Three figures forced everyone in here, except Appa...poor Appa. He's probably freezing down at the south pole now," Mel thought, thinking how miserable Appa must be waiting for his master to come home in the cold snow and ice. Knowing Appa, he's probably sitting by the portal right now. His mind went back to the figures again. Out of everyone, he thought he had the best look at them. One was thin and very fast, another much larger and stronger. The third looked more regal. They all were looking equine in a way, and had horns on their heads. But that's all he can get from it.

"Who are they? Oh geez, it's hard trying to put these pieces together. Maybe-"

"HEY YOU!!" The voice made Mel turn to remember he was in a tough training ground. "You blind?! Get out or you'll be our next punching bag!" Mel quickly bolted out before anything went wrong. He raced over to a nearby hall, just out of the way.

"Sorry!" Mel called, as he continued on his way until Weed found him.

"There you are Mel! Come on, Terra's fighting!"


Indeed he was right. It was now Terra's turn to fight it out with the challengers. Mel wasn't sure how long he was gone since it looked like he missed a lot of fighting.

"Sorry, what'd I miss?" Mel asked.

"You showed up. You missed some good fights, Terra's on her fifth fight right now," Toube said.

Terra was in a pretty deep fight at the moment. She, an earth-kinetic herself was facing a rough and fast opponent. She was racing around the field, avoiding the attacks quite easy. During Terra's flying time, the fighter suddenly launched herself in the air, knocking Terra in the face! The earthbender fell down pretty far and enough to knock her out of the ring, nearly on her friends!


"Sheik?" Mel wondered.


That night, Mel kept wandering around, trying to get his mind wrapped around things.

"Come on Mel, think. Who were those guys who got us here? Someone give me a clue!" Mel thought, sitting in a corner of the teams room. He was alone right now so no trouble at the moment. His mind kept jumping around for thoughts but, he just couldn't get any clue or hint of sorts when his mind was cut off by footsteps outside.

"Weed? Is that you?" Mel asked. No reply came until he opened the door.

"So someone is here..."

" I know you? What's with the X mask?"


Meanwhile, the gang were off for some rest. Beast Boy and Terra were in the same room, ready to sleep. Terra was pretty bummed out losing to Sheik so soon.

"Don't worry Terra, you tried your best," Beast Boy said.

"I know I did. But still, all the training I did with Toph should've made her easy," Terra sighed.

"Now Terra, look on the bright side. He's letting you stay with me since apart of our group is still in the game. Now we won't have a reason to split up."

"Oh, Beast always know what to say," Terra said, giving him a kiss. Beast Boy did a cartoony act and passed out, very happy. Terra simply giggled and went to sleep.

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