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The stage was set and the time was ready. Krokhotep got in his place as everyone in the stands cheered in approval and excitement. "WELCOME TO THE STARLIGHT FIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!" Krokhotep shouted.

The crowd roared up with excitement as Krokhotep raised his staff. He spun his staff like a fast windmill as he made a flip onto the arena. He walked to the middle of the arena. He raised his hand above his crocodile head as the crowd quieted down.

"Now before we begin with the beat-down, which I'm sure your all ready for, I would like to show out this year's grand prize for this years championship! And here they are!" Krokhotep then signaled the jinouga to bring the prizes out: the five missing teammates! They all remained quiet, knowing there wasn't much they can do right now. "Impressed are ya?! The winner this year gets these well-trained slaves that will do whatever asked! A great prize RIGHT?! AM I RIGHT?!" the crowd roared as Krokhotep chuckled.

"Okay. Now that the prizes have been shown...LETS BRING OUT THE GREAT FIGHTERS!!" As if on cue, two of the first fighters stepped out. "TO THE LEFT! THE LITTLE GIRL WITH A BIG ATTITUDE. THE BLIND BANDIT! TOPH!!" Krokhotep announced. She stood boldly and proudly as the crowd cheered. It had been a long time since she heard this; it made her feel great.

"TO THE RIGHT! THE KING OF THE EARTH! THE MONSTER ROCK! CAJON!!" Toph felt confident. In stepped a large Golem whom was laughing at her, but she knew better.

"FIGHT!" Krokhotep said. Cajon charged for Toph, whom everyone thought was gonna get crushed, but all it took was a large pillar to launch Cajon outta the arena fighting zone.

"THE WINNER! TOPH!" Krokhotep announced. Cajon was knocked to the sidelines easily as Toph heard Terra cheering nearby.

"Who's next, croc?"


The morning fighting was tough on Toph, yet she was flying through them as a bird would in the sky! Time and time again, players were knocked out of the arena. But then it was the last fighting for the day. After this is Terra's turn, but it was not the last fight Toph needed to face to win the championship. Not even close.

"ALL RIGHT!! WHO'S MY OPPONENT! Come on out, don't be shy! I won't beat you up ASS bad!" Toph mocked. She usually got like this during a fight.

"Okay Toph. Ready?" Krokhotep asked. Toph cracked her knuckles saying "Bring it."

"Very well. YOUR CHALLENGERS HERE!" Krokhotep called, running back to his post. Toph got in a battle stance, but then felt insulted. The one whom stepped in now appeared to be an actual canine. She dealt with five dogs today, but this one was scrawny, small, and not at all scary to her.

"HAHAHAHAHA! WHATS THIS?! THE CHAMPS PUNCHING BAG?!" Toph laughed, but suddenly the "scrawny, small, not scary dog" knocked her 5 feet in one hit! She shook her head and looked its way in complete shock!

"The name is Bat...and I'm your opponent." Toph tried to lock his legs, but Bat, for reasons unknown, jumped back just before she could. Good thing Bat, which shock everyone else, let her get up.

"How did you do that?!" Toph asked.

"Do what, earth-kenetic?"

"First of all, it's earthbending! Second, I'm talking about that dodging of yours. No ones ever avoided me in a fight before."

"What's so amazing about a avoidance of the blind kind?"

"Because no opponent can escape me!" Toph then tried more tricks to mess him up. But somehow Bat was moving as fast as Aang was when he fought her the first time, avoiding each attempt. Bat was only hit once, but by stray rubble. He was starting to sweat up a ton from this fight along with Toph. To Toph though this can be disastrous. The stray sweat beating on the ground was messing up her sensory, since her way of seeing doesn't work in a wet area.

"Okay...test number 1," Bat thought. He felt the sweat close to dripping off his ears and shook it off. The droplets landed about twenty inches away. Panicked, Toph sensed it and shot a pulled up right where it Bat knows what's going on. "So that's how she fights, another sensory user. Amazing," Bat thought as Toph was trying to get rid of the sweat off her body. Bat began running towards her. Toph tried time and time again to hit him but he was moving too fast...but the oddest move...he stopped half way.

"Toph-chan? two are a sensory user right?" Bat asked.

"Yea, so?"

"So, that means you're blind too?"

"Yea? What about it? Looks like you're just scared if you won't fight."

"But so are you. You're scared of losing for the first time in your life? I understand," Bat said.

Toph was speechless as Bat turned and laid down. He stayed that way for a whole five minutes until he...for the first time ever...was disqualified.

"Uh...LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!...OUR WINNER...TOPH!!" Krokhotep announced. The crowd cheered for her, but they all, including the fighters Toph faced, were dumbfounded. It wasn't until after the crowd quieted down when Bat got up easy. He walked close to Toph's head and whispered "What are your intentions, blind one?"

"My friends," she quietly replied.

"Just what I thought." Bat then walked off, leaving her at that.


Later on that night, much of the reunited team was resting inside. They all had different bed rooms, and Toph shared hers with Toube and Terra.

"Good fighting today, Toph. That was pretty good," Terra said as Toph laid down.

"Thanks, Terra, but does it even count as winning?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean all Bat did was lay down for five minutes. How does that count as winning if your opponent just chilled for a bit?" Toph sighed, confused on the fight.

"I don't know, but it doesn't matter how. Don't forget why we're doing this," Terra reminded, placing her hand on Toph's shoulder. They were interrupted before Toph could reply.

"TOPH! TERRA! COME QUICK!" Suddenly the brown dog Delath entered, with Arriety on his back.

"Hi guys, what's wrong?"

"Nothing wrong, I think I found your missing friends! Come on, over here!" Delath said eagerly.

Delath quickly lead Toph and Terra outside to the training grounds.

"Delath, hold on!" Terra shouted but skidded to a stop at to whom she saw. Before she can tell Toph, one tackled them both with a powerful hug.

"Oh friends! I thought we lost you forever!" she beamed, squeezing tighter. She let them go after seeing they had trouble breathing.

"Starfire?! Is that you?!" Terra gasped.


"AANG!!" Aang was their too, as Toph went and hugged him. It was a sweet reunion. Finally, the three groups were reunited...not too far away, a figured was standing there, happy of his deed.

"There you go Toph. Now you all can be together for the event."

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