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Earth Champion

The games were now upon them and ready to go forward. On the day of the games it was usually time for runner up rounds, mainly practice. The true games started that afternoon, but the players were free to try practice fights with each other to be at their peak for the real thing.

At this moment, Weed and Kyoushiro were fighting each other as practice. Even though they were tag-team, they were free to fight each other for a try out anyway. Since Kyoushiro was stronger, he was mentoring Weed as Raven watched. Mel, Lucy, Nyuu, Delath and Arriety did not want to fight at all.

"Okay, Weed. The key in a fight is to keep your eye on the opponent. Lose focus and the fights to the opponent advantage," Kyoushiro said.

"Got it," Weed replied, rushing for him. Kyoushiro though dodged the first hit easily as Weed rammed the wall.

"Another thing, if you miss don't keep running till you hit walls," Kyoushiro added. He was about to charge towards him when he glanced to the side. He could have sworn someone was watching them. This quick lack of focus made him get knocked over by Weed.

"Focus sport. You said so yourself," Weed laughed as the Kishu got up.

"Yea, yea, sorry." But he was interrupted before he could continue.

"Impressive moves, kids," came the voice that made them all jump. Right next to the dark sorceress was a larger tosa, wearing a special metal harness. He walked in as he added "though maybe you should try practicing with a much tougher opponent."

"And you are?" Raven asked.

"Right, where are my manners? I'm Toube. Fighting dog. Nice to meet you."

Weed and Raven were please to meet him but Kyoushiro felt different. "Toube...Toube...where have I heard that before?" he thought.

"Well, if you two are gonna go at it, I'll lend you two a paw and give you some pointers," Toube said.

"Really, Toube? Thanks! Name's Weed by the way. This is Raven and Kyoushiro."

"Hey wait a minute! I thought I was the mentor right now!" Kyoushiro snapped.

"I know that but your techniques only work on other dogs, and you're facing much more species then that here. Even humans are gonna fight ya, and I swear if you can only fight with your own kind then your not gonna go far. Meet me out in the field in fifteen minutes. I need to check up on some of the other players first," Toube explained.

"Okay buddy, thank you," Kyoushiro said, still a little uneasy. Toube left them afterwards but again Kyoushiro kept thinking about him.

"Toube... I know I heard that before, but where?" Kyoushiro thought.


In another area of the championship fighting, Toph and Terra were both resting after all the practicing, Terra more beat.

"You okay, Terra?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yea, I'm fine. I'm just tired. Never trained so much in my life," Terra panted. Toph too was tired but confident in herself. But as she was resting up in their room, suddenly she felt someone was coming...the vibration was too exact for her. She couldn't believe who was coming.

"Toph?" Beast Boy asked.

Toph then began thinking "Is it him? No, it can't be. He's been gone, but it's so much like him. Can he really?" Next thing she knew, the door to their room slid open, revealing the character. Toph, though blind, sprang up and looked to the door.

"Hello, fellow combatants. It's great to see you," he said.

Toph finally got teary eyed. She knew exactly who it was. She raced over and hugged him tightly. "Toube! It's you! I've missed you so much," Toph said through teary eyes.

Toube smiled at the blind girl. "It's been a while, hasn't it? Great to see you again, Toph," Toube said, rubbing the side of her head.

"You two know each other?" Terra asked.

"That's right. Terra, Beast Boy, this is Toube. Toube, these are my friends Terra and Beast Boy," Toph introduced.

"Wow cool! You're a fighting dog are ya?" Beast Boy asked eagerly.

"You got it. I've been pushing myself to true limits. Now I'm known as the greatest dog fighter in the world. So, Toph Beifong, what happened to you while I was away? That blindness didn't cause any trouble did it?"

"Not at all. I'm the greatest earth-bender in the world now! The sensory helps me fight."

"Ah, I see. I'm guessing that sensory told ya I was coming?"

"Yea, but I didn't believe it at first. Where were you all this time?"

Toube walked over to them, calm and collective. "Well, to put it simply, and guessing it happened to you too, I was wandering around one day and I pretty much fell into a portal that got me here when I was a pup. I grew up here but I can't forget whom I really belong with right?"

"We all came here the same way," Terra said afterwards.

"Can't say I'm surprised really."

"But Toube, how did you know where I was?"

"Well, you always said you love fighting anyway, where else would you be?" Toube chuckled.

Toph went and hugged him again, now softer. "Oh, Toube. It's so great to see an old friend. I've missed you so much."

"Dont'chu worry. I promise I'll stay around," Toube assured. Toph hugged tighter. But this was short lived given what happened next.

"Hey Toube! You're taking longer then you should! Where are ya?!"

"Oh yea. It's great to see you, but I already promised some scarred Kishu and Akita tag team some fighting pointers," Toube said. Before he can go though, suddenly the tag team in question found him.

"Toube let's-...TOPH?!"

"Kyoushiro! Weed! Your here too!" Toph said as Weed happily jumped at her, happy to see her. Kyoushiro went to Toubes side.

"I knew it! I've heard of you Toube from Toph's childhood stories. I knew I heard of ya somewhere," Kyoushiro said.

"Figured. Toph and I are pretty close before I was tossed in here. Sorry if I'm late." Just then Beast Boy and Terra got very happy when Raven showed up.

"RAVEN! You're here!" Beast Boy said, hugging her tight.

Raven used her powers to move him off. "Good to see you, too. You must be Toph right? Kyoushiro told me bout ya."

"Same here. A dark wizard right?"

"More like sorceress, but your way works too." As they were all catching up though, Toube glanced down the hall to the arena and realized they had a shadow...a teenaged shadow with a skull mask on. Toube chased after him, but he began running to the arena.

"Toube! Wait!" Toph yelled.


Toube raced after the shill mask kid until they got to the arena. Now he got a better look at him. He had a full black suit on, cape included. His skull mask had a small X on it too.

"Get lost, mutt!"

"No thanks, been there done that. Now who are you?"

"The RedX," he introduced himself, shooting a red cross at the wall.

"RedX, eh? Don't tell me. Spying on the gang right? Now before I go on. You good or bad?"

"Neither. I'm on my own side."

"A rogue. Now this is getting interesting."

Just then the others caught up to Toube. Almost immediately the titans recognized RedX.


"And that's a problem? I'm only here for the prize," RedX informed.

"Let me were thrown in this universe?" Toube asked.

RedX nodded. "Just watch yourself, kid. Come on Weed, Kyoushiro. Let's get started. Toph you better get ready. The first elemental course is earth and you and Terra need to be ready this afternoon," Toube insisted.

"Good idea. Come on, Terra," Toph said, and they both left. Only Rae, Beast Boy, and RedX remained.


"Look, I'm not liking this anymore then you are. Let's just get them back and get home," RedX said, as he turned and walking away. Without another word.

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