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The Tosa and X

A full day went on by. Terra and Toph were now roughing it up with some minor contestants to show how confident they are. Toph was doing great, but Terra not so much.

During training, Beast Boy went in and wanted to ask Toph something. "Hi Toph, can I ask you something?" Beast Boy asked.

Toph let a large boulder drop. "Sure. What's on your mind?" Toph asked, not turning to him.

"Well I've been thinking lately about ya and-"

"WHOA there buddy! I'm not taking a boyfriend until I know him well."

"WHAT?! NO NOT THAT! I'm talking about what's it like where you live, not like I'm you're love interest," Beast Boy snapped.

Toph crossed her arms and tried to think. "Well, where I come from is not exactly easy. In fact, a year before we came here a war was going on. It lasted 100 years."

"100 years?! That's nuts!"

"You don't know the half of it, pal. Luckily, my friend, a monk named Aang put an end to that and everything's hunky dory. What bout you?"

Beast Boy had to think, which wasn't his best aspect. "Funny. We kind of deal with the same problem before back at home. Fighting of robots and cyborgs, dealing with aliens, wiping out the brotherhood-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up, green kid. It seems obvious that my worlds not as advanced as yours, so try to talk in a way I can get, okay?" Toph said, hardly knowing what a cyborg or robot was.

Beast Boy rubbed the back of his head stupidly and said, "Okay okay. I guess when someones in a different world you gotta expect it."

"Thought so. Now, try again."

"Okay. Ummm...there's these uh...large man made of grey hard stuff and...special creatures with shiny things they cast and-"

"I'M NOT THAT DUMB! Once more," Toph groaned, a hand over her eyes.

"Then what about Metal men and supernatural people?"

"MUCH better. Good boy, BB." Toph then patted his head like he was a puppy dog. Ironically, Beast Boy had changed into a puppy dog since he was between options. He quickly changed back and said, "Okay, the brotherhood is a group of really bad dudes whom wanted to take over the world. But our side, Titans as we were called, took them down easy!" Beast Boy finished.

"That's great, Beast Boy. Say, you mentioned something about 'supernatural people' right? What's that about?"

"Man, they have all types! Super strength! Super Speed! Flight! Psychic abilities! You name it, there's a hero or villain like that!"

"You're kidding..."

"Nope! They can do things that can blow your mind!" With that Beast Boy went away.

"Whoa, sure wish I can go and check it myself," Toph thought as she went back to training.


That same day, three other friends also came into the ring. The desert travelers Aang, Starfire, Lycaeon, and Ventus had arrived and gotten in. Right now though they weren't really training, more relaxing. After all they did travel through the largest desert in Altonia.

"Oh, friend Aang. I'm so glad we all finally arrived. We're so close to retrieving our beloved comrades!" Starfire beamed, hugging Aang crazy tight.

"Yea Star. We have a champion to win though so can you let me go before you split me in half?" Aang managed to say.

Star quickly let him go as Aang was trying to regain his breath. "Sorry, friend Aang. I keep forgetting my kinds' strength out-measures yours."

"No kidding. What is your 'kind' anyway?"

"My kind? My race is called the Tamaranians."


"Tamaranian. It's a race of special aliens of high skills and abilities."

"Well, with you who can fly and shoot fire balls, I believe you," Aang laughed.

Starfire laughed along with the airbender. "What about your kind? I never met a human that can move the air currents before," Star said.

But now Aang was quiet. He never liked being reminded of his "race", but Starfire was pretty interested so Aang answered anyway. "Let's race is called the Air Nomads. It's a religion of humans whom can airbend like me, and live in the mountainous areas back home. They don't like violence and prefer peace most of all."

"Sounds like a very friendly and happy race," Star said with glee.

Aang sighed, slightly depressed. "Yea, they were. Their really great. However..." Starfire now saw a tear going down Aang's face as he said, "...they're gone. They're all gone. I'm all that's left."

"Oh, I'm sorry..."

"That's okay, Starfire. Doesn't bug me anymore. If anything it makes me feel special."

"Oh, good. I'm gonna see what Ventus is up to. See ya!" Star said in her cheery voice, and flew off to see the other airbender.

Aang put his head to his knees. "If that were the truth..." he sighed.

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