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It had been nearly two months since Team Avatar and Teen Titans were thrown into this world. Each different member had to go through their own challenges and dangers just to go through the days. Aang and Starfire survived the great desert. Raven and Kyoushiro made it through their encounter with a Diclonius. Mel managed to make it through the Aptonoth herd and Uragaan stampede. And now, after all that, they had one more thing to face in order to officially reunite for both teams: the succession of the Starlight Fighting Championship.

That morning of the great events beginning was a bit troublesome to Krokopathra. She had been kind of hung up over the prizes Krokhotep got for her. She was pacing around the thrown room when her son came in.

"Hi Mom, you okay?"

"You kidding me? Is it a good idea for us to use these guys for the prizes?" the queen asked. Krokhotep was surprised by his normally regal and dignified mother's reaction.

"You're in a rut, aren't you? I never saw you in such a tizzy over the prizes before. I've already told you things are gonna be fine."

"Krokhotep, I know, but if they are called upon now, we'll be in big trouble!" The blue prince thought about it for a while and got something.

"Wait...wait...OF COURSE!"

"Of course what?"

"Okay, Krokopathra, here me out. If these new people are extra-terrestrial, and if they're their friends in the championship whom the three generals need for their 'problem', then all we need is for one of them to win the championship! That way they can get back their friends-"

"And we can get out of it unharmed! Krokhotep, you're a genius!" Krokopathra said.

"Well, I try. After all, I am the son of the queen, need to be my best right? The contestants are up and ready for the battle."

"Already, but what about the alien fighters? Aren't they in now?"

"Dont'chu worry about that. I've figured it out already, I'll make sure things work." Krokhotep assured as he left. The thing though was that they were being watched the whole time.

"So that's his game...time to make my entrance," the lurker thought.


As far as the contestants went, Krokhotep was on the nose with the "aliens" showing up, because the first to enter was the earth benders of the story. Two female fighters, Toph and Terra, walked up to the entrance, Beast Boy behind. Inside other fighters were training for the fighting to start.

"Okay fighters, take five! What do you want?" the instructor asked. Terra was a bit intimidated by the guys size. The guy was actually a large Minotaur! Armor and all.

"I'll handle this sweetie," Toph smirked, walking to him.

"Okay you listen good. Me and my friend here are gonna join this big fighting ring here right now and-"

"And what? You can't just march in here like some big shot and get involved in this! Besides. You're just a little girl, Too feeble. So get out or I'll kick your sorry butts right out the door." Toph and Terra looked at each-other and got the same idea...With a swift move, they both literally shot the instructor off the ground with a good earthbending pillar hit!

" did you?"

"We're in or what?" Toph interrupted. The advisor, not wanting another example, quickly signed them in for the earth elemental starlight fighters.

"You two can head over there," the instructor said, pointing to a training ground perfect for them. They exchanged a good high five with each other and went on in.


Toph, Terra and Beast Boy weren't the only ones whom arrived to volunteer today. Rushing to another entrance to the door, the dark group, consisting of Kyoushiro, Lucy, Nyuu, Mel, and Raven, had made it. At this point, they were all walking through the rough crowd to get to the signing up.

"Oh man. Sure busy isn't it?" Mel said.

"Yea it is. It's always like this really," Lucy said.

"How would you know, you haven't been here before," Nyuu reminded, embarrassing her.

"Well, either way, our main objective is to get our friends out. You ready for this?" Raven said, putting on her hood. They all agreed and Mel started up for it.

"Come on!" he shouted. But the Retriever wasn't looking where he was going and suddenly ran into someone! They both tumbled for a bit and landed as a dust cloud. As soon as the cloud disappeared, Mel shook off the dust on his face and saw the brown dog (Delath) on the ground.

"You okay? I'm sorry for running into you." Mel immediately said, helping Delath up.

"It's fine. You're lucky my friend wasn't on me the time you ran in."

"Friend? What friend?" After Mel asked that, two other characters showed up...And Mel and Kyoushiro got very happy! Weed was finally back!

"WEED!!" Mel gasped.

"Mel! Kyoushiro! You're both here!" Weed gasped back. It wasn't until after that that Kyoushiro saw someone on his head.

"Who's this?" Kyoushiro asked, poking the little girl.

"I guess intros in order here. Kyoushiro, Mel. I like you to meet Delath, and Arriety. Guys, these are my old friends Kyoushiro, Mel, and eh...who's these three with you?"

"Weed, this is Raven, a strong shadowbender, and these two are Nyuu and Lucy. They helped me and Mel get here," Kyoushiro said.

Weed looked around at the new human faces. "Nice to meet you all. Now I have to enter this fighting ring or-" Weed began.

"Not a problem!" Kyoushiro said.


"Yep. Lucy and Nyuu it turns out had two passes into the championship already. I wanted to fight yet Mel didn't want to. You can join me as tag team if you like."

"PERFECT DUDE! Thank you!" Weed said. With that they went on their way to the assignment of rescue.

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