Jhen Mohran
Jhen Mohran
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April 14, 2013

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Starlight Fighters PT1

A full day went by. Aang and Starfire were now getting to know their new friend Ventus. As time went on a bit, they were getting close with the new airbender. During the trip, Ventus was being trained a bit by Aang in order to put her bending at its peak.

"Is there other airbending tricks you know Aang?" Ventus asked.

"Well, there's this one cool move I made myself. Watch." Aang then made an orb and done his special move he called the air scooter, which consisted of making an orb and balancing on it like a spinning top. "The idea is to create a large air orb, and all you have to do is balance it like a top," Aang explained.

Ventus was very intrigued with this move and immediately tried it. She got the orb right but when she tried to balance, she just spun around like crazy and landed on the wood. "Oops," Ventus sighed.

"That's okay. You'll get it at some point," Aang assured.

Ventus felt better, but that was the least of her worries. As they both were getting up, suddenly Aang felt a very odd vibration in his feet. The ship was going long a slow wind right now so vibrations in the sand was fairly easy. This vibration. Aang wasn't liking. Starfire and Aaboo, whom were doing some hovering by the ship, landed by Aang to see.

"Friend Aang? Is something wrong?" Starfire asked. Aang was trying to concentrate. The vibration got louder...stronger...more fierce!

Then it happened. Just right next to the ship, a giant, almost unreal blast of sand shock the ground, as a colossal beast breached out of the sand like a great wave! The giant beast made a loud whale moan as it nearly landed on them. The crew was in panic as the monster was circling the ship!

"JHEN MOHRAN!!" Aaboo gasped. The crew around tried their best to get Jhen Mohran to get outta the way, but it's not working. During the crazy affair, suddenly at one point the beast slammed it's tail just above the boat, slamming the mast to nothing more than crushed wood, and sending Starfire flying! Aang almost immediately flew after her with his glider. He grabbed star just and avoided being caught by Jhen Mohran by mere inches! Everyone now was trying to help out with driving him away but Jhen Mohran wasn't moved. Plus, non of their attempts were working on him! No airbending, no star bolts, nothing! But as grim as it seemed, they were not alone.

The skies above the battle field had a captive audience up there, waiting for the right moment. One of the figures on the clouds equips his front feet with a deadly weapon and a pack onto his back.

"You ready, Lycaeon?" the robed figure asked him, telepathically.

"Of course. No one hurts the Avatar. Not on my watch." Lycaeon growled. The African wild dog saw his chance, gave his friend a wink of approval, and jumped down to earth! A few other animals, falcons mainly, went with him. Jhen Mohran saw Lycaeon falling towards him and changed targets and made a breach to him! Everyone watched as Lycaeon used his weapons right at him, literally ripping a tusk off! Jhen Mohran immediately started running away as Lycaeon, still way off the ground, grabbed a cord in his mouth and pulled the trigger, causing a parachute to open and he landed safely in front of his friends As the falcons landed made sure Jhen Mohran was away by pecking at his wound, which left a large blood pool in the sand.

"Uh...who are you?" Luffy asked.

"My name is Lycaeon," he introduced. Then the African wild dog turned to Aang and Starfire.

"It's nice to see you Aang," Lycaeon said.

"But...who are you?" Aang asked. Lycaeon removed his golden claws, the weapon he used on the beast, and looked back to him.

"Look, Aang. Can we talk about this later. I'm from your world, and I've heard very well of you. Who hasn't heard your name before?"

"Good point." then one of the falcons walked over to Lycaeon.

"Hey sir? Weren't you guys supposed to be going now? Were on the edge of the desert now."

"We are?!" Starfire gasped. The duo, fallowed by Ventus, looked across the boat and saw the desert end not too far away.

"Star...we've made it outta the desert!" Aang cheered.

"We did, didn't we?" Starfire smiled.

"Hey Aang?! Starfire?! Before you two fly off, can you help us fix the mast?" Luffy called. Starfire and Aang agreed.

After two fast hours of work, the ship was in tip-top shape again. Aang, Starfire, Ventus, and Lycaeon now were going on their way outta the desert, into a more inhabitable area of Altonia. As they were going, Lycaeon turned back one more time. The falcons had already flown away to wherever...and he saw the spirit who saved him...the robed man.

"Take care...Marage," Lycaeon thought. His look lasted for 5 seconds more before he turned and raced back to the others.

"Take care...Lycaeon...I can't wait to meet again." Marage thought, as he turned around and vanished...leaving only a slip of his charm behind.

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