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Jhen Mohran

So much of the teams. Ether Teen Titans, or Team Avatar, were traveling pretty much round the world trying to find each other. At one point or another each heard of this "Starlight Fighting Championship" and were trying to get there, mainly over one thing: their friends.

The attack literally felt like they were thrown into an ice age in a matter of seconds. Seven seemingly pointless ice sculptures were being dragged by a large leonine beast, seemingly tired from a long trip. The manders and kroks around them saw the animal walking by and can only watch in awe. Where the beast was going exactly was a large palace. The doors opened upon arrival. He only stopped when the doors were closed behind him.

"Jinouga, I see you've gotten the prizes for this years annual championship, no?" came the raspy voice of an old lady. They heard a snap of a finger and the light of purple candles went off. Sitting on her royal thrown was a female crocodilian queen, all dressed up and regal. Then another, light blue krok walked into view.

"Hello Mother. Yes, we've managed to gather the trophies. Cool, right?"

"Indeed. Can you remove the whole ice trap, Krokhotep? I wanna see their true faces."

"Yes, Krokopathra," Krokhotep said. He gave his staff a good spin and them slammed it on the statues, removing their casting in seconds. The sculptures were Cyborg, Katara, Zuko, Sokka, Robin, Magmus, and Aquos!

"What the? Where are we?" Zuko asked. 

"Welcome trophies, to my castle," Krokopathra said happily, awkward to the situation at hand.

"And you are?"

"The names Krokopathra, Queen of Altonia! And you five are the prizes for this years annual Starlight Fighting Championship!!" Suddenly, a giant flag rolled down behind her, which revealed what was mainly a larger version of those fliers.

"Okay Krokhotep, son. I thank you dearly for bringing back me some lovable prizes this year," Krokopathra said, going as far as to pinch his scaly cheek.

"You're welcome, Mom," he groaned. He really didn't like being treated like a baby, but there was no point in arguing with the queen.

"Okay Krokopathra. Let me ask you this...what's the championship exactly?" Magmus asked. The two kroks at first seemed shocked, but Krokopathra appeared to calm down faster than the others.

"What kind of planet are you from?" she asked sarcastically.

"Wellm not this one," Magmus sighed. "I'll give you that."

"Yea, yea...well I might as well. Krokhotep, since you're mainly in charge of the event, you can explain to these, eh... superheroes...about this championship," Krokopathra chuckled.

"Thank you. Now listen up, cuz I'm saying it only once!" Krokhotep stated loudly, walking in front of them.

"Now, let's see...where do I start? The Starlight Fighting Championship, started back in oh say, 80 or 90 A.D...yea, 90 A.D., as a great challenge to see who's the best in the world."

"And who holds that crown so far?" Sokka asked.

"Well, for this year it's the almighty 'Red Bull'. He's, in my opinion, pretty good for his kind really. Well anyway, where was I? Let's see..."

"Telling us about the starlight fighting championship history?" a orange mander reminded.

"Oh yea, thanks. This special championship started from our ancestor, King Krok, as a way to handle the distributions of violence at the time. And since them, the family line has been past down the role as administrator of the games since. Before it was usually a death match, but now it's just for show. Manders! Get these guys and gals-"

"Hold on, Krokhotep. I wanna see their strength first." Krokopathra said. She looked through the group of kids, judging them. "What can you kids do?" she asked.

"Why do you want to know?" Zuko growled.

"Now come on you," she groaned. "Just give it strait." The queen proceeded by poking his face with her own staff. This made him very mad, especially when it touched his scar. That move pushed him over and he breathed a powerful fire blast right in her face! At first everyone was rushing in to restrain but the queen didn't want that.

The queen whistled. "Well it looks like we got a Dragon here." She gave a good laugh and added in, looking at Aquos and Katara, "what about you two?"

"Well I don't mean to brag, but I'm an awesome waterbender," Aquos said with his fist in the air.

"Ditto," Katara sighed.

"Both of you? Well, how's about you show this queen what you can do eh? Just show me some water slinging or something."

"Excuse me?! I've been training hard on being a fighter!" Katara snapped.

"Then fight! Choose an opponent and get it over-" before she can finish, Krokopathra was hit with Aquos's water whips!

"Shut it croc, I'll do it!" Aquos announced. She took off a piece from her back and put it on as an atlantan helmet. Katara was at a lost of words as Aquos got in a fighting stance. Then she gave her a good old "good-along-with-it" wink. Katara then got in a stance herself as the krok servants moved the others out of the way of the battle zone.

"Katara, what are you doing?!" Sokka asked.

"What do you think? Bring it on Aquos!" Katara said. The fight began!

The starter move began oddly with a rough "tossing game" with Aquos and Katara trying to hit each other with the same water blast, only to reflect it back to the other. This stopped once Katara added in an ice-bending hit, knocking Aquos off her feet. Katara tried another hit on her, but Aquos shot her in the air with a powerful water punch, knocking her to the ceiling!

"KATARA!" Sokka gasped. He tried to get her, but the manders were holding him back. He could only watch as Katara fell on the hard floor. The Water Tribe girl jumped back on her feet and whacked Aquos's face with a water kick. Aquos was nearly knocked into Krokopathra herself, which made her jump.

"Uh...girls?" Krokopathra said.

The two were still fighting hardcore.


They were even still fighting hardcore.

"Girls?!" Just then Jinouga was suddenly hit with water on his neck! The beast started to growl low and loud. The manders and kroks got very scared and rushed out of the way.

Jinouga raised his large front legs high in the air and slammed them in the ground! That hit caused an electric shock on the two, silencing the fight...after a few seconds of screams and sounds of electric flow, the two were on the ground. Jinouga snorted annoyed as the two got up.

"Um...Aquos? Katara?...never do that again." Krokhotep said.

"Manders, get these guys ready. The championship's only in three days and I can't have this kind of crazy trouble beforehand." Krokopathra ordered. The manders then escorted the fighters out. Krokhotep was giving them a hand when his mother stopped him.

"Hey son? I need a favor from you."

"What's that, Mother?"

"Well, did you hear what that fire girl said earlier, when she wasn't from this planet?"

"What about it? I'm sure she probably is," Krokhotep replied, shocking his mother.

"Krokhotep? How can you say that so carefree?! Your talking about aliens here!!"

"Mom, chill."

"Heh, says the lizard with anti-freeze in his blood," she groaned. The blue krok just laughed as the old queen shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"Now son, look...if these people really are from another world, then how can we put them in? I mean they can be more advanced then any of us are, and above all, more powerful and dangerous!"

"Mother? Don't tell me you forgot already. Those three worriers said they'll take care of everything remember?"

"The what now?"

"The worriers. Mom, remember? One looked like a deer, one an Ox, one an elk, is any of this ringing a bell?"

"Oh, yea. I remember now. They wanted to see those 'universal kids' or something."

"Right. We'll continue on as planned, I'll get things ready. You just whatever you do." then the Blue Krok went away as Krokopathra handled the castle work...still thinking about what Magmus said.

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