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Aang and Starfire were now on a search for this little thief that swiped their money. But for most of the day, they couldn't find much of a clue as to where it ended up so they called it off. Luffy felt disappointed but he had enough money to boot so it wasn't that big of a deal.

That night, Aang was up in the crow's nest, looking off into the night. He missed all his friends dearly and was feeling depressed. The only one that knew about it was Aaboo.

"Hey Aang?" the harpy asked.


"You okay? You don't look okay."

"I just miss my friends. That's all." Aang sighed as Aaboo sat down next to him, looking in the same general direction.

"Who are you looking for, Aang?" Aaboo asked.

Aang didn't reply for a few seconds. "Well...a lot of people...and there's this girl I'm especially worried for." Aang said.


"Yea...her name's Katara. She's sweet, She's beautiful, and I've known her for a long time. She saved me pretty much." Aang felt a tear go down his face.

"Sounds like you two are close."

"Yea...she's my girlfriend. I really miss her, along with my other friends."

"I see...but what about that other girl you're with? Starfire I think?"

"Well Starfire wasn't with me when I got lost. To be honest I don't know where she's from or how she got here."

"Did you ask?"

"No. I don't think asking how she got lost is a good way to go." Aang said.

"Oh...what happened though? I mean how did Katara save you really?" Aaboo asked.

"Well you better find a seat, it's a long story."

Aang wasn't kidding on that. He told Aaboo all that had happened to him as he was a kid, how he met Katara, and much other stuff. Katara had saved him more than once before ever since he was broken out of that iceberg. Much of the story killed a good two hours.

"Wow...some story." Aaboo said.


The next morning, Aang was still in the crow's nest, seemingly falling asleep by accident. He however kept on hearing chatter on deck and was finally woken up hearing a big scream right bellow him!

"What the heck?" Aang looked down from his post and actually saw Luffy and his crew surrounding someone. She looked A bit angry and in a battle stance. As one of the pirates were about to reach her, she suddenly created an air orb and slammed him nearly off the ship!...she had just air bended right before Aang's eyes. He also saw Starfire trying to talk some sense into them. Aang quickly jumped down to them all.

"Hold it! What's going on here?!" Aang demanded.

"This thief was found on my ship!" Luffy yelled. Aang turned to see the person standing there, ready for anything. Aang heard some of the people on board yelling for her to be thrown overboard, or to just kill her on the spot. He saw Hajji actually grab a large blade, and aimed it right for her!

"Don't hurt her!" Aang yelled. But the man ignored him and threw the blade! It spun wildly in a disk shape strait for her head! She closed her eyes, waiting for impact...but Aang shocked her by using his airbending to shoot the knife to the wall.

"That's enough! I'm not standing by and watch you all kill her for no reason!"

"And why not?! She trespassed onto this ship!"

"SO WHAT?! She doesn't need to die because-" Before Aang can finish, suddenly Aaboo started acting freaked out.

"Luffy! Luffy!" she shouted, flapping her wings in the air like she was frantic.

"Not now, Aaboo! We got this girl to deal with!"

"No time for her, she already returned that gold like she said!" Aaboo answered, throwing down the bag she stole.

"That's not all! Get those sails up, Jhen Mohran's coming this way!!" Aaboo shouted. The crew suddenly got frantic and tried getting the sails ready. Aang, Starfire, and the girl didn't know what was going on or who Jhen Mohran is...but they can see something big coming...and I mean Colossal! A huge sand hill was charging strait towards them as the crew got the sails up and they started moving. Aang knew that they aren't moving very fast, not fast enough!

"I got an idea. Starfire go and push the boat forward! I'll try to airbend the ship to gain speed!" Aang said. Starfire quickly flew at the back of the ship and started pushing as Aang began to make air blasts at the sails. The speed was increasing but it wasn't fast enough as the giant was closing in!

The girl was seeing all this going on, and saw her chance to help. She quickly raced to the edge of the back and gave the sails an ultimate air bending blow! The hit blasted the ship outta range of whatever was charging at them, saving them all.

"Thanks for the help miss." Aang said, landing down beside her as Starfire did the same.

"No problem, sir. Just thought I can help as all." she replied, rubbing her arm embarrassed. Luffy, Aaboo, and Hajji came over to see them.

"Well done, guys! You've saved us all from being a monsters lunch." Aaboo said.

"Yea! And not a scratch on the ship ether!" Luffy added. Hajji looked at the girl in green.

"Yea...thanks." Hajji simply said. The others weren't very amused by Hajji's reaction. Then they all turned to the girl.

"You got a name?" Luffy asked.

"Uh...I'm Ventus."

"Well Ventus, it seems you don't have to worry bout punishment, you're safe!"


"You bet! After al, you saved us from Jhen Mohran, that's worth something." Aaboo said happily, nearly taking off from excitement. Ventus herself was very happy along with Aang but Starfire had a look of confusion on her face.

What was that thing that chased them?

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