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Air-bending Duo

"Who are you? What do you want?" the Diclonius demanded. Mel sat there shaking as the other three looked on.

"Uh... I'm sorry miss Uh... it was his fault!" Mel yelled, pointing to Kyoushiro.

"My fault?!"

"Yea! It was your idea to come into this nuthouse!! And for what?! A girl whom we don't know is good or not!!"

"THAT'S IT!!" Kyoushiro screamed, lunging at Mel! The two had a rough dust-filled tussle for a while until Henki jumped in.

"That enough! Friends do not fight this way. Shirogane I don't know what gotten into you but-"

"Henki...I've already told you that I have to find Raven before the Diclonius kills her. You said it yourself, the Diclonius kills humans outta instinct to become dominance right? So I-"

"We don't have such instinct."

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to the Diclonius, standing by the window.

"What...did you say?"

"My kind never had a human killing instinct. We were forced to do so. Only me and Nyuu escaped that male Diclonius."

"Nyuu? Whose Nyuu?"

"My sister. She and I found a portal one day and now we can live in peace."

"Portal?! Oh no, I was afraid of this. How many came with you?" Henki asked.

"Don't worry Henki. It's only me and Nyuu, there isn't anymore."

"And Raven? Is she alive?" Kyoushiro asked.

"You mean that demoness? She still with Nyuu back home." Kyoushiro fell to the floor more relieved then ever.

"That great. You have no idea what we've been through! Wall of rats, dreamtime magic, guts and gore."

"I'm terribly sorry about that. I thought you were trying to attack us, so I tried scaring you away." Lucy sighed.


"... Sorry..." Kyoushiro and Mel really started getting mad! But Henki stopped them both.

"So... You're saying that of all I've heard of this human killing instinct... Was a lie?" Althea asked.

"I guess so...if you want to see Raven, you can come in the morning." Lucy offered. Kyoushiro and Mel looked at each-other. Then they looked at Henki, whom seemed agreeable to it.

"Okay Lucy... But I swear if anything goes wrong-!"

"I promise. See you two in the morning." Lucy said...then a suddenly bright light flashed at them both, like a camera! Shortly afterwards, the oddest thing happened. Now Kyoushiro woke up outside of a small Japanese home.

"What. The... Mel, wake up." Kyoushiro said, shaking Mel next to him. Mel woke up a bit uneasy.

"Where's the fire Kyou?"

"First of all, KyouSHIRO!! second, there's no fire, but look where we are." the two dogs got up and, for some unknown stupid reason, walked inside. The inside was a ton more friendly then that other place Lucy was in. It was small, comfy cushions on the floor to rest, and the small table had a bowl of poffins. Mel was eager to have some, but Kyoushiro this time wasn't so sure since last time he bit into a severed heart.

"Uh...dude? You really sure about this?" Kyoushiro asked as Mel jumped up on the table.

"Pretty sure Kyoushiro. I'm sure Lucy won't freak us out again. And besides I didn't have a thing to eat for days!" Mel said, biting into a Poffin. It tasted pretty good, nice and tangy like a mango. Kyoushiro waited for something freaky to happen, but nothing did.

"I..guess they're okay. Toss me a piece." Kyou said. Mel did but the one he threw knocked him off his feet, it was so hard.

"You okay?"

"Yea Mel, I'm fine." Kyoushiro said irritably as he got back up.

"Uh dude?...that wasn't me." Mel said. Kyoushiro quickly shook off the Poffin and started looking around, trying to see who said that...he didn't catch anyone at first, but after a while, he looked through one of the doors and saw someone meditating outside.

"Raven? RAVEN!" Kyoushiro said, racing outside. Sure enough, Raven turned and saw him just before he tackled her with a strong hug.

"RAVEN! YOU'RE okay!" Kyoushiro shouted as Mel walked outside.

"Sure. Why wouldn't I be?" Raven said. Mel cleared his throat, reminding them both he was there.

"So, um...I'm still here." Mel sighed.

"Oh yea, yea, right. Mel, this is my friend Raven. Raven, this is my old friend Mel." Kyoushiro introduced. Mel and Raven exchanged handshakes.

"So. This is whom we were looking for Kyoushiro?" Mel asked. Kyoushiro nodded.

"I'm sorry. I guess I lost track of time. I was just trying to help out that girl I've met Kyoushiro."

"You mean Nyuu?"

"How do you know her name?!"

Before Kyoushiro can answer, the girl in question walked out holding a cup with her. She looked over at Mel first, since he was closest to the door. Who Mel saw was an innocent girl, same pink hair and red eyes like Lucy. But she had a large green hat on.

"Hello there. Who are you?" Nyuu asked. Usually Mel wasn't one for talking, but she looked so trusting he couldn't help himself.

"I'm Mel. Are you Nyuu?" Mel asked. She nodded cutely.

"I see your feeling better." Raven said.

"Yea, I am. And you must be Kyoushiro right? Raven told me about you." Nyuu said, rubbing Kyoushiro's head. Just then another familiar figure came in...Lucy.


"Hi sis. How's the new arrivals treating you?" Lucy asked.

"Very good, thanks."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. What? You sure this is your sister? You two look and act so different!" Mel said. Lucy and Nyuu knew what he was talking about.

"Hey! I can be scary!" Nyuu complained.

"Come on, you're too cute." But suddenly Nyuu began to focus and screeched, changing into a monster form for a second just to scare them.

"...What was that?..." Mel asked, frozen.

"See? I told you." Nyuu said. The three just sighed nervously.

"...Anyway. Lucy, thanks for showing Raven to us. Well both be going now." Kyoushiro said, tugging raven along. They only walked a few steps when Lucy remembered something and used her invisible tentacles to pull them back.


"Sorry. But I just remembered something, look." Lucy said, getting a poster from inside. Raven saw it first.

"...Starlight...fighting championship?"

"Yea. Nyuu and I were about to go, maybe you want to tag along?" Lucy asked.

"Well...I dunno. Were looking for our friends and I don't think-"

"Please? Pretty please? Who knows maybe you'll find them there. It's advertised all over!" Nyuu said. The three weren't sure but after she said that, it was a chance to find their friends again.

"...Well okay. If that's really where they'll be."

"YAY!! Thank you,thank you,thank you!" Nyuu cheered.

"Okay, okay! Now when are we going?" Mel asked, stepping forward.

"Let's go now!" Nyuu said. With that the trio, accompanied by Nyuu and Lucy, went off to the Championship...not too far away though, Henki and Althea were watching this.

"Perfect," Henki whispered to Althea.

"When do you think they'll meet there?"

"Well I'd say while there in the championship. After all their friends are the prizes remember?"

"Yea I do...I just hope they don't beat each other up too much for it. And what about...well you know."

"Don't worry about that. As long as they all meet. Everything's gonna be okay...I promise."

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