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In all the panic, Kyoushiro shot his eyes opened and find himself at point A: in the same room he was at the start! He couldn't believe it. On the bright side at least he wasn't dead with Mel, whom he found right by him.

"Wha?... ARGH!! ARE YOU KIDDING?!" Kyoushiro screeched.

Mel jumped to his feet, now wide awake. "Kyoushiro! You all right?! What happened?!"

"I'll tell you what happened! Were sent back to point A!"


"I know, don't say it! Okay time for the door and..." Kyoushiro paused in his speech as he randomly saw a monster right at the door, screeching its head off! "Nevermind!" With that, he slammed the door shut on the beast.

"Got any better ideas?" Mel groaned. Kyoushiro was about to snap when the doors burst open again.

"AAHHH!! MUMMY ATTACK!!" Mel screeched, jumping in one of the draws of the dresser behind him. Kyoushiro turned and to his surprise, saw Althea. She had arrived on the scene.

"Althea? I thought you stayed with Henki!" Kyoushiro said.

"I did at first. But I can't stand seeing someone else get killed here." Althea said. Kyoushiro then saw Mel still hiding in the dresser.

"You can come out Mel. Althea, this is Mel. Mel, this is Althea." Kyoushiro introduced.

"Your not gonna hurt me are you?" Mel asked from the dresser.

"Don't be scared. It's safe."

It took a bit but Mel finally started to warm up. "Okay...this is all new to me." Mel admitted.

"Don't worry. It's nice you came around."

"Like I have much choice," Mel thought to himself.

"But now we need to get-" Before Kyoushiro can step out, Althea suddenly wrapped his legs in her cloth, like a rodeo bull in a lasso.

"I'm not letting you do all that again."

"For the love a-...again? YOU SAW US DO ALL THAT?!"

"Yes. I've thought the dreamtime magic will keep you guys asleep until morning...but I guess you two can't stay asleep for long."

"THAT WAS YOU?!?!" the dogs yelled. Althea just giggled nervously as Kyoushiro sighed.

"Althea...all right. Well stay here till morning, but so help me, if I find Ravens head rolling round the room-"

"Calm down Kyou, please. Well look I promise, just don't get so hasty." Althea pleaded. The Kishu now no longer had a choice. He had to stay.

"...Fine...let's just hope they don't kill her yet..."


For the time being they all decided to sleep it off. Mel and Kyoushiro were fast asleep as Althea was keeping watch. Time was going on a very long time as Althea tried to stay awake...but it took a ton more effort then she first thought and finally she passed out exhausted...a minute later, Kyoushiro shot his eyes open.

"Finally. I thought she will never sleep...Sorry Mel, Althea. But this ship's setting sail exceptions." Kyoushiro thought, as he opened the door and went out.

Instead of a drop door, he opened up to a strangely set hallway. It was a strange hallway that went in a circle and the center was glass, dropping 30 feet to the floor.

"Okay Kyou. Probably this nuthouse will try to psyche you out. Just focus. Find Raven, get back to retriever and spirit, get out, that's all. Let's start running." Kyoushiro then began to strengthen pace but as he reached to a turn in the hall, outta the blue a gigantic blade nearly made him into slices! He jumped past and started down the hall, seeing a black figure chasing right after him! He kept trying to lose her, bolting past corners, making random turns, but nothing was losing her!

"Crud, Crud, Crud! All this problem because of that stupid Diclonius!!" Kyoushiro then, in his panic, tried for a door but ended up hitting a brick wall. He fell backwards with a thud and ended up looking right up at the figure.

"Diclonius. Aren't. Stupid." it said. Kyoushiro jumped back to his feet.

"What would you know of a Diclonius you-" before Kyoushiro can continue. The figure stepped into an unknown light...a woman...a teenaged human...with stub horns kidding from her pink hair.

"...I am one..."

Kyoushiro froze...he was starring right at a Diclonius! With no where to run! He started breaking out a cold sweat as he desperately tried to find a way out! The Diclonius walked closer but Kyoushiro suddenly felt a powerful pressure hold him down. The Diclonius's invisible tentacles got him! That giant blade was picked up by another tentacle, but before she can do anything, suddenly an even more powerful force grabbed Kyoushiro and left the Diclonius in the dust.

It didn't take very long until it got right back to point A (AGAIN) and threw the Kishu inside, waking Mel and Althea up.

"What the-...HENKI?!"

"Yes Shirogane. I and Althea came in and saved you. Luckily I showed up other wise you'll be in deadly trouble." Henki said.

"Henki, Althea stay outta this! Raven will die if I stay away!"

"You'll get killed if you try though!"

"WHY YOU-" Kyoushiro was close to losing it but at the open door...the figure...the Diclonius...came back! It walked in, the door closing behind her. Mel took a step back to the wall, catching her attention.

"Who are you miss?" Mel shuttered out. She stood tall, looking down at him with one visible eye, not a word escaped her lips. It was a standoff.

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